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Hitmaker, that was formely known as Sega AM3 studio.

Sega AM3 R&D Division (known as Sega AM3 and Hitmaker) was a one of former video game developers of Sega, which has been along with Sega AM5 established in 1990, as AM3 was spearheaded by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. During the 1998, it has then became part of Hitmaker studio and later being merged back with the other AM titled studios in 2004, thus having then reverted back to their old moniker of Sega AM3.

In between 1990 and 1998, Sega AM3 has mostly produced arcade games, while also porting several studio's own arcade titles for Sega Saturn. One of first arcade titles in Sonic the Hedgehog series called SegaSonic the Hedgehog has been developed by Sega AM3 and was released in 1993.


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