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Sharka Khan, Zone Leader of Trituna, from Sonic the Comic #126. Art by Mick McMahon.

Sharka Khan is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was the Zone Leader of the underwater Zone of Trituna. He is an anthropomorphic shark who wears a blue and white swimming costume.


Sharka Khan was visited by Agent X, who brought a message from Doctor Robotnik. Agent X said that if Sharka Khan destroyed Sonic the Hedgehog for Robotnik, then the dictator would let Sharka Khan rule a couple of surface Zones when he returned to power. Agent X also gave Sharka Khan a serum, developed by Robotnik, that would allow the people of Trituna to survive outside the water. Sharka Khan agreed to the deal and sent his best fighters (Stara, Jaws Michael, Crab Sea Nesbitt and Jimmy Whale) to the Beanson Coast Zone to fight Sonic.[1]

When the invasion failed (because Robotnik's serum wore off) and the warriors returned home, Sharka Khan was angry that Robotnik had been using them to get to Sonic. Nevertheless, Sharka Khan still wanted to invade the surface world. When Jaws Michael said that there would be trouble if Sonic found out, Sharka Khan said that they were untouchable since Sonic couldn't swim. He was quickly proved wrong when Sonic himself arrived, having been taking swimming lessons and wearing a special diving suit designed by Tekno the Canary. Sharka Khan ordered his warriors to fight Sonic while he escaped, and he went to pack up his belongings so that he could leave Trituna and set up a new kingdom elsewhere in the ocean. Sonic found him and exposed his cowardice to his people, who deposed him as Zone Leader and decided to rule Trituna themselves.[2]



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