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Sir Lamorak
Jet knight
Sir Lamorak
First appearance

Sonic and the Black Knight
(Only appearance)

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Jason Griffith

voice actor(s)

Daisuke Kishio

Biographical overview


Physical description





100 cm (3' 3")


33 kg (72 lb)

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Moves and techniques

Sir Lamorak (ラモラック Ramorakku?) is a character in Sonic and the Black Knight. He is the alternate reality doppelgänger of Jet the Hawk from the world of Camelot and a member of the Knights of the Round Table.


Lamorak has a great deal of pride and holds utter faith in his speed. He harries his enemies with his beloved twin swords. He is available in two-player mode, but not in the main story of the game, along with Sir Galahad. He is unlocked by getting five stars on the mission "Beat the Clock: Reach the goal before time runs out" in Great Megalith.


  • "Hm! I think it's time for a little fun!" - Sir Lamorak after being selected in multiplayer in Sonic and the Black Knight.
  • "Okay, let's go!" - Sir Lamorak after preparations are made in Sonic and the Black Knight.
  • "My TRUE POWER!" - Sir Lamorak before he uses his special ability.
  • "No way I'm gonna lose!" - Sir Lamorak after winning a battle in Sonic and the Black Knight.
  • "Woah!"- Sir Lamorak After being defeated during a battle in Sonic and the Black Knight.


  • Sir Lamorak and Sir Gawain are the only two knights in the game with helmets that cover their face only, not their dreadlocks or plumage.
  • This is the only other form of Jet to date.
  • The best character to unlock Lamorak is considered to be Sir Percival, which also reflects Percival being Lamorak's sister.
  • As Lamorak fights with two swords, he can be considered ambidextrous.
  • In the Arthurian Legends, Lamorak was known for his strength and fiery temper. It is possible that Lamorak's temper and Jet's cockiness is what led to Jet taking the role of Lamorak.
  • Lamorak's pose is similar to Sonic's in Sonic Unleashed art and wallpaper.
  • Sir Lamorak's voice clips are actually re-used Jet voice clips from Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, similar to the fact that in Sonic Riders, Eggman's Sonic Adventure 2 voice clips were used during a race.
  • Sir Lamorak's jumping sound effect in Battle mode is different from all other knights (excluding King Arthur) as it is the sound effect of a character jumping on a board in Sonic Riders.
  • Lamorak and Galahad are the only Knights with no known Character Style. Lamorak's style could be a Cavalier (due to Jet being a Speed Type), or a Paladin Type (due to using two swords). Also, neither of the two have their swords named.
  • Just like Gawain, Lamorak's Soul Surge is Gail Meteor.




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