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Silver the Hedgehog (シルバー・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shirubā za Hejjihoggu?) is the final rival in Sonic Generations, fought in the Modern Era.


As Silver does not want to give his Silver Chaos Emerald unless he is certain that this is the real Sonic, Silver challenges Sonic into a fight for the Chaos Emerald. The rival battle with Silver is set upon a long highway in Crisis City, with Silver flying alongside Sonic.

Silver will attack Sonic with a wide variety of Psychokinetic attacks. Silver starts off the fight by launching a car directly at Sonic. Silver can attack by either hovering three cars directly above Sonic and try to crush him with them, usually smashing one down before the other two, but can switch combinations every time the attack is done, picking up and throwing one object at a time, or collecting various objects from the highway to launch at Sonic. However, at this point, Sonic can use his Homing Attack on said objects to attack Silver. Silver can also attack by creating a large, makeshift ram to charge at Sonic. Sonic has to jump onto the ram and boost forward to get close to Silver, and attack him with Homing Attack. During the battle, Silver can throw a Psychic Knife,[1] a large blade of psychic energy, either horizontally or vertically (similar to the Egg Emperor slash attack in Sonic Heroes), to try and attack Sonic.

Silver's final, strongest attack, known as Meteor Smash, has him gather up various objects into a large ball, and launch it into the highway behind Sonic, crushing Sonic if he cannot outrun it. While Sonic runs from the giant ball of rubble, Silver will try to crush Sonic with a large container. Sonic must avoid this, while, at the same time, boosting to catch up with Silver and attack him, in which successfully doing so causes Silver to fall to the ground and get crushed by his own ball of debris, ending the fight, and granting Sonic a Chaos Emerald. It takes a total of 5 hits to defeat Silver on Normal and Hard mode.

Hard Mode

In Hard mode, Silver is much faster in executing his attacks and will also attack with his Psychic Knife multiple times in succession. When trying to crush Sonic with three cars, Silver will usually smash them all down at once. During Silver's final attack, he will try to crush Sonic with two containers in succession instead of one.

Nintendo 3DS

In the Nintendo 3DS version, Silver continuously teleport to catch up with Sonic if the latter gets away from him. Silver has one way to attack Sonic; which is by throwing numerous Steel Containers with his psychokinesis at him. This, however, only happens if the player is to be in a close distance with him.

Much like the Rival Bosses before him in this version, this battle is a race to the Goal Ring and Silver runs on the ground in the race rather than flying using his Psychokinesis like in the Console/PC version.


"Sonic? Is that really you? Or are you some kind of fake, sent for Chaos Emeralds?!"
—Silver when approached by either modern or classic Sonic the first time.
"This should be fun! Let's go, Sonic!"
—Silver when approached by either modern or classic Sonic again.
"Give up!"
—Silver when smashing cars down on the ground.
"Take this!"
—Silver when throwing stacked objects towards Sonic.
"How's this!"
—Silver's alternate line for throwing stacked objects at Sonic.
"Meteor Smash!"
—Silver's final attack.


Image Name Description
Silver Got Served Silver Got Served Defeat Silver. (30G, Secret)


  • One of the balls of debris that Silver throws contains a "Chao in Space III" sign. This sign can also be seen in the White Space.
  • Silver is the only rival not to be announced in any of the era trailers. Instead, Perfect Chaos from Sonic Adventure is shown at the end of the Modern Era trailer.
    • Oddly enough, Perfect Chaos is part of the Dreamcast Era.
  • Silver's Psychic Knife attack pattern is somewhat similar to the Egg Emperor's slash attack pattern in Sonic Heroes.
  • This boss is the only one on the console version that is set in a stage that already appears in the game. Interestingly, Sonic and Silver never actually encountered each other in this stage, though Sonic and his team DID see Silver in Crisis City.
  • In the Japanese version of the console releases, one of Silver's quotes "無駄だ (mudada)," literally translates to "It's useless," which can also mean "It's no use"¨, an infamous quote used by Silver in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • The music playing in the White Space is a remix of Dreams of an Absolution, Silver's theme in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • This is the only Boss that does not take part in the same place as the original (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was set in Castle Town, this was set in Crisis City).
  • This is the only boss battle that was recreated/reimagined boss in the game that was not based off of a second-to-last or final boss. Metal Sonic and the Egg Dragoon are boss battles that are second-to-last while the Death Egg Robot, Shadow the Hedgehog (final boss of Hero story in Sonic Adventure 2) and Perfect Chaos are all final bosses to their story modes and games.
    • Although in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Silver was the second-to-last boss there.
  • When Sonic does his victory pose, Silver is lying on the ground unconscious behind him.
  • In the Nintendo 3DS version of the battle, Silver does not use the Springs in the race to reach a higher area. Instead, he teleports to reach the areas above him.


Sonic Generations Music - Rival - Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic Generations Music - Rival - Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic Generations OST - Silver the Hedgehog Hub White World Remix

Sonic Generations OST - Silver the Hedgehog Hub White World Remix


Sonic Generations Silver Boss Fight S Rank

Sonic Generations Silver Boss Fight S Rank

Sonic Generations (PS3) Silver The Hedgehog - Hard Mode - S-Rank

Sonic Generations (PS3) Silver The Hedgehog - Hard Mode - S-Rank


  1. "A Psychic Knife! Watch out!" Omochao, Sonic Generations

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