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Skully[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a ghost and a member of the Skeleton Crew that resides in the Grim Dead Zone.[1]


Skully has a bird-like face with a long beak. He has white-green eyes and wears a tunic and headscarf of the same color along with a black belt to hold up the former.



For an unspecified amount of time, Skully has emerged from the Grim Dead Zone every fifty years on Halloween to haunt the people of Emerald Hill Zone for the entire day until midnight alongside the Skeleton Crew.[1]

Skeleton Crew

During the Halloween of 1998, Skully emerged from the Grim Dead Zone as scheduled to terrify the inhabitants of the Emerald Hill Zone, with Skully scaring a boy in a bathroom. However, Skully's fun was ruined when Miles "Tails" Prower revealed to the people that Skully and his crew could not physically hurt the people, and could only scare them. Displeased that they would not be able to scare anyone if they knew that they could not hurt them, Skully and his crew chased after Tails, with Skully attempting in vain to stop Tails by screaming at him.[1]

After following Tails and his Tornado for a while, Skully and his crew ended up in another time zone where it was midnight, forcing them to disappear prematurely.[1]


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