This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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Sleet is a major antagonist in Sonic Underground. He is a wolf with gray fur, orange eyes, red body armor and blue-purple cape and boots and a black bounty hunter suit with a yellow emblem.

Because of Dingo's incompetence, Sleet often uses him only for his useful ability to change into anything with the touch of Sleet's remote, while Sleet thinks of and plans the missions to stop the Sonic Underground. Sometimes he and Dingo think of plans that make them turn on Robotnik, but these never go well.


Sleet was once an independent contractor partnered with the idiotic Dingo, but Doctor Robotnik 'persuaded' them to work exclusively for him. He and Dingo were tasked to hunt down the Sonic Underground band (Sonic, Manic, and Sonia). However, he constantly fails at his missions (due to his idiotic coworker Dingo) and only rarely succeeds. He does, however, appear to get away from being roboticized no matter how angry Robotnik becomes.


Sleet is a ruthless and greedy bounty hunter. He is a manipulative, cunning and surprisingly competent villain, often remaining level-headed and is genuinely dangerous to the Sonic Underground, although this danger is often counteracted by Dingo's stupidity. On at least one occasion he's shown he's willing to turn on Dingo for a higher profit.

Powers and abilities

Though he usually relies on Dingo for brute force, Sleet is shown to be strong enough to lift objects and even struggling people almost as large as himself with ease, such as when he kept Sonia's friend Mindy LaTour in the air with one arm despite her struggling and being almost as large as him, and was able to use a Swatbot arm to break a camera by swinging it like a baseball bat.

He is also a trained pilot and leader, driving various vehicles including airships, cars and submarines and can be seen using advanced communications gear to relay orders to Dingo from afar.