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Sky Rail

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Sky Rail is the eleventh stage in the Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2 and is played by Shadow the Hedgehog.


Shadow must chase and find Tails' Tornado before it gets too far. There are many rails to grind on in this stage. In this level, the Bounce Spinner causes the Spinner to fly upwards when the Homing Attack is used. There is a big location in this zone which is rather difficult to see. and there is also ٌRhino Metals and GUN Hawks scattered in the stage. The music for this stage is called "Mr. Unsmiley".

Level Up Item

Shadow's Ancient Light Level Up Item is located here as an optional Level Up Item. This allows him to use the Light Speed Attack. Not far from the start of the stage, one can see a container for the Chao key. If one walks off the left edge of the platform, Mono Beetles will appear to use the Homing Attack to reach a spring; the Ancient Light is found on the platform directly overhead.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Sky Rail Zone
SU 62 Sky Rail Zone

Knuckles at the Sky Rail Zone.

The Sky Rail Zone had appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics, specifically the "After-The-Credits" scene from Sonic Universe #62. Sky Rail Zone retains the same appearance as its video game counterpart. Sky Rail Zone appears exclusively in the Post-Super Genesis Wave World.

In Sonic Universe #62, Knuckles the Echidna was searching for an ancient spirit nearby, when suddenly he was alarmed by an upcoming "shooting star," which was actually the escape pod of Eclipse the Darkling and Death's Eye (controlled by a deceased-Black Death), that was about to crash-land on Angel Island. This worried Knuckles, as he had enough problems to deal with thanks to the Shattered World Crisis.


  • As soon as the player begins this stage, they will be grinding down a rail. When the player looks to the right side of the mountain, they should see some sort of steel device with a wheel at the end emerging from the mountain. Big's head can be seen where the device and the mountain come together (Dreamcast only).
  • The beginning of the stage in the Dreamcast version is different in the GameCube remake. Noticeably, the platform underneath the rails with the 1-Up is missing.
  • The Propeller Spring reappear in Sonic Generations in a mission at Sky Sanctuary.
  • In an early trailer of the game (shown at E3 2000), Sonic is shown in this level instead of Shadow.
  • Sky Rail is likely either an inspiration for, or a prototype of, Rail Canyon.



Sonic Adventure 2 - Sky Rail02:03

Sonic Adventure 2 - Sky Rail


Sonic Adventure 2 "Sky Rail" Music Request01:51

Sonic Adventure 2 "Sky Rail" Music Request

Sonic Adventure 2

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