Shiversaw[1] is a character that appears in Sonic Mania. It is a robot that safeguarded Dr. Eggman's propaganda factory in Press Garden Zone.


Shiversaw is an engine-like robot with a rubber-based pump up front and a gray metal cap on the top and bottom of said pump. The exhausts on these components are seemingly arranged so the front of Shiversaw looks like a face. On its back, it also carries two large freeze tanks, which are connected to its body by black tubes. It also has two round orange shoulders with pole-like gray arms that each carry a circular saw made of ice.


Shiversaw confronted Sonic, Tails and Knuckles when the trio made their way through Dr. Eggman's propaganda factory in Press Garden Zone. Despite Shiversaw's best efforts though, it was still beaten by the trio, causing it to explode upon its defeat and reduce Eggman's factory to rubble.[1]

Powers and abilities

Shiversaw is capable of levitation and possesses extremely sharp sawblades made from ice. It also has rotatable and telescopic arms, allowing it to stretch its sawblades over a wider area. Should its sawblades get destroyed, Shiversaw can regenerate them as well.


Shiversaw's saws, although sharp, are rather fragile. As such, if it tries to cut through a substance harder than its saws, its saws will shatter instantly.


Shiversaw is the mini-boss of Press Garden Zone and the ninth overall boss of Sonic Mania. It is fought with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles at the end of Press Garden Zone Act 1.

Boss guide

The boss fight starts when the player falls through a collapsing floor into the boss arena. There, Shiversaw will descend into the arena. Upon its arrival, it immediately shatters one of its blades by touching a green and orange crate. Shiversaw's method of attack is using its telescopic arms to extend its sawblades towards the playable characters. When attacking, Shiversaw stands still in midair for a second and beeps before launching its sawblade. Its saw arms can as well rotate to face the player's position around the room, meaning the player cannot attack Shiversaw without its saws getting in the way. This way, Shiversaw is protected from normal attacks.

To beat Shiversaw, the player must lure it into striking either more of the green and orange crates, or the floor. This is accomplished by lining up behind such objects when Shiversaw winds up for an attack. When the attack launches, dodge away and the saw arm that is extended will shatter against the object it hits, stunning Shiversaw and leaving it vulnerable to attacks until it regenerates its saw. Hit this robot six times to make it explode and destroy the printing press factory. The player can then touch the Goal Plate that drops from the sky and finish the Act.


Title Artist(s) Music Length
Danger on the Dance Floor Tee Lopes, Falk Au Yeong (mixing)
Sonic Mania Vinyl Album - Mini Boss Theme ~Danger on the Dancefloor~


Sonic Mania Boss 9 - Shiver Saw

Sonic Mania Boss 9 - Shiver Saw


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