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Skorrg is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a spaceship captain and resident of Shanazar who participated in the Space Race until his ship was incapacitated by the Vargz .


Skorrg was a prominent participant in the Space Race, a tradition on Shanazar where racers were plucked into space without their consent. Learning of Sonic the Hedgehog's legendary speed, Skorrg kidnapped him and Amy by beaming them onto his ship. As his guards kept the hedgehogs down, Skorrg forced Sonic to race for him by holding Amy hostage, and beamed Sonic to his race with Turbo.[1]

During the race, Skorrg dismissed Amy's curious look until she knocked out the guards, reclaimed her crossbow and seized his ship, only for Skorrg's rivals, the Vargz, to attack them.[1] Since Skorrg had never learned how to fly his ship (having relied on his servants for this),[1] Amy figured it out herself, slightly impressing Skorrg despite his demands for respect.[2] As the Vargz fried the ship, Skorrg ordered his pilot to take over as he awoke, but Amy kept them at crossbow-point whilst Sonic dealt with the Vargz. With the Space Race tradition ruined, the heroes had the Vargz take them and Skorrg's ship back to Shanazar.[2]


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