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Shrouded Forest

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Shrouded Forest
Shrouded Forest
Appearances and Overview
Game appearances

Sonic and the Black Knight
(First and only appearance)


A fungus-infested forest


Northern region of the Grand Kingdom

Nearby areas

Deep Woods

Playable characters
(story mode)
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Shrouded Forest is the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth area of Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii. It holds one of the four barrier stones.

The Shrouded Forest was once a regular forest with many of the Arthurian folk residing there in their own settlements. Following Merlina the Wizard's betrayal of Sonic the Hedgehog and her usage of the Scabbard of Excalibur to make King Arthur's kingdom everlasting, however, the Shrouded Forest was corrupted by the forces of the Underworld, leaving the entire forest covered in a layer of miasma. As a result, the Shrouded Forest was transformed and twisted, giving it a menacing and poisonous look in the form of dark growths that would spread its corruption further through the forest by covering it in new sprouts and spores. This transformation drove out the inhabitants of the Shouded Forest, leaving it desolate and chocked with towering ruins.[1]


Sir Lancelot travels in this area to search for one of the barrier stones. It says "This stone is but part of the ring that sealeth the Dark Hollow." As these words came about in Lancelot's head, he wonders what Merlina plans to do to the kingdom.


This area is similar to Deep Woods, but due to the curse of the Dark Hollow it is snowing and more mountainous. The end of the area, where the barrier stone lies, reveals a lush green forest untouched by the snow.


  • This area seems most affected by the Dark Hollow due to enchanted trees that are willing to attack the player.
  • In the stage "Don't touch the Ground", Gawain is the best choice due to his gliding capabilities.
  • Obtaining five Mastery Stars in "Don't touch the Ground" will award the player with Lancelot's Battle quotes.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Shrouded Forest Richard Jacques 4:06
Shrouded Forest


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