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The model of skateboard from Sonic Generations.
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic Generations
(Only appearance)


Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Transportation
  • Performing tricks by jumping on Trick Ramps

Pink and white colored skateboard with three yellow stars and blue wheels.

The Skateboard is a monitor power-up that appears in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is used exclusively by Classic Sonic in the game. It increases the player's downhill speed at the cost of disabling other moves.


The Skateboard is a pink and white colored board with blue wheels and star symbols on the foothold. It can be obtained by breaking monitors with a skateboard on their screen. When the player breaks its monitor, Sonic automatically jumps onto the Skateboard and starts riding it.

When using the Skateboard, the player is able to reach higher speeds when moving downhill than by running. However, while riding the Skateboard, the player can only move forward and is unable to turn backwards when using the Skateboard, though they are still able to slow down by pressing left on the controls. Also, the player is unable to perform the Spin Attack, Spin Jump or Spin Dash, though the player can still attack enemies by jumping onto them. If Sonic hits an enemy and/or obstacle, or runs into a wall, he will fall off and lose the Skateboard.

The Skateboard can normally only be found in City Escape Act 1. However, the player can also use the Skill called "Boardmaster", which automatically grants the player one Skateboard at any time in Act 1 of any unlocked Stage (except Challenge Acts) in the game without the need for a monitor. To obtain Boardmaster, the player has to collect all five Red Star Rings in City Escape Act 1 and it costs 70 Skill points for it to be equipped. The player can then activate the Skill by pressing XboxY/PSTriangleButton in the Stage.


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