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The Silver Sphere or Silver Orb[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is a floating sphere with multiple purposes which comes in different sizes.


Silver spheres are floating, mercury[2] balls with the properties of a balloon, as they can pop should their surface be ruptured and bounce around when hit. These spheres come in two sizes, most of which are at the size of basketballs and others which are several meters in diameter.


Silver orbs

Small silver spheres around a Cylinder.

The Silver Spheres are only found in Aquatic Base. Small spheres appear often in clusters around Cylinders, but are also generated from pipes in the walls which spit them across the room into a receptor. The player can lock onto them with the Homing Attack to jump into them and make them ricochet into enemies for damage or use them to avoid attacks. They can also be used to cross over bottomless pits by using the Homing Attack to skip across them. If activating a Cylinder inside a silver sphere cluster, the spheres will be attracted to the Cylinder until it turns off. Silver can use his Psychokinesis to grab and fire these spheres, though they may merge to form a larger sphere in the process.

The large silver spheres are only found one at a time, floating at the edges of bottomless areas. The player can climb on top of these spheres, upon where the playable character stops moving and the player takes control of the silver sphere instead, and use them to "roll" across the gabs to otherwise unreachable areas. However, if the sphere get harmed by a laser, it will be destroyed. To use these silver spheres in gameplay, the player just has to jump on it and move it with the control stick. However, they are affected by momentum and can as such not be stopped suddenly, meaning the player has to react in good time to dangers.[1]


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