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Shield Pawn MkII

A Shield Pawn Mk. II

The Shield Pawn Mk. II (シールドポーンMk.II Shīrudopōn Mk. II?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It is a model of Badniks which was locked up in Eggman's Hazard Vault because it was too dangerous. They are a stronger variant of the Shield Pawn.


The Shield Pawn Mk. IIs were created by Dr. Eggman, but were stored away inside the Hazard Vault in Metropolis because they were uncontrollable and too unstable. When Angel Island fell down into Metropolis at the end of chapter 5, it opened up the Hazard Vault, releasing the Shield Pawn Mk. IIs, along with other robots and sending them rampaging through the ruined city.

The Shield Pawn Mk. IIs' basic attack is punching their opponents with their fists. Their POW moves are Shields Up (ぼうぎょたいせい! Bōgyotai sei!?) which deceases damage from opponents significantly and Quake (クエイク Kueiku?) which damages all opponents at the same time and can inflict Stun.


Number of actions 2[1]
HP 360[1]
Speed 20[1]
Attack 22[1]
Defense 20[1]
Luck 15[1]
Damage 40[1]
Armor 40[1]
Resistance Fire (25%)[1]
Ice (25%)[1]
Lightning (10%)[1]
Wind (10%)[1]
Weakness Earth (25%)[1]
Water (75%)[1]


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