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Sky-Chase Dragon Model

The Sky-Chase Dragon is an unused boss battle in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


The Sky-Chase Dragon is a black and red three-headed dragon that originally was going to chase Tails and Sonic in Sky Chase Act One. The boss can be restored, but only by hacking. Because of limited programing, it will not attack. 


This dragon has no attacks and it has no collision for it to receive damage or give one to the player if brought back. And as a result, it will just keep chasing the player.

In the GameCube preview's version of Sonic Adventure, it is possible to normally see it when the game zooms out at Sonic and Tails before they get shot in the stage. It is also possible to make the dragon breathe fire as a permanent state it takes, not as a harmful attack in the same version through hacking. If this dragon is to be placed into the Act 2 of Sky Chase, it will appear without its textures in the GameCube preview.


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