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Sky Babylon (スカイバビロン Sukaibabiron?) is the fifth or sixth stage of Sonic Rush Adventure. If the player goes to Blizzard Peaks first, Sky Babylon will be the sixth stage. The whole stage takes place on a floating island, far up in the sky, similar to Angel Island, located in Blaze's world. Gold Material can be earned by completing this stage's Acts.


According to legends, Sky Babylon once resided on a continent that floated in the sky and was inhabited by a long-lost civilization. One day though, the continent along with Sky Babylon fell down from the heavens and into the ocean's surface. The inhabitants therefore left Sky Babylon and established a new city on Pirates' Island. Before they left, however, they built a monument showing the location of their new city.


Being an island floating in the sky, Sky Babylon has a wide view of the sea below and has several ancient ruins and constructions all over the place, along with ancient and surprisingly advanced mechanisms.

In terms of gameplay style this level is similar to Sonic Rush's Altitude Limit. The gimmicks of this level feature golden balloons that allow the player to fly through the air but with limited control, springy lines of rope, and purple crystals that allow the player to hover over bottomless pits. This stage also features fire that can harm the player when he/she gets close, but the flames will die down if the player is either boosting or playing as Blaze (making Blaze actually a better choice for the level).

The stage's boss is the Ghost Condor. In battle, it can deploy mines along the road where the fight takes place and send platforms with spikes to attack the player from above or the side. It can also fire missiles if the player remains on its platforms for too long. Finally, it can send its main body down and launch it directly at the player.


  • If the player sails to this place, he/she will play Hidden Island 2 instead.
    • Instead of sailing to it, the player should access Sky Babylon via Sea Chart.
  • It is recommended for the player to play as Blaze as the main obstacle of the stage is fire. When Blaze approaches them, they die down, allowing her to pass through them unharmed.


Sonic Rush Adventure "Sky Babylon Act 1" Music Request03:02

Sonic Rush Adventure "Sky Babylon Act 1" Music Request

SRA - Sky Babylon, Act 203:30

SRA - Sky Babylon, Act 2

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