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Sky-Chase Dragon Model

The Sky-Chase Dragon is an unused boss battle in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


The Sky-Chase Dragon is a black and red three-headed dragon that originally was going to chase Tails and Sonic in Sky Chase Act One. The boss can be restored, but only by hacking. Because of limited programing, it will not attack. 

Boss fight

Near the end of the act, the camera will swivel behind you and reveal the Sky-Chase Dragon. The dragon will not attack, so it is impossible to acquire damage from it. The only way to harm it is to fire missiles at it. The Tornado can be damaged by flak from the Carrier or by the other fighters. The dragon is never really defeated by Sonic and Tails, as the fight will drag on until the Egg Carrier fires its laser, ending the act and boss fight. Because it does not appear in the Sky Chase act two, it could have been destroyed by the blast as well as the Tornado.


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