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Not to be confused with Security Corridor.

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Security Hall

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Security Hall
Security Hall
Appearances and overview
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Sonic Adventure 2

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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle


Prison Island

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Rouge the Bat

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Flying Dog

Security Hall is a level in Sonic Adventure 2. This is Rouge's third stage and the eighth stage in Dark story line. The player must try to collect three Chaos Emeralds in five minutes. The background music for this level is "I'm a Spy", with Tabitha Fair as the vocalist.


In order to steal more Chaos Emeralds for the Eclipse Cannon, Dr. Eggman suggests a three part plan. First he will distract the military guards of Prison Island. Then Shadow will place a bomb among G.U.N.'s weaponry that will explode in fifteen minutes. Rouge infiltrates the G.U.N. base and has five minutes to steal the three Chaos Emeralds G.U.N. has acquired and meet up with Shadow and Eggman before the bomb goes off.

Stage layout

Rouge begins the level by defeating an enemy. She then moves on to explore the Hall and look for the emeralds. In this stage there are giant fans, springs, locks, and enemies as obstacle. Rouge must collect the three Chaos Emeralds hidden throughout the level in five minutes.

The stage has three different floors which contains Safes that can be dug into. The floors are divided into three colors: red, blue, and yellow. They are also divided into three different blocks, or sections. At the start of the level a random color floor is already active. The safes can only be entered once the switch for it has been pressed. Switches to these are located in the upstairs room. Only one switch can be active at a time.

Floor Color Block A Block B Block C
Red 3 2 1
Yellow 1 4 2
Blue 1 2 2

Level Up Item

The Treasure Scope can be found in a room that is protected by steel boxes. Mystic Melody is required to obtain it.


  • Find the Chaos Emeralds within 5 minutes
  • Collect 100 Rings
  • Find the Chaos Emeralds within 3 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Find the lost Chao
  • Complete Hard Mode


  • For mission 2, if the player goes up to the very top area, he/she will find a shrine that activates when playing the Mystic Melody. This will give a lot of rings laying around in the spot which can help with this mission.
  • This is another mission 3 level in which the Mystic Melody is not required to get the Chao (the Treasure Scope is needed which requires the Mystic Melody though). This can be finished very quickly.
  • If you look closely at the money floating in the air Sonic's face is on it.


Sonic Adventure 2 "Security Hall" Music Request05:59

Sonic Adventure 2 "Security Hall" Music Request


Sonic Adventure 2 Security Hall (0'45"75) 1080 HD-001:06

Sonic Adventure 2 Security Hall (0'45"75) 1080 HD-0

Sonic Adventure 2 Security Hall Mission 5 - Hard Mode - A Rank01:24

Sonic Adventure 2 Security Hall Mission 5 - Hard Mode - A Rank

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