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This is the script of the main storyline in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Cutscene 1 (Opening)

[Shadow is standing in a field and a piece of paper blows by, sticking onto Shadow's leg for a bit before blowing away.]

Writing on Paper: *FIRE IN THE SKY FESTIVAL* Celebration! 50 Year return of Black Comet.
Shadow: [Thinking to himself.] Shadow the Hedgehog... Why does that name haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember. And that gruesome image...

[A memory of Maria is shown. She is desperately running down a corridor of the Space Colony ARK before turning back to see a squad of GUN soldiers stop upon reaching a doorway some distance behind her, all of them equipped with various firearms such as assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and a pistol. Maria turns to look helplessly at someone next to her. Then the lead GUN soldier raises his pistol, takes aim, and shoots her. The screen goes white the split-second the gunshot is heard.]

Shadow: (in flashback) Maria!
Shadow: Who am I... and why can't I remember anything? And who is this Maria?

[A dark cloud looms over Shadow, drawing his attention as he looks up towards it as the cloud and several others gather over Westopolis around some sort of opening up into them, and circle it for a few seconds, before a bunch of Black Arms fall out from the sky and begin laying siege to the city. It then shows a more stronger Black Arm which crushes a car as it lands, then smashes another one that drives by with a feral snarl.]

Shadow: Hmm, look how pathetic they are! I don't have time for these humans.
Black Doom: Shadow...

[Hearing his name spoken, Shadow stops in shock and surprise before turning around as Doom's Eye comes floating in towards him, projecting an image of Black Doom.]

Black Doom: As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Find the SEVEN Chaos Emeralds and bring them to me as promised.
Shadow: Huh? Who are you and how do you know I'm Shadow? And what are you talking about?

[Instead of answering Shadow's questions, Doom's Eye ends the projection of Black Doom and flies away and a ton of explosions occur near Shadow, preventing him from following.]

Shadow: Just what was that all about? If he says he knows the truth about who I am... then like it or not, I have to believe him. The only way I'm going to get the secret of my past is to get those Chaos Emeralds! [Runs off into Westopolis]

Cutscene 2 (Post Westopolis - any mission)

[The scene relocates to a G.U.N. command center. Scenes showing the Black Arms are shown on the various screens, as well as a map of locations around the world that have been attacked by the Black Arms. A soldier runs up to the Commander, watching events from his chair in the back of the command center.]

G.U.N. Soldier: The black aliens have hit six major cities around the world, and every city is reporting significant damage and casualties. Among them, Westopolis has received the heaviest casualties due to its weakened defense system. Downtown Westopolis has been almost completely destroyed. Unconfirmed sources have also reported seeing a black hedgehog in Westopolis.
Commander: Shadow? Deploy the troops, NOW! And if you find Shadow with the black aliens, then kill them all!
G.U.N. Soldier: [Rubbing helmet in confusion] But sir, isn't Shadow on our side... sir?!
Commander: I gave you an order, soldier! He's evil and he's the enemy!

[The G.U.N. soldier leaves the room.]

Commander: You can't fool me, Shadow! (clenching fist) This time, you're MINE!

Cutscene 3 (Westopolis Dark Mission completed)

[Westopolis. Two G.U.N. soldiers are pointing their assault rifles at Shadow.]

G.U.N. Soldier (over communicator): Attention... emergency broadcast to all mobile units... Headquarters to all mobile units. All points bulletin. Be on the lookout for Shadow, the black hedgehog. Wanted in connection with the terrorist attacks. Last seen in the vicinity of Westopolis. Orders are...capture him...dead or alive.

[Shadow walks towards the two soldiers]

Shadow: Out of my way! Coming through!

[The two soldiers step back in scared nervousness, but hold their ground, aiming their rifles at Shadow.]

G.U.N. Soldier: S-STOP! Don't move or we'll shoot!
Shadow: Stupid humans. [Shadow leaps and kicks the soldiers, knocking them out cold. Black Doom appears to witness the aftermath.] Hmph!
Black Doom: Very impressive, Shadow.
Shadow: Who are you?
Black Doom: You don't remember anything, do you? But you will, in time. But now, there's no time to waste here. Go and access the United Federation's mainframe. Understand?
Shadow: Got it.

[Black Doom teleports both himself and Shadow with Chaos Control to Digital Circuit.]

Cutscene 4 (Westopolis Normal Mission completed)

[Shadow is walking with two Chaos Emeralds when Black Doom comes up from the ground. He is very displeased that Shadow chose not to aid his forces in taking down Westopolis.]

Black Doom: You've deliberately disobeyed me, Shadow!
Shadow: No one tells me what to do. I have my own reasons for collecting the Chaos Emeralds.
Black Doom: You REALLY don't understand the situation here, do you?! Perhaps, Professor Gerald has done more to your memory than I imagined.
Shadow: The professor...?
Black Doom: Hmmm... strange that you don't remember your maker.
Shadow: What'd you say?
Black Doom: Silence! The ramifications of your disobedience will be severe.
Shadow: Ughhhhh!!!

[Black Doom teleports Shadow to Glyphic Canyon via Chaos Control.]

Cutscene 5 (Westopolis Hero Mission completed)

[The scene relocates back to Westopolis where Shadow is holding two Chaos Emeralds. Sonic comes running up to him.]

Sonic: Now that was sweet, Shadow!
Shadow: Yeah... Well I'm not here to save you!
Sonic: Thought you might say something like that! How about a little friendly competition?
Shadow: (turns away from Sonic) Don't waste my time

[Doom's Eye "swims" up to Sonic and Shadow before turning to face Shadow]

Black Doom: We've found the THIRD Chaos Emerald in this city. Our mission here is done. Now get going! (goes off)
Sonic: Guess that means... welcome to the next level. Let's go!

[Sonic runs off]

Shadow: Get back here!

[Shadow follows after Sonic]

Cutscene 6 (Opening of Glyphic Canyon)

[Glyphic Canyon. Shadow is seen laying on the ground of the ruins.]

Shadow: [Slowly gets up and yawns] ... Wha...where am I? [looks around] Whoa... I guess I underestimated his powers. Hmmm... There's definitely something going on out there. Now it's up to me to find out what their up to!

Cutscene 7 (Lethal Highway - any mission completed)

[Shadow and Sonic come running in towards Doom's Eye, who turns to look at them in surprise]

Shadow: Hand over that Chaos Emerald or else!
Black Doom: So. think you have a chance against ME... do you?
Shadow: Look...I don't take orders...especially from you. But I'm not here to fight you, either. I'm collecting the Emeralds to find my own answers. So why don't you just back off?!
Black Doom: You still don't know your place. do you? BLACK BULL!! I SUMMON YOU!!!

[Black Bull suddenly appears]

Black Doom: Behold! The wrath of Black Arms!

[Black Bull roars at Shadow and Sonic]

Sonic: Woohoo! Now we're talking!! Bring it on!!!

Cutscene 8 (Post second stage - any mission)

[At the President's office in the White House]

Secretary (via phone): Mr. President. We've received a report from the Central Information Agency. Our ground troops have successfully pushed back the black aliens from Westopolis. We've also managed to suppress alien forces in five other cities. There's also reports that the CIA's mainframe has been compromised. We're investigating the incidents now. It is a strong possibility that this was also committed by the black aliens.
President: Tell the Commanding Generals that the United Federation will never surrender to terrorists!
Secretary (via phone): Yes, Mr. President.
President: [Looks at picture of Sonic and Shadow] This planet was once saved from tyranny and annihilation by you two heroes. Now mankind must protect this peace... at all costs. [looking out window over Central City] We must stand united to defend our world against these invaders!

Cutscene 9 (Opening of Cryptic Castle)

[Dr. Eggman's base. Shadow is warped inside the base via Chaos Control.]

Shadow: Where am I...? [Shadow looks at his surroundings and out through the window, he spots Dr. Eggman on his Egg Mobile.] Isn't that Dr. Eggman? Maybe he can tell me about those black creatures.

Cutscene 10 (Cryptic Castle - any mission completed)

[Cryptic Castle. Shadow finds the grey Chaos Emerald shining in the air.]

Shadow: Another Chaos Emerald!

[Shadow starts walking towards the emerald. Suddenly, the Egg Breaker lands in front of him.]

Dr. Eggman: What are YOU doing here Shadow?
Shadow: Doctor! I don't want to fight with you but I need those Chaos Emeralds. They hold the secret to my...
Dr. Eggman: Enough of this nonsense! The Chaos Emeralds belong to me. All of them! No one gets in my way. Those who do will be destroyed! [The Egg Breaker slams its spiky round fist into the ground, nearly hitting Shadow.] So stand clear or I WILL crush you! Just as I will those black creatures!

[Shadow assumes a battle stance.]

Cutscene 11 (Opening of Prison Island)

[Shadow appears from a white light on Prison Island]

Shadow: Hmm... I wonder if there are any Chaos Emeralds around here. [A picture of where Shadow was released by Eggman is flashed on the screen, resembling Shadow's memory.] Ughhhh!... [Another image flashes on the screen.] Whaa...!? That's right. I somehow escaped but then was captured by those humans. But... from where? [looks around] And why?

Cutscene 12 (Opening of Circus Park)

[Shadow is running to Circus Park.]

Shadow: Where's that damn FOURTH Chaos Emerald!? (looks up to see Tails flying in the Cyclone) Hey isn't that... Tails?!
Tails: Look at that! It's Eggman's theme park. He made it out of the Rings he's taken from around the world. I've got to get those Rings back!
Shadow: A Chaos Emerald!
Tails: Whoooaaa!!

[The Cyclone flies out of control due to the fireworks]

Shadow: This is just too easy. Guess it's my lucky day!

[Shadow continues running to the park's entrance]

Cutscene 13 (Post Cryptic Castle Boss Fight - Dark Mission completed)

[At the President's office in the White House]

Secretary (via phone): Mr. President...there's an emergency!
President: What now?!
Secretary (via phone): It seems as if our ground forces have been able to contain the Black Arms, but apparently enemy reinforcements have arrived and Central City... is being invaded!
President: can this be?!

[The President stands up to look out of the window behind him.]

Opening of Central City

[Shadow stands at the front of a group of Black Warriors and Black Oaks as a projection of Black Doom stands next to him, preparing to lay siege to the United Federation capital city]

Black Doom: Shadow, let me share with you a piece of your past. It's filled with nothing but hatred and contempt for the humans.
Shadow: [Eyes closed to picture what Black Doom just said] Hatred and contempt... for the humans. [Opens his eyes again]
Black Doom: You were the ultimate life form but the humans feared you and wanted to destroy you! And they did! Now you must amass revenge on those humans! Unleash your anger and ULTIMATE powers on them!

Opening of The ARK

[Black Doom and Shadow Chaos Control into space. In the distance, Space Colony ARK can be seen. Shadow stares at it for a few moments before Black Doom speaks]

Black Doom: So, you've finally come to realize just how abominable these humans are. It's time to make all final preparations for our ritual. Hidden inside that space colony ARK is the most powerful weapon, able to pierce stars...the Eclipse Cannon.
Shadow: Piercing...the stars...
Black Doom: That's right. The SEVEN Chaos Emeralds are needed to demonstrate its full power or tomorrow's prosperity ritual will all be for nothing.
Shadow: Prosperity ritual? Tomorrow?
Black Doom: Now, GO! What fools. Humans created the Eclipse Cannon to protect themselves from terror, will be used to destroy mankind!

[A Black Hawk arrives upon Black Doom's summon to pick up Shadow and carry him to the ARK to take it over for the Black Arms. Shadow departs for the ARK on the Black Hawk.]

The ARK - any mission completed

[Shadow reaches the Eclipse Cannon, but a G.U.N. soldier piloting the Blue Falcon is waiting for him, acting as the last line of defense before the Black Arms can claim the Eclipse Cannon for themselves.]

Blue Falcon Pilot: ARK to Headquarters! ARK to Headquarters! Come in! COME IN! Shadow's penetrated the ARK! He's headed towards the control room of the Eclipse Cannon!
Commander (over communicator): Come in, Eclipse Cannon! He must be stopped at all costs! Take him out...that's an order!
Blue Falcon Pilot: 10-4. Copy that!

Blue Falcon Boss Fight

[Start of boss fight]

Blue Falcon Pilot: This is ARK Defense Unit Blue Falcon. I am engaging the hedgehog!

[Starts taking damage]

Blue Falcon Pilot: This is Blue Falcon! I am under attack from the hedgehog! Moving into attack position!

[50% health gone]

Blue Falcon Pilot: This is Blue Falcon! Situation critical! Requesting assistance! He's...Too strong!


Blue Falcon Pilot: HQ, do you read? HQ! UGAAAAAAAH!!

[The G.U.N. soldier piloting the Blue Falcon can only scream helplessly as the destroyed mech plummets towards the Earth below, leaving the Eclipse Cannon wide open for the Black Arms to take for themselves.]

Shadow: The planet-piercing Eclipse Cannon! There's no escape for you now!

After Blue Falcon

[Black Doom makes a worldwide broadcast as the scene depicts either the ruins of Westopolis or Central City as, among the rubble, wrecked G.U.N. Beetles and tanks litter the streets]

Black Doom: We are the Black Arms. We are here to take rule of this planet. Any attempts to resist are futile and will result in death.

[Scene changes to G.U.N. headquarters at GUN Fortress as Black Doom continues]

Black Doom: You humans are SO pathetic.
Commander: (slamming fist on console) Damn you!

[Next change is to the White House as Black Doom continues]

Black Doom: As of today...this planet is MINE!
President: You're crazy! We will not...
Black Doom: Now we will begin to exterminate all of the world's leaders who resist.
President: (horrified) Wha...What!?

The ARK Dark Mission completed

[Space Colony ARK moves into position over Central City and begins to charge the Eclipse Cannon as Black Doom continues]

Black Doom: Annihilation for this planet is near. It is time to embrace the dawn of your demise and despair.

[With those final words, the Eclipse Cannon fires on Central City. Several G.U.N. battleships hovering over the city are first to be struck and ripped apart before the Eclipse Cannon's blast hits the White House dead center. From there, the energy discharges outwards, first blacking out the city before engulfing it in the expanding dome before leaving it as a smoldering, fiery ruin seen even from space as Black Doom laughs evilly]

Black Doom: Muhahahaha...

Before The Doom

[Shadow is walking through the woods, still in a state of confusion over recent events that have happened]

Shadow: What's going on with me?! I can't get these images out of my mind...those black do they know me? Who was I before this?

[All of a sudden, Shadow watches as the forest around him vanishes as an illusion of outer space is created around him, starting at his feet and spreading outwards.]

Shadow: Whaaat?!

[Shortly thereafter, Black Doom appears behind Shadow. His voice carries a concerned tone to it.]

Black Doom: seem troubled.
Shadow: (turning to look at him) You!
Black Doom: (pointing ahead at something) Look.

[Looking in the direction Black Doom points out, Shadow lays eyes on the Space Colony ARK]

Shadow: That's the...
Black Doom: Yes, that's right. The Space Colony ARK. 50 years ago.
Shadow: (shocked) The ARK? 50...years ago?

[Shadow's attention is soon drawn to a corridor in which he sees his past self and Maria fleeing down in an attempt to escape the colony]

Shadow: That'!

[Shadow then gasps when he sees the squad of G.U.N. soldiers in hot pursuit of him and Maria just a few hundred yards behind them]

Shadow: Huh.

[As Shadow watches the scene play out, his expression hardens into anger and fury as Black Doom resumes talking]

Black Doom: That's right. This will remind you what the humans did to you. Never forget that horrifying image!

Opening of Air Fleet

[The President of the United Federation overlooks Central City from the White House before the G.U.N. Commander and two of his soldiers enter the Oval Office, stand at attention, and salute their Commander-in-Chief]

Commander: Sir, your transport is ready. We must go now! Sir, please!
President: Once again...I have failed my duty to protect our nation.
Commander:'s not over! We can continue to fight.

[The President's head looks up upon hearing this]

Commander: The black aliens may have rendered us unable for now but we will rally, sir! You must keep your nation strong and together.

[The President turns back to his desk]

President: Yes, keep the nation united. No matter what happens, we will never surrender to these creatures! (Looks at photo of Sonic and Shadow) This much I learned from them.
Commander: Sir, please hurry.
President: Okay.

[The President leaves with the Commander's two bodyguards while the Commander glances at the photo of Sonic and Shadow himself]

Commander: The black creatures will feel their own bloody hell!

[With that, he leaves to join his men and the President and flee Central City. Outside the White House, Black Doom and Shadow watch as the President's escape aircraft departs for a G.U.N. battleship holding position overhead.]

Black Doom: What a pathetic sight. Shadow, follow them. Make sure they understand their situation.

[Shadow runs after the G.U.N. battleship as it departs for G.U.N. headquarters at GUN Fortress]

Before Sky Troops

[Dr. Eggman is seen observing a recording of the aliens attack. Several Egg Pawns are gathered around him, exchanging various looks of puzzlement and shrugs with each other, unsure what to make of the situation.]

Dr. Eggman: Those idiots! They're destroying everything! How can I take over the city and build the Eggman Empire if there is no city??!! (He slams his hands down on the console in frustration) I'm at my limit! I have no choice! Send in the Eggman Fleet! CHARGE! [Eggman points to his Egg Pawns and they start running away to do as he commanded.]

[Shadow is seen on a flying island, with Black Doom right behind him.]

Shadow: I bet no one expected this baby could fly.
Black Doom: I transported this flying brilliant fortress to this planet over 2000 years ago. It's magnificent! The perfect killing machine... ready to impose terror in unimaginable ways. [Black Doom notices an enemy fleet approaching his armada] Hmm, do these fools really believe they could stop... ME?

[Shadow soon notices the enemy fleet as well, along with a familiar decal he recognizes]

Shadow: Isn't that... the doctor?
Black Doom: Shadow... do not fail me!

[Black Doom descends back into his ship while Shadow lets off a scoff and jumps towards the action.]

Before Iron Jungle

[Shadow appears from a white flash, standing in front of a Shadow Android]

Shadow: Huh? What the...!? [does a back flip] How can this be? Who are you? !?
Dr. Eggman: [flying in his Egg Mobile] Listen up Shadow Androids. The Eggman fleet is strong but those black creatures are a formidable adversary! I must return to the base to devise a new plan.
Shadow: Shadow... Android? Am I... an... android... too?

Before Iron Jungle Egg Breaker Boss Fight

[Shadow and Omega come running in towards Eggman]

Omega: Eggman detected. Approaching this direction.
Dr. Eggman: [Appears in his Egg Breaker] Shadow and Omega? Why you traitors! You two are going to stop me??!! Move aside!
Shadow: Doctor, please I need to know... those androids... the ones that... look like me, am I...
Dr. Eggman: Yes!
Shadow: What!?
Dr. Eggman: You and Omega are my creations! But you betray me as you stand here before me! So now... I will destroy you BOTH, turning you into scrap metal!
Omega: Eggman, I will defeat you once and for all!

Before Lava Shelter after Air Fleet, Iron Jungle & Space Gadget

Shadow: [laughs] Hmmmhmmmhmmhmmhmmhmmhmmhmm. Hmmmhmmmhmmmhmmmhmmmhmmmhmm! [Images of him saving the ARK appear on the screen.] The pieces are coming together, this "ultimate life form" they keep referring to is the black hedgehog and he... died and I'm its copy. I must be the android Dr. Eggman created. Then it's clear what needs to be done! Doctor!....... ...You're going straight to the place you created me from!

Before Death Ruins

[G.U.N. headquarters. As the command center continues to track their forces engaged with the Black Arms around the world, the Commander continues to watch things from his chair at the back of the room before an alarm sounds and the G.U.N. Captain from earlier enters and salutes as he gives his report]

G.U.N. Captain: Commander! COM Sector B3 are reporting that the black aliens have successfully been driven out of Westopolis. We've contained them in the forest and they're completely cut off from the rest of their support.
Commander: Well done, Captain. What about Shadow?
G.U.N. Captain: Sir! We think Shadow escaped into the forest with the black aliens.
Commander: Alert all field commanders in Sector B. I'm authorizing full use of all tactical weapons. I want both black aliens and Shadow stopped and buried. Failure is not an option.
G.U.N. Captain: Yes sir!

[The G.U.N. Captain departs to relay the Commander's orders. After he leaves, the Commander chuckles to himself with satisfaction]

Commander: Hmm, hmm... It's over, Shadow. You will finally be exposed and eradicated for the evil that you are!

[The Commander continues to overlook the command center and the map at the center of the far wall pinpoints the location of Shadow and the black aliens]

Before Death Ruins Black Bull Boss Fight

[Doom's Eye hovers over a platform as Shadow approaches to confront it once more]

Shadow: Having a little trouble with those GUN agents...are we?

[Rouge is overhearing the conversation from a nearby ledge]

Black Doom: (chuckles) What a pitiful bunch...
Shadow: What'd you say?
Black Doom: We're not here to exterminate these poor creatures. On the contrary...
Rouge: Wha...what is he talking about?!
Shadow: What are you saying?
Black Doom: (chuckles) All will be revealed...tomorrow.
Rouge: Tomorrow!?
Black Doom: Shadow, you should rest. You need to be ready for tomorrow's ritual.

[As he finishes saying this, Black Bull rises behind him to face Shadow. Once done talking, Doom's Eye "swims" away to leave Shadow to face Black Bull]

Shadow: You scum! You're going down!

[Black Bull roars back at Shadow's challenge]

Lost Impact & Space Gadget Hero Mission completed

[Shadow has a vision of Maria just after she had been fatally shot by G.U.N. soldiers]

Shadow: Maria!
Maria: Please, Shadow... I need your help! Everyone's fate depends on... YOU!
Shadow: MARIA!!

[Shadow's escape pod is jettisoned from the ARK and plummets towards Earth]

Before GUN Fortress

[The President's escape aircraft touches down in the GUN Fortress' heliport. As G.U.N. soldiers rush over to it, the scene cuts to the G.U.N. Commander carrying the President to his chair in the command center as the door slides shut behind them. The Commander then helps the President down into his chair.]

Commander: Sir, are you alright?
President: Never mind me...What about the people of Central City?
Commander: No need to worry, sir. Orders were issued yesterday and everyone has been evacuated to the safe zone.
President: (sighs) Very good...Commander.

[An alarm sounds]

Commander: Now, what's going on!?

[The G.U.N. Captain enters and salutes]

G.U.N. Captain: Commander. The invaders! Estimated over 1000 black aliens inbound. They've penetrated our outer perimeter!
Commander & President: What!?
G.U.N. Captain: According to reports, Shadow's also been sighted with the black aliens!

[The President puts a hand to his forehead in disbelief, unable to believe that Shadow, who had saved the Earth with Sonic previously, would now betray them and ally with the Black Arms]

President: Shadow!? I don't believe it.
Commander: So he's finally decided to show himself. Attention all command units! Mobilize all Mech battle sections. Prepare all weapons to strike incoming vessels! Mobilize "Diablon!"
G.U.N. Captain: But, sir...It's not ready yet!
Commander: I don't care! We have NO other option! We MUST protect the President and the Chaos Emeralds, at all costs!
G.U.N. Captain: (saluting) Yes sir!

[The G.U.N. Captain turns to leave to spread the word and prepare the GUN Fortress for what could possibly be their last stand against the Black Arms as the Commander draws his pistol and works the top part to lock and load it for combat]

Commander: Shadow! Damn you! It's been 50 years...justice will finally be served!

[Shadow is back in the hangar looking at the President's shuttle as he hears Professor Gerald's words in his head]

Professor Gerald: Shadow, I'm counting on you.
Shadow: I know, professor...The ultimate life form born to ensure peace and justice amongst all of mankind. Now, I know what I have to do.

[With a nod of reassurance at what he must do, Shadow leaps down to begin making his way into the GUN Fortress]

Opening of Final Haunt

[Shadow and Sonic make their way through the ARK as Shadow thinks about Maria's last words to him]

Shadow: Maria...

[Sonic soon notices something]

Sonic: Shadow! Look...up there!
Shadow: Huh?

[The Black Comet roars overhead]

Shadow: What is that?
Sonic: Once every 50 years, that Black Comet passes by this planet. Hehe...oh? Do you think those black creatures are somehow connected with that comet?
Shadow: Black ... Comet

[Shadow falls to his knees, clutching his head in pain]

Shadow: UGH!
Sonic: Shadow what's wrong?!
Shadow: I think you're right... I feel it... they're up there. That's where the answers are...I've got to get to that comet!

[Shadow and Sonic head back to Tails' spaceship to use it to reach the Black Comet]

Dark Hero Ending

GUN Fortress Hero Mission completed

[Shadow stands triumphant as he holds the purple Chaos Emerald in his hand, having decided to give G.U.N. a chance to replenish their numbers and fight off the Black Arms attacking their headquarters and give their last stand a chance to be victorious]

Shadow: Only ONE Chaos Emerald left!
Black Doom: You disobeyed my orders!

[Shadow looks around in surprise before Black Doom himself descends to confront Shadow for having turned traitor at the last second and gave G.U.N. a chance to regroup]

Shadow: Yeah, well I told one tells me what to do. I need these Emeralds to uncover the truth about my past.
Black Doom: (scoffs) What do you think vermin like you could accomplish on your own? Let me show you...Those who commit mutiny against me will see no mercy...AND DO NOT DEFY ME AGAIN!

Dark Dark Ending

GUN Fortress Dark Mission completed

[Having destroyed the mother computers that provided G.U.N. their mechanized forces for defending their headquarters and shattered their last stand against the Black Arms, Shadow finds himself face to face with Sonic and the G.U.N. Commander in the Diablon]

Shadow: Get out of my way!
Sonic: Shadow! I can't let you go...not like this!
Commander: (from Diablon) YOU! You're the one that destroyed the ARK and killed everyone on it! It's time to settle this once and for all!
Shadow: Hmmhmm...all right. I know what I have to do. I was born to bring order to the humans. These humans...they don't value life...they're going to with their lives for what they've done!
Commander: (from Diablon) YOU!!
Shadow: Sonic! If you try to stop me...I'll DESTROY YOU, TOO!

Semi-Dark Hero Ending

[As Shadow makes his way into a large chamber of the Black Comet after retrieving the purple Chaos Emerald with Knuckles' aid, leaving the G.U.N. mechanized forces to fight the Black Arms, he is surprised when Dr. Eggman drops down to confront him in the Egg Dealer]

Eggman: Shadow!
Shadow: Doctor?
Eggman: Hand those SIX Chaos Emeralds to a good boy! You were unleashed to find the emeralds... excellent job Shadow. You've done well... now hand them over!
Shadow: NOT a CHANCE!
Eggman: What!?
Shadow: I need these Emeralds to help me uncover my past... they're not going anywhere!
Eggman: Well then... we'll just see about that! Shadow prepare yourself!

Semi-Dark Dark Ending

[Having destroyed the G.U.N mechanized forces attacking the Black Comet and shattered their counterattack against the Black Arms, Shadow finds himself face to face with Sonic and the G.U.N. Commander in the Diablon]

Sonic: Shadow! I can't let you go...not like this!
Commander: (from Diablon) YOU! You're the one that destroyed the ARK and killed everyone on it! It's time to settle this once and for all!
Shadow: Hmmhmm...all right. I know what I have to do. I was born to bring order to the humans. These humans...they don't value life...they're going to with their lives for what they've done!
Commander: (from Diablon) YOU!!
Shadow: Sonic! If you try to stop me...I'll DESTROY YOU, TOO!

Neutral Hero Ending

Lava Shelter Hero Mission completed

Dr. Eggman: Nice to see you Shadow Android and you too, Omega. It certainly looks as you've... well, quite a bit of damage down there. But did you really think that YOU could challenge ME?
Omega: Dr. Eggman, I will destroy you and reign supreme!
Shadow: Yes Doctor, you will regret ever having created me... you're going straight to hell!
Dr. Eggman: Why you little... you're nothing but pieces of scrap metal! Once I'm done with you... you'll be thrown in the junkyard. You will feel my wrath!

After Egg Dealer

[Dr. Eggman is seen lying on the ground, his Egg Dealer destroyed behind him. Shadow reaches for the emerald from the Doctor and the other six fly around him.]

Shadow: Finally... I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Dr. Eggman: I made you... and this is how you repay me?
Shadow: I am Shadow Android. The ultimate battle life form created by Eggman. You may have created me doctor, but I will now lead this empire and androids will rule! This is WHO I AM.
Omega: Eggman... target acquired. Locked and loaded... FIRE!
Dr. Eggman: What?!
Shadow: Goodbye, doctor!!
Dr. Eggman: Nooooooo...

[The screen goes black and a karate chop sound is heard. Eggman's voice slowly fades off.]

Neutral Dark Ending

Lava Shelter Dark Mission completed

Dr. Eggman: You did very well, Shadow Android. You have surpassed expectations... equal to that of the real Shadow. Excellent! Now give me those Emeralds.
Shadow: Never!
Dr. Eggman: What!?
Shadow I didn't collect them to hand them over to you. I collected them to destroy YOU!
Dr. Eggman: How dare you! I created you...I gave you life...I gave you an order or have you forgotten? Idiot! Perhaps, I need to teach you a lesson!!!

After Egg Dealer

[Dr. Eggman is seen lying on the ground, his Egg Dealer destroyed behind him. Shadow reaches for the emerald from the Doctor and the other six fly around him.]

Shadow: Finally...I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Dr. Eggman: (groans) I made you...and this is how you repay me?
Shadow: I am Shadow Android, the ULTIMATE life form...A copy of Shadow the Hedgehog. With the power of these Emeralds, I will be stronger than him! This is WHO I AM.
Dr. Eggman: What!?
Shadow: Goodbye, doctor!!
Dr. Eggman: Nooooooo...

[The screen goes black and a karate chop sound is heard. Eggman's voice slowly fades off.]

Semi-Hero Hero Ending

Cosmic Fall Hero Mission completed

[Shadow and Vector make it to the main computer room of the ARK, despite the ARK falling apart around them. After accessing the main terminal, Black Doom descends to confront them.]

Black Doom: What is this defiance!?
Shadow: Black Doom...I need to know the truth. Am I the one the humans refer to as the Evil One? Tell me...I need to know!
Black Doom: It is true. I created are a part of me.

[Shadow lowers his head in shock at learning Black Doom was partially responsible for his creation alongside Professor Gerald. Vector takes notice and grows concerned about Shadow.]

Vector: Hey OK?
Shadow: If that's true, then I'll have to accept my responsibilities for my crimes. I will avenge the victims who died aboard the ARK on that tragic day.
Black Doom: The humans seemed to have convinced you with this absurdity. Therefore, I have no choice but to kill you too!

Cosmic Fall Black Doom Boss Fight

[Start of battle]

Black Doom: Those humans have brainwashed you and your feeble mind. Allow me to remind you of the truth!
Vector: Don't listen to him! We need to defeat him!

[Black Doom starts taking damage]

Black Doom: If you had simply followed me unconditionally, you would have been spared this pain!

[Black Doom at 50% health]

Black Doom: Hmph! Your power seems to have increased a bit. Now, I shall show you no mercy!

[Black Doom defeated]

Black Doom: Graah! You... traitor... Do not think that this is over...!

[As Black Doom collapses in defeat, gasping for breath, Shadow collects the red Chaos Emerald as Vector dances in victory behind him]

Shadow: This is what I must do for my atonement.

After Black Doom

[Black Doom lies on the ground defeated. Shadow takes the red Chaos Emerald from him and has it encircle him with the other six as Vector watches in awe]

Shadow: Finally...I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Black Doom: (breathing heavily) Shadow! This isn't over yet! The Black Arms will rise again...
Shadow: I am Shadow the Hedgehog. A research experiment...gone deadly wrong! [sadly] I've caused so much destruction...I should never have been created. This is WHO I AM.
Vector: Hey...don't go there...yet! Things may not be what they seem. You could be...

[Despite his best attempts to convince him otherwise, Vector can only watch as Shadow trudges sadly away, consumed by his guilt.]

[Cue end credits with "Chosen One" by Mona Lisa Overdrive playing during them]

Semi-Hero Dark Ending

Cosmic Fall Dark Mission completed

[Having secured the purple Chaos Emerald from the power plant of the ARK, despite it falling apart because of the Black Arms' attack, Shadow makes his way into a large room before Eggman drops down in the Egg Dealer]

Eggman: Shadow!
Shadow: Doctor?
Eggman: Hand those SIX Chaos Emeralds to a good boy! You were once a great invention from my grandfather's past, but this is my time...give me the Chaos Emeralds and I WILL spare your life.
Shadow: Doctor...
Eggman: What?
Shadow: This is something I must do I my own...I must uncover the truth. I made a promise to all the victims aboard the ARK!
Eggman: This is nonsense! You will obey me or there will be dire consequences!

Cosmic Fall Egg Dealer Boss Fight

[Start of battle]

Eggman: I will not allow you to defile my grandfather's legacy! Now you'll get to see the destructive power of my strongest creation yet!
Vector: You know, I think you made him mad!

[Eggman rolls Missile Fever and fires off a salvo, targeted at Shadow. During the battle, as Shadow prevents Eggman from attacking by stopping the Egg Dealer's slots himself, Eggman reacts in various ways, depending on the final outcome of the slots.]

[Shadow rolls Ring Fever]

Eggman: No! My beautiful Rings!

[Dozens of Rings shoot up from the platform in the center of the arena, allowing Shadow to load up with Rings before resuming the boss fight.]

[Shadow rolls Shadow Fever]

Eggman: N-no! Not Shadow Fever!

[Shadow instantly enters his Dark Shadow state]

[Shadow rolls Missile Fever]

Eggman: What?! W-Wait! Abort launch!

[The Egg Dealer fires the salvo, but the missiles simply circle back around to hit the Egg Dealer.]

[Shadow rolls Bomb Fever]

Eggman: Gah! No! Don't drop them here!

[The Egg Dealer falls over forward on its face and dumps a bomb on itself.]

[Egg Dealer starts taking damage]

Eggman: Bah! Don't think that you stand a chance against me!

[Egg Dealer at 50% health]

Eggman: Ohh, that's it! Now you've asked for it!

[Egg Dealer defeated]

Eggman: Wh-what?! N-no!! This... can't be... ! Gaaaaah!

[The Egg Dealer collapses in defeat, covered in explosions, while Shadow collects the red Chaos Emerald as Vector dances behind him in victory]

Shadow: Begone! I will not allow you to defile the ARK with your presence!

After Egg Dealer

[Eggman lies in front of his destroyed Egg Dealer as Shadow collects the red Chaos Emerald and all seven encircle him]

Shadow: Finally...I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Eggman: (groans) You ungrateful little pest...have you forgotten that it was MY grandfather who created you?
Shadow: I am Shadow the Hedgehog. The ultimate life form born and raised aboard the ARK! I shall live on...I am the protector of the ARK...I am living proof of the ultimate life form...This is WHO I AM.
Eggman: What?
Shadow: Leave now and never return. I won't allow anyone to violate the sacred ARK.

[Shadow turns and walks away, sparing Eggman's life as he's allowed to leave Space Colony ARK and never set foot upon it again.]

[Cue end credits with "Chosen One" by Mona Lisa Overdrive playing during them]

Hero Hero Ending

Final Haunt Hero Mission completed

[Shadow and Sonic approach Black Doom, waiting for them in his inner sanctum]

Black Doom: You've done well, Shadow. I'm very impressed you've made it this far...
Shadow: Black Doom! Your rule ends here and it ends now!
Sonic: So you're behind all this!... Like it or not!... THE GAME'S OVER!
Black Doom: (laughs) Fools! The Black Arms are more than superior... we are perfect! Do you really think you have any real chance of defeating us? [laughs] Hahahaha...
Shadow: It's you who should be scared, Black Doom! I made a promise to Maria to save the planet she loved so much... and I WILL!
Black Doom: Then get ready to die! Let me show you THE ULTIMATE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE!

Final Haunt Black Doom Boss Fight

[Start of battle]

Black Doom: Now I will show you just how pitiful you inferior life forms are!
Sonic: This is it! Let's end this once and for all!

[Black Doom starts taking damage]

Black Doom: You really think that a mere hedgehog can harm me? How pathetic!

[Black Doom at 50% health]

Black Doom: Hmph, I see... Perhaps I have underestimated your inferiority as a life form...none the less...

[Black Doom defeated]

Black Doom: Grah... Y-you... This is... not over...

[As Black Doom collapses in defeat, gasping for breath, Shadow collects the red Chaos Emerald as Sonic strikes a victory pose behind him]

Shadow: Maria loved this planet. I will not let you destroy it!

After Black Doom

[Black Doom is seen lying on the ground defeated. Shadow reaches for the red Chaos Emerald from Black Doom and the other six fly around him as Sonic stands next to him in triumph]

Shadow: Finally...I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Black Doom: (breathing heavily) Shadow! This isn't over yet! The Black Arms will rise again...
Sonic: Let's do this!
Shadow: I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, and I made a promise that I intend to keep! With the power of these Emeralds, Black Doom and his army are finished! This is WHO I AM!

[Cue end credits with "All Hail Shadow" by Magna-Fi playing during them]

Hero Dark Ending

Final Haunt Dark Mission completed

[Shadow finds himself confronted by Sonic and the G.U.N. Commander in the Diablon after sealing off Black Doom's inner sanctum from the impending counterattack by G.U.N.]

Sonic: Shadow! Why are you siding with those black creatures?!
Shadow: Siding with're joking, right? I'm just siding with whoever goes up against you! This time you're going down, Sonic!
Sonic: Hehehe... If that's how it's going to be, Shadow. Then bring it on!
Shadow: Just say when!

Final Haunt Sonic and Diablon Boss Fight

[Start of battle]

Sonic: Alright! You ready to do this? Come on!
Shadow: All right, Sonic. Defend yourself!

After Sonic and Diablon

[Sonic and Diablon lie on the ground in front of Shadow defeated. Shadow collects the red Chaos Emerald before it and the other six encircle him]

Shadow: Finally... I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Sonic: (struggling to his hands and knees) Man...I-I didn't think you had it in ya.
Shadow: I'm Shadow the Hedgehog...and now I am the most powerful hedgehog in the world! The power of these Emeralds makes me invincible! I am the ultimate hedgehog...This is WHO I AM. [laughs triumphantly] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[Cue end credits with "All Hail Shadow" by Magna-Fi playing during them]

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