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Sky Babylon

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Sky Babylon (スカイバビロン Sukaibabiron?) is the fifth or sixth stage of Sonic Rush Adventure, depending on the player's choice. It is located on a continent floating above Blaze the Cat's planet which holds the ruins of a city from a long-lost civilization. Gold Material can be earned by completing this stage's Acts.


Sky Babylon is a temple-like city ruin on a continent floating within a clouded green sky, high above Blaze's planet. Below is the endless sea with round islands and above is the edge of outer space. The city consists of pale skyways with triangular bottoms, brown building fundaments and pillars (some of which are crumbled) with purple, green and blue outlines. Overgrown leafy vines and small bushes also grow everywhere. There are as well surprisingly advanced mechanisms, including energy fields and purple anti-grav crystals that push objects upward.


According to legends, Sky Babylon was once inhabited by an ancient civilization.[1] There, a monument with a message from the inhabitants that lived on Pirates' Island before it fell into the sea was placed, revealing the location of their homeland, possibly so these peoples' descendants could reclaim what they had lost.[2][3] Over time, Sky Babylon was reduced to an empty ruin.

Thanks to Marine's foolery, Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine got blasted up to Sky Babylon from Hidden Island 2 during their search for Captain Whisker and his crew. Trying to hide her acrophobia, Blaze shoved her friends away from the edge as they tried to get their bearings. No sooner however, Captain Whisker appeared. Impressed enough with the heroes' tenacity to reveal Sky Babylon's name, the pirate was almost goaded into a fight when Mini & Mum reminded him of their "mission", making Whisker take off while Sonic and Blaze followed him.

Though Whisker escaped, Sonic and co. found the monument with the location of Pirates' Island, which Blaze deciphered after Marine failed. As it seem that Whisker's crew sought to destroy Sky Babylon to erase this monument, Sonic and co. realized they had found a vital clue to the pirates' hideout.


In terms of gameplay style, Sky Babylon is similar to Altitude Limit from Sonic Rush. This is very much a vertically-oriented stage, with Springs aplenty and bottomless pits (marked with electrical treads) awaiting a single misstep. Also, a small section of Sky Babylon's second Act takes place in either the background or foreground.

Unique gimmicks found in Sky Babylon are golden balloons that the player can hang onto to fly upward. However, the player can only move left or right and they cannot control their ascension speed. Also, the balloons will pop if they touch a surface, but they will regenerate at their original location shortly after. There are also purple crystals that make the characters float on top of them upon touching them. While floating, the player can only move left or right until the characters get off the crystals, but they do lead to higher areas. Also, there are springy purple ropes like in Haunted Ship (albeit in far fewer numbers) that the player can bounce on and use Trick Actions on. The player can jump higher by landing hard on them or by jumping on them several times in a row.

Sky Babylon's unique hazards include red-and-grey causeways that will explode behind the characters as they start crossing them. Unless the characters can outrun them, the deteriorating roads will take the characters with them. There are also fires everywhere that will damage Sonic upon contact, although he can Boost over them to avoid harm. However, these fires cannot hurt Blaze.


Main article: Ghost Condor

The boss of Sky Babylon is the Ghost Condor, a flying serpent-like mech. It can be fought after clearing Sky Babylon Act 2.

In battle, the Ghost Condor can deploy mines along the road where the fight takes place and send platforms with spikes to attack the player from above or the side. It can also ram its entire body into the characters. To defeat it, the player must use the Ghost Condor's platforms to attack its head until its health is depleted and land the final blow. When using its platforms however, the Ghost Condor will fire missiles.


  • If the player sails to this place on the Sea Chart, he/she will play Hidden Island 2 instead.
    • Instead of sailing to it, the player should access Sky Babylon via Sea Chart and Stage Select.
  • It is recommended for the player to play as Blaze as the main obstacle of the stage is fire. When Blaze approaches them, they die down, allowing her to pass through them unharmed.
  • The gold balloons in Sky Babylon operate kind of similarly to the metal platforms in Altitude Limit from Sonic Rush.




Sonic Rush Adventure "Sky Babylon Act 1" Music Request

Sonic Rush Adventure "Sky Babylon Act 1" Music Request

SRA - Sky Babylon, Act 2

SRA - Sky Babylon, Act 2


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