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This is the script of the neutral storyline in Shadow the Hedgehog.


[Shadow is standing in a field and a piece of paper blows by, sticking onto Shadow's leg for a bit before blowing away.]

Writing on Paper: *FIRE IN THE SKY FESTIVAL* Celebration! 50 Year return of Black Comet.
Shadow: [Thinking to himself.] Shadow the Hedgehog... Why does that name haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember. And that gruesome image.

[A memory of Maria is shown. She is desperately running from GUN soldiers. Then one of the GUN soldiers takes out a gun and shoots her.]

Shadow: Who am I... and why can't I remember anything? And who is this Maria?

[A dark cloud looms over Shadow and a bunch of Black Arms fall out from the sky. It then shows a more stronger Black Arm which crushes a car then smashes another one that drives by.]

Shadow: Hmm, look how pathetic they are! I don't have time for these humans.
Black Doom: Shadow...

[Doom's Eye comes floating in towards Shadow, projecting an image of Black Doom.]

Black Doom: As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Find the SEVEN Chaos Emeralds and bring them to me as promised.
Shadow: Huh? Who are you and how do you know I'm Shadow? And what are you talking about?

[Doom's Eye floats away and a ton of explosions explode near Shadow]

Shadow: Just what was that all abound? If he says he know the truth about who I am... then like it or not, I have to believe him. The only way I'm going to get the secret of my past is to get those Chaos Emeralds! [Runs off]

After Westopolis

[Shadow is walking with two Chaos Emeralds and then Black Doom comes up from the ground]

Black Doom: You've deliberately disobeyed me, Shadow!
Shadow: No one tells me what to do. I have my own reasons for collecting the Chaos Emeralds.
Black Doom: You REALLY don't understand the situation here, do you?! Perhaps, Professor Gerald has done more to your memory than I imagined.
Shadow: The professor...?
Black Doom: Hmmm... strange that you don't remember your maker.
Shadow: What'd you say?
Black Doom: Silence! The ramifications of your disobedience will be severe.
Shadow: Ughhhhh!!!

[Black Doom teleports Shadow to Glyphic Canyon]

Before Glyphic Canyon

[Shadow is seen laying on the ground of some ruins.]

Shadow: [Slowly gets up and yawns] ... Wha...where am I? [looks around] Whoa... I guess I underestimated his powers. Hmmm... There's definitely something going on out there. Now it's up to me to find out what their up to!

After Glyphic Canyon

[At the President's office in the White House]

On The Phone: Mr. President. We've received a report from the Central Information Agency. Our ground troops have successfully pushed back the black aliens from Westopolis. We've also managed to suppress alien forces in five other cities. There's also reports that the CIA's mainframe has been compromised. We're investigating the incidents now. It is a strong possibility that this was also commited by the black aliens.
President: Tell the Commanding Generals that the United Federation will never surrender from terrorists!
On The Phone: Yes, Mr. President.
President: [Looks at picture of Sonic and Shadow] This planet was once saved from tyranny and annihilation by you two heroes. Now mankind must protect this peace... at all costs. We must stand united to defend our world against these invaders!

Before Prison Island

[Shadow appears from a white light on Prison Island]

Shadow: Hmm... I wonder if there are any Chaos Emeralds around here. [A picture of where Shadow was released by Eggman is flashed on the screen, resembling Shadow's memory.] Ughhhh... [Another image flashes on the screen.] Whaa...!? That's right. I somehow escaped but then was captured by those humans. But... from where? [looks around] And why?

Before Sky Troops

[Dr. Eggman is seen observing a recording of the aliens attack.]

Dr. Eggman: Those idiots! They're destroying everything! How can I take over the city and build the Eggman Empire if there is no city?! I'm at my limit! I have no choice! Send in the Eggman Fleet! CHARGE! [Eggman points to his Egg Pawns and they start running away]

[Shadow is seen on a flying island, with Black Doom right behind him.]

Shadow: I bet no one expected this baby could fly.
Black Doom: I transported this flying brilliant fortress to this planet over 2000 years ago. It's magnificent! The perfect killing machine... ready to impose terror in unimaginable ways. Hmm, do these fools really believe they could stop... ME?
Shadow: Isn't that... the doctor?
Black Doom: Shadow... do not fail me!

[Black Doom descends and Shadow jumps towards the action.]

Before Iron Jungle

[Shadow appears from a white flash, standing in front of a Shadow Android]

Shadow: Huh? What the...!? [does a back flip] How can this be? Who are you? !?
Dr. Eggman: [flying in his Egg Mobile] Listen up Shadow Androids. The Eggman fleet is strong but those black creatures are a formidable adversary! I must return to the base to devise a new plan.
Shadow: Shadow... Android? Am I... an... android... too?

Before Egg Breaker

[Shadow and Omega come running in towards Eggman]

Omega: Eggman detected. Approaching this direction.
Dr. Eggman: [Appears in his Egg Breaker] Shadow and Omega? Why you traitors! You two are going to stop me??!! Move aside!
Shadow: Doctor, please I need to know... those androids... the ones that... look like me, am I...
Dr. Eggman: Yes!
Shadow: What?
Dr. Eggman: You and Omega are my creations! But you betray me as you stand here before me! So now... I will destroy you BOTH, turning you into scrap metal!
Omega: Eggman, I will defeat you once and for all!

After Egg Breaker

Shadow: [laughs] Hmmhmm... Hmmmm [Images of him saving the ARK appear on the screen.] The pieces are coming together. This "ultimate life form" they keep referring to is the black hedgehog and he... died. And I'm its copy... I must be the android Dr. Eggman created! Then it's clear what needs to be done! Doctor... you're going straight to the place you created me from!

Neutral Hero Ending

Before Egg Dealer

Dr. Eggman: Nice to see you Shadow Android and you too, Omega. It certainly looks as you've... well, quite a bit of damage down there. But did you really think that YOU could challenge ME?
Omega: Dr. Eggman, I will destroy you and reign supreme!
Shadow: Yes Doctor, you will regret ever having created me... you're going straight to hell!
Dr. Eggman: Why you little... you're nothing but pieces of scrap metal! Once I'm done with you... you'll be thrown in the junkyard. You will feel my wrath!

After Egg Dealer

[Dr. Eggman is seen lying on the ground, his Egg Dealer destroyed behind him. Shadow reaches for the emerald from the Doctor and the other six fly around him.]

Shadow: Finally... I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Dr. Eggman: I made you... and this is how you repay me?
Shadow: I am Shadow Android. The ultimate battle life form created by Eggman. You may have created me doctor, but I will now lead this empire and androids will rule! This is WHO I AM.
Omega: Eggman... target acquired. Locked and loaded... FIRE!
Dr. Eggman: What?!
Shadow: Goodbye, doctor!!
Dr. Eggman: Nooooooo...

[The screen goes black and a karate chop sound is heard. Eggman's voice slowly fades off.]

Neutral Dark Ending

Before Egg Dealer

Dr. Eggman: You did very well, Shadow Android. You have surpassed expectations...equal to that of the real Shadow! give me those Emeralds!
Shadow: Never!
Dr. Eggman: What!?
Shadow: I didn't collect them to hand them over to you. I collected them to destroy YOU!
Dr. Eggman: How dare you! I created you...I gave you life...I gave you an order or have you forgotten? Idiot! Perhaps I need to teach you a lesson!!!

After Egg Dealer

[Dr. Eggman is seen lying on the ground, his Egg Dealer destroyed behind him. Shadow reaches for the emerald from the Doctor and the other six fly around him.]

Shadow: Finally...I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds!
Dr. Eggman: I made you...and this is how you repay me!?
Shadow: I am Shadow Android. The ULTIMATE life form... A copy of Shadow the Hedgehog. With the power of these Emeralds I will be stronger than him! This is WHO I AM!
Dr. Eggman: What!?
Shadow: Goodbye, doctor!!
Dr. Eggman: Noooooo!

[The screen goes black and a karate chop sound is heard. Eggman's voice slowly fades off.]

Shadow the Hedgehog

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