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The Secret Underground Worshop,[1] also referred to as the Secret Underground Labratory,[2][3] or simply Tekno's Workshop,[4] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an underground base that acts as Tekno the Canary's home as well as a base of operations for the Freedom Fighters.


Tekno's Secret Undergound Workshop is an underground lab located in the Emerald Hill Zone. Here, Tekno spends her time both fixing and creating new gadgets, as well as monitoring activities in other Zones in order to be prepared for any attacks by Robotnik.


Ruled by Robotnik

After Shortfuse the Cybernik brought Tekno the Canary to the Emerald Hill Zone, she revealed to him the location of her secret workshop, explaining how she had worked for Robotnik in the past and went on to help modify the Megatal armor Shortfuse wore.[5] After a mission together, Shorfuse brought Tekno back to her workshop, but declined her offer to stay in favor of fighting Robotnik.[6]

After a battle against Vermin the Cybernik, Shortfuse returned to Tekno's lab after being infected with a virus in order for her to fix it.[7] Then, during Christmas, Tekno invited her friends Amy Rose, Johnny Lightfoot, Tails and Shortfuse the Cybernik to her lab in order to celebrate the holidays with her.[3] The group also went on to celebrate New Years at Tekno's lab. There, Tekno offered the Freedom Fighters her workshop for them to use as a secret base instead of them being on the move. While doing so, they spotted Knuckles the Echidna in the area on one of their cameras. Greeting, Knuckles, the group had him help expand the workshop to make extra room for the new inhabitants by making new tunnels, inadvertently leading to the awakening of a hibernating dragon.[2]

Some time later, Amy and Tekno would stumble upon a Flying Saucer, which Tekno would take back to her lab to fix up for Amy to use.[1]

Post-Ruled by Robotnik

After running into Johnny, Amy and Tekno talked about how they had not seen him or Shortfuse in a long time. With the subject brought up, Tekno sued one of her inventions to tune in on Shortfuse's armmor's frequency to see what was up, but accidentally ended up teleporting herself and Amy into space.[8] After several adventures out in space, the two friends managed to return to Tekno's lab with the help of Professor Cratermass.[9]

When a horde of Badniks attempted to take out Tekno, she quickly entered her lab and took out a Multi-Image Creator in order to confuse and ultimately take down the Badniks.[10] Soon after, when Amber and Shortfuse wanted to come to Mobius for Christmas, Tekno used the Inter-Planetary Warp-Gate in her lab in order to teleport them over.[11]

When a group of badniks began invading the Sunshine Valley Zone, Tekno received a distress signal from her lab, and informed Amy of it, who went out to deal with the problem.[12] Sonic the Hedgehog would later visit Tekno's lab to try out a video game she made where the player plays as humans, stating that it was a cool invention.[13] Sonic and Tails would later visit Tekno's base, where she would inform them of her villain database, with Max Gamble being among the villains she had compiled data on. Learning of him pretending to be a travel agent to trick people, the hedgehog and his sidekick ran out to stop his evil plans.[14] While working in her workshop later on, Tekno would discover a computer system in a Secret Zone before she was kidnapped by The Trickster.[4]


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