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Shinpadzio is a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a mediocre football team managed by Ronnie Dribble. Their team kit is yellow with a green-and-white stripe.


Once considered one of the best teams on Mobius, Shinpadzio faced the Reds in the 1998 Mobius Cup Final. Their manager at the time was Ronnie Dribble. Dribble believed that the team had become unhealthy, lazy slobs since their last win (indeed, they were seen scarfing chips and cakes, and were overweight). Dribble decided to ask Sonic the Hedgehog to join the team, but when he refused in the interests of fair play, Dribble captured him and stole his speed powers, copying them to the Shinpadzio players.

Although the extra power was a boost to the players' confidence, they were unable to control Sonic's great speed. They ended up losing the game 22-0. The club's Chairman fired Dribble and prosecuted him for bringing the game into disrepute.[1]


  • Shinpadzio is a portmanteau of shinpad (a form of protective leg-wear) and Lazio (a real life Italian football team).


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