The Signature Meter[1] is a game mechanic that appears in Sonic Rivals 2. It is an energy gauge that, when filled, allows the user to perform a Signature Move.


The Signature Meter is an grey-framed energy gauge with a yellow star at the right end. The energy bar within it starts out as orange and gradually turns brighter as the meter increases.


The Signature Meter's function is enabling the use of the playable character's Signature Move. The Signature Meter can be filled up by collecting Rings, performing Air/Speed Boosts, destroying enemies, or attacking rivals in gameplay. Once full, press PSSquareButton to perform the Signature Move. While the move is used, the Signature Meter will begin to deplete and once it is completely empty, the Signature Move ends. However, the player can slightly slow the rate which the gauge depletes if the player repeatedly taps PSSquareButton while the Signature Move is being used.