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The beach resort of Skegpool, from Sonic the Comic #111. Notice the tourist in a Protecto-Cossie with mask. B & W art by Andy Pritchett and colour by John M Burns.

Skegpool is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a holiday resort on the coastline beside the Chemical Plant Zone, created during the massive clean up operation after the fall of Robotnik. Visitors attracted to its beach can enjoy the sunshine and even venture into the sea if wearing Protecto-Cossies to shield them from the remaining traces of toxic gunk. A few miles offshore is Flickies' Island.


While Tails patrolled the skies above Skegpool, watching out for Badnik attacks from Flickies' Island, Robotnik decided to send Caterkillers who could burrow through a tunnel under the sea and attack the resort from below. Three Caterkillers attacked Skegpool, terrorising the tourists (such as Daz Dynamo) before being defeated by Tails.

Tails and Daz Dynamo then used the badniks' tunnel to pump the toxic gunk from the Chemical Plant back down the chute to Flickies' Island.[1]


  • The name Skegpool is a portmanteau of two holiday resorts in the United Kingdom: Skegness and Blackpool.


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