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This is the script of the dark storyline in Shadow the Hedgehog.


[Shadow is standing in a field and a piece of paper blows by, sticking onto Shadow's leg for a bit before blowing away.]

Writing on Paper: *FIRE IN THE SKY FESTIVAL* Celebration! 50 Year return of Black Comet.
Shadow: [Thinking to himself.] Shadow the Hedgehog... Why does that name haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember. And that gruesome image.

[A memory of Maria is shown. She is desperately running from GUN soldiers. Then one of the GUN soldiers takes out a gun and shoots her.]

Shadow: Who am I... and why can't I remember anything? And who is this Maria?

[A dark cloud looms over Shadow and a bunch of Black Arms fall out from the sky. It then shows a more stronger Black Arm which crushes a car then smashes another one that drives by.]

Shadow: Hmm, look how pathetic they are! I don't have time for these humans.
Black Doom: Shadow...

[Doom's Eye comes floating in towards Shadow, projecting an image of Black Doom.]

Black Doom: As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Find the SEVEN Chaos Emeralds and bring them to me as promised.
Shadow: Huh? Who are you and how do you know I'm Shadow? And what are you talking about?

[Doom's Eye floats away and a ton of explosions explode near Shadow]

Shadow: Just what was that all about? If he says he know the truth about who I am... then like it or not, I have to believe him. The only way I'm going to get the secret of my past is to get those Chaos Emeralds! [Runs off]

After Westopolis

[The scene relocates to a G.U.N. lab. Scenes showing the Black Arms are shown on the screen, as well as a map of locations around the world that have been attacked by the Black Arms. A soldier runs up to the Commander.]

G.U.N. Soldier: The black aliens have hit six major cities around the world, and every city is reporting significant damage and casualties. Among them, Westopolis has received the heaviest casualties due to its weakened defense system. Downtown Westopolis has been almost completely destroyed. Unconfirmed sources have also reported seeing a black hedgehog in Westopolis.
Commander: Shadow? Deploy the troops, NOW! And if you find Shadow with the black aliens, then kill them all!
G.U.N. Soldier: But sir, isn't Shadow on our side... sir?!
Commander: I gave you an order, soldier! He's evil and he's the enemy!

[The G.U.N. soldier leaves the room.]

Commander: You can't fool me, Shadow! This time, you're MINE!

[The scene relocates back to Westopolis where two G.U.N. Soldiers are approaching Shadow]

G.U.N. Soldier (over communicator): Attention... emergency broadcast to all mobile units... Headquarters to all mobile units. All points bulletin. Be on the lookout for Shadow, the black hedgehog. Wanted in connection with the terrorist attacks. Last seen in the vicinity of Westopolis. Orders are...capture him...dead or alive.

[Shadow walks towards the two soldiers]

Shadow: Out of my way! Coming through!
G.U.N. Soldier: S-stop! Don't move or we'll shoot!
Shadow: Stupid humans. [Shadow leaps and kicks the soldiers, killing them]
Black Doom: Very impressive, Shadow.
Shadow: Who are you?
Black Doom: You don't remember anything, do you? But you will, in time. But now, there's no time to waste here. Go and access the United Federation's mainframe. Understand?
Shadow: Got it.

[Black Doom teleports both himself and Shadow with Chaos Control.]

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