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Quotation1 Time for you to disappear, Iblis Trigger! Quotation2
Silver, before the fight against Sonic
Silver the Hedgehog
Silver Boss Screen Sonic 2006
Silver the Hedgehog's intro screen

Sonic the Hedgehog


Castle Town (Sonic Episode)
Radical Train (Shadow Episdoe)

Previous boss

Egg Cerberus
(Sonic Episode)
Mephiles the Dark
(Shadow Episode)

Next boss

Iblis Phase Two
(Sonic Episode)
Mephiles the Dark Phase 2
(Shadow Episdoe)

Silver the Hedgehog is a boss of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), fought in the Sonic Episode and Shadow Episode storylines. Sonic fights him after completing Dusty Desert, and Shadow fights him after completing Radical Train.

Boss Battle



"When Sonic The Hedgehog returns to town, he finds himself staring at a familiar looking creature another hedgehog. But there’s something strange about this silvery fellow who keeps referring to Sonic as the “Iblis Trigger.” Sonic doesn’t necessarily want to fight this newcomer, but Silver leaves the heroic hedgehog little choice. Silver uses his psychic talents to break crates around Sonic and attack him with a special Psycho Smash that knocks all of Sonic’s Rings loose. Silver’s mind may be extremely powerful, but his body is not. Sonic only needs to avoid Silver’s mind attacks and land sharp, physical blows."


At the beginning of the battle hit Silver first, scoop up the Rings in the center of the arena, then get out of the way as Silver launches his first attack. Steer clear of the crates, especially the explosive ones, to prevent Silver from using them and his Psychokinesis (PK) powers against the player.  When Silver starts to charge up an attack, run and slide into the psychic hedgehog. The kick attack knocks Silver to the ground, giving you a chance to move away before he recovers and tries to launch any nearby crates at you. Repeat this pattern of either kicking Silver or using your Homing Attacks to bounce off his head. Even when it looks like Silver is beaten, the hedgehog proves that brains are quite often more powerful than brawn. He gets ready to deliver a vicious blow against Sonic, but Amy Rose steps between them to distract Silver and allow Sonic to escape.



"After he destroys Dr. Eggman’s train, Shadow has a showdown with the hedgehog from the future, Silver. The psychic hedgehog tries to ambush Shadow in a train yard high in the mountains, but Shadow is ready for the encounter. Brains are often valued over brawn, but in this engagement, Shadow must prove to the gifted time traveler that might does indeed make right."


Before engaging Silver, pick up some safety Rings. There are two lines of Rings on the conveyor belts that stretch through the middle of the arena, as well as Ring Capsules under the crane towers.  Never attack Silver straight on when he’s not busy using PK. Silver will freeze the player in midair, then fling the player across the arena. When the olayer hit the wall, the player will lose his Rings. The player have a few seconds to recover them and flee the area if the player stay in the same place for too long, Silver rushes up and grabs the player with PK again. One way to bring down Silver is with spinning kicks. Get down on the ground next to him and freeze him with a Chaos Spear. Then deliver a swift kick to knock him down. Once Silver drops to the dirt, run away, because the moment  he gets up, he’ll try to grab the player with his PK. When Silver is using PK to lift things he can throw, he’s vulnerable. As soon as the player see Silver lifting barrels, rush him and smash into him with a Homing Attack. Once the player knock Silver down, though, be sure to run away to another part of the arena before he recovers.


  • This battle was remade in Sonic Generations, as one of the three rival battles.
  • This battle was made infamous due to Silver's line when grabbing the player with his psychokinesis. ("It's no use! Take this!")
  • This boss battle contains a particular glitch infamous among players, when Silver grabs hold of the player and slams him into a wall. Normally, the player would lose rings and has to escape before Silver gets a chance to grab you again. Sometimes, the player would instead constantly gain a ring back just as Silver prepares to give the final blow. Since it is impossible to die this way, the player is stuck on an endless loop being grabbed by Silver over and over again.
  • In the battle in Sonic's story, Silver has the Heart of Wind Level Up Item, as he can use the Teleport Dash.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Silver the Hedgehog Boss (Sonic) 1080 HD00:55

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Silver the Hedgehog Boss (Sonic) 1080 HD

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Silver the Hedgehog Boss (Shadow) 1080 HD00:52

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Silver the Hedgehog Boss (Shadow) 1080 HD

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