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Sky Troops is a stage in the game Shadow the Hedgehog.

Sky Troops
Sky Troops
Appearances and Overview
First appearance

Shadow the Hedgehog
(Only appearance)

Stage theme(s)

Sky theme

Previous stage

Circus Park
Prison Island
Cryptic Castle

Next stage

Air Fleet
Iron Jungle
Space Gadget

(story mode)
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Sky Troops is one of the five fourth stages and can be reached by completing the Hero mission of Cryptic Castle, the Normal mission of Prison Island, or the Dark mission of Circus Park.


There are three ways to access Sky Troops: Shadow must either help Amy find Cream and Cheese in Cryptic Castle; collect the Chaos Emerald from Prison Island; or repel the G.U.N. attack on Eggman's Circus Park. Whatever the method, Sky Troops' preceding cutscene shows Eggman reviewing images of Westopolis' invasion with mounting rage. In the next scene, Shadow is at Black Doom's side, stood upon one of the floating aliens ships. Doom boasts that his armada is over 2,000 years old, and that it is "The perfect killing machine... ready to impose terror in unimaginable ways!". His hyperbole is, however, cut short when, on the horizon, the piscine orange ships of the Eggman Fleet appear. As battle is joined between the two villainous armadas, Shadow's has three options. In the Dark mission, he can side with the Arms and shoot down Eggman's cruisers using the fixed-position cannons scattered about the ruin-ships. In the Normal mission, Shadow simply makes directly for Eggman's flagship to confront the fat man personally. Or in the Hero mission, the hedgehog follows the suggestions of Eggman's floating drone and sabotages the alien ships from the inside, by blowing up the power-cores he activated in Glyphic Canyon.

Keys locations

  1. After the second Checkpoint you can use a GUN Jump Vehicle to jump higher. When you come to the opening with one Black Arm Soldier, look to the left to get the key
  2. Reach the area with the second Eggman Battleship, and look to the left of the steps to find it.
  3. After the fourth Checkpoint, take the bottom path, and look to the right before the cannon.
  4. The key is located next to the Cell Cannon where the fourth Checkpoint is.
  5. After the sixth Checkpoint, Fly the Black Volt until the end of the cave, but drop off it before exiting. If you drop off the edge, you will land on a platform with the key.



  • Guide: Doom's Eye
  • Objective: Destroy Eggman's Fleet.
  • Tips: The Black Barrel turrets and battleships you are meant to destroy with them will always be in the same area, even if you go past and come back later.
  • The shadow rifle can bring down the house even faster.
  • The turrets are the weak points.

The flagship at the end has eight turrets and takes quite a bit more damage, but there are two Black Barrel turrets in the area in case you lose one. Note that the projectiles fired by Eggman's ships can be shot before they hit you.


A ≥ 16,000 points
B 12,000 points
C 10,000 points
D 5,000 points
E < 5,000 points

Leads to: Air Fleet


Get to Eggman's flagship!


A ≥ 25,000 points
B 20,000 points
C 15,000 points
D 8,000 points
E < 8,000 points

Leads to: Iron Jungle


Destroy all temple jewels!

  • Guide: Dr. Eggman
  • Objective: Destroy the five temple jewels.
  • Tips: The temple jewels are large, green, glowing spheres, most of which are in small enclosed areas of the temples. Destroy them simply by attacking them several times (as you hit it the jewel will change from green to yellow to red before it is destroyed.) All of the jewels, are in the path you take through the level. The final is located just before the Goal Ring, on a platform above the two Black Barrel turrets.
  • Also, just like the dark mission, the shadow rifle is extremely helpful.


A ≥ 30,000 points
B 25,000 points
C 20,000 points
D 8,000 points
E < 8,000 points

Leads to: Space Gadget

Behind the Secret Door

Behind the Secret Door in this stage, there is a Black Volt, an Elite Black Hawk fitted with armor and a worm launcher. Shadow can tame it to ride it along the rest of the stage. The worm launcher makes it easier to collect item boxes along the way.


  • This zone is apparently an ancient weapon that was dormant until Black Doom's Arrival in Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • This is the only level in the game where Dr. Eggman, who is usually the guide for Dark Missions, appears as a guide for a Hero Mission.
  • This level is very similar to Glyphic Canyon, but it's in the air and has a few other changes.



Shadow the Hedgehog Stage 4-3 Sky Troops (Hero Mission no com)07:09

Shadow the Hedgehog Stage 4-3 Sky Troops (Hero Mission no com)

Shadow the Hedgehog Sky Troops Normal Mission08:16

Shadow the Hedgehog Sky Troops Normal Mission

Shadow the Hedgehog Sky Troops (Dark Mission)06:26

Shadow the Hedgehog Sky Troops (Dark Mission)

Shadow the Hedgehog Expert Mode Part 10-Sky Troops04:47

Shadow the Hedgehog Expert Mode Part 10-Sky Troops

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