This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Quotation1 It is done. I'm sorry, Maria. I tried to lead by example, but they did not see. I tried to lead by force, and I was rejected. I promised you I'd bring peace to the world and the world demands only anarchy--chaos. Quotation2
— Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe #8

King Shadow the Hedgehog is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is the Light Mobius counterpart of Mobius Prime's Shadow the Hedgehog.


Uprising and Rule of Mobius

When the timeline of the Light Mobius universe was changed, it altered events and made Shadow the ruler in Sonic's place, as the blue hero had disappeared from the scene following the end of the Second Robotnik War. Shadow then conquered Mobius, bringing peace in the form of a hard regime. Queen Sally then married him in the hopes that she could tame him, bringing a measure of relief to Mobius's people and legitimacy to Shadow's rule. During his tenure as king, Shadow made Knuckles his "legitimate" chief enforcer of both the E.S.T. and Chaotix, while making Lien-Da his informal chief enforcer as well as leader of the Dark Presence.

In 3262, Shadow relocated the world capital to the merchant city of Portal on Angel Island. By this point in time he had also turned Maria into an iconic symbol of worship and peace.

Return of King Sonic and Defeat

After King Sonic had returned from his excursions to the past, he was located by Tails and joined forces with him and Lara-Su to take down King Shadow. Due to his Chaos energy-fueled reality warping abilities, Shadow was fully aware that history had been altered, and was determined to keep anyone from acting on it. Thus, Shadow had enforcer Knuckles arrest the three for "treason".

Sonic and the others then escaped from Castle Mobius's dungeon thanks to Knuckles, who had only been working under Shadow to help defeat him. Shortly afterwards, Shadow found himself facing up against the aged and former King Sonic, though he managed to defeat him with almost no effort as Sonic had physically aged and grown weak while Shadow had not. Lara-Su soon joined the battle however, and after a brief fight, she used her own knowledge of Chaos Control to place King Shadow in suspended animation, joking that she didn't think her great-great-great-great-great grandchildren would have to worry about him becoming mobile again.

From the Ashes

Thanks to the efforts of Lien-Da, King Shadow was broken free from suspended animation. He lead the Dark Presence on a siege of the castle. He lead Lien-Da into the catacombs were they encounter Tikhaos. Shadow planned to release her, but Lien-Da objected. Shadow then destroyed her armband that kept her in the timeline and she soon faded from existence. Shadow released Tikhaos and gave her excessive amounts of Chaos energy which caused her to change into Perfect Tikhaos. However, when Perfect Tikhaos was released, the castle crumbled and Shadow appeared to be protected from both this and Perfect Tikhaos, as he was in a bubble inside the creature, whilst he monologued as if Maria was there. While Perfect Tikhaos was defeated, Shadow's fate was unknown.


  • It is implied that Shadow took over the planet as a means of controlling it for what he perceived as protecting it.
  • It was hinted at that Shadow took down Eggman before becoming king. When writer Ian Flynn was asked how Eggman died in the Light Mobius universe, he said "Any events happening between the present and the maybe-future will be teased at best. That said, the original M25YL revealed that Knuckles vaporized Eggman and had to be stopped by Sonic. I figure the same events unfolded but with Shadow replacing Sonic."[1]
  • When Shadow is defeated by Lara-Su, he is not wearing his cape, but when he reawakens from Chaos Control he is wearing it.
  • The symbol associated with Shadow's regime is the same as the logo from the Shadow the Hedgehog game.
  • After taking off his Inhibitor Rings to charge Perfect Tikhaos and appearing to be unaffected, its possible that King Shadow is no longer left weakened after using his full power without his rings.
  • Ian Flynn revealed in an Ask Ian podcast that Shadow's knowledge of events in the previous timeline was due to Lien-Da's information.[2]


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