Shadow 3DS Theme 2

Quotation1 Sonic is ready for the next Adventure in this all new theme, music from Sonic Generations "White Space: Seaside Hill Quotation2
— 3DS Theme Shop

The Shadow the Hedgehog 3DS Theme is a theme for the Nintendo 3DS home screen based on Shadow the Hedgehog. The screens are in shades of red and black with a giant picture of Shadow spanning both screens. The music is of Radical Highway from Sonic Adventure 2. The folders are black with a red arrow in the center. The theme cost $1.99 by it self or $5.99 in a bundle with Sonic the Hedgehog 3DS Theme, Amy Rose 3DS Theme, and Chao 3DS Theme.


  • This is the only 3DS Theme to not be based on a purely heroic/good character/characters.