Not to be confused with Shadow the Hedgehog.
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Shadows are enemies in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) that Mephiles the Dark summons in both of Shadow's boss battles against him.


The Shadows are similar to Mephiles' crystalline form, except their heads are triangle with a single purple eye on their face and two hands with claws-like fingers.


These creatures fly around the arena, surrounding Shadow or E-123 Omega (second stage of the boss fight). Individual Shadows are harmless alone, but once their group gets big enough, they launch themselves at Shadow and cling on to him, but they can be avoided and destroyed easily by Spin Kick. The greater the number of Shadows holding on, the stronger their glow resonates. This glow represents their power, and once it fills up completely, they all explode at once, causing massive damage to Shadow. This can be evaded by performing a Chaos Attack as the explosion happens. In the second boss fight, they launch themselves at Shadow from the ceiling.

Shadows can also merge together to become Mephiles's monstrous form.


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