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Slide (スライディング Suraidingu?, lit. "Sliding"), also known as the Sliding Attack, is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. It first appeared in Shadow the Hedgehog as one of Shadow's moves, though after Sonic first used it in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), it has become one of Sonic's more commonly used moves. It is a kick the user delivers to their opponents when sliding along the ground.


The mechanics behind the Slide are very similar to the Skid Attack, but better as it possesses greater range and speed. In order to perform the Slide, the user has to run, or simply move at high speeds. Once moving, the user then falls down and slides along the ground with his feet in the front, which creates a blue/yellow field around them. While sliding along the ground, the user can attack and damage any enemy or weaker obstacles caught in his path. This also allows the user to squeeze through narrow entrances or doors that is coming in at high speed. The Slide will automatically continue until the user gets hit, slows down from the Slide's friction, or goes off a ledge.

It should be noted that the Spin Dash in some games (mostly for 3D games) can be an alternative for the narrow entrance issue if one does not pick up speed for the Slide, especially since it can be done from a stationary position.

The attack range, or rather the distance and speed the user can slide, is determined by how fast he was moving before performing the Slide, as it is the force created from his speed that drives the Slide. In other words, the faster the user is running prior to the Slide, the longer range the Slide has and the more enemies the user can strike with it.

If chosen, the user can at any time break the Slide before coming to a halt, and resume his running nearly undisturbed. Therefore, in Sonic's case, if the player wants to preserve Sonic's momentum when forced to do a Slide, it is advisable to time the Slide so that Sonic only has to perform it for a fraction of a second.

Game appearances

Shadow the Hedgehog


Shadow using Slide in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Despite being similar to Kick in Sonic Heroes, Shadow was the first to use this attack in Shadow the Hedgehog. While running, the player must slightly press Gamecube X Button/ XboxB/PSObutton to slide (though SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO/ XboxX/PSSquareButton can also be used without a ranged weapon equipped). Shadow can also break Slide with a backward flip to reposition himself and immediately after execute midair attacks.

Slide in this game deals about the same amount of damage as a Homing Attack. It is also useful for breaking the defenses of shielded enemies.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


Sonic using Slide in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

The Slide reappeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) as one of Sonic's moves. In order to perform the Slide, Sonic has to possess the Level Up Item Antigravity. Once obtained, the player can freely perform the Slide with Sonic by holding PSSquareButton/XboxX when moving, and can as well direct Sonic's path along the ground when sliding with the control stick for a short time. It can be stopped by either pressing the attack button or by letting it run out on its own.

Sonic also glides across the water sections in the game in the same manner as Slide, even if the player has not yet obtained Antigravity.

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic slide unleashed

Sonic using Slide in Sonic Unleashed.

The Slide later returned in Sonic Unleashed as one of Sonic's standard moves. In this game, Sonic can perform the Slide by pressing PSObutton/XboxB when running and break it by releasing it, but will slowly reduce Sonic's speed if continuously used. If Sonic tries to use the Slide when standing still, it will make Sonic perform the Crouch, a move where he ducks/crawls around on all fours. Sonic will crawl under tight spaces should he not be running and is instead simply standing near one.

Sonic Colors


The Slide in Sonic Colors.

The Slide also appeared in Sonic Colors. Its performance and mechanics are identical to Sonic Unleashed's. In this game, no matter how still Sonic stays when near a tight space, he will not crawl, but instead resort to sliding at a slow speed, no matter how low the momentum.

Sonic Generations


Sonic using Slide in Sonic Generations.

In Sonic Generations, the Slide is only used by Modern Sonic. It functions like in Sonic Unleashed, though it can always be used regardless of momentum, like in Sonic Colors (but without an aura). Additionally, if Sonic runs into tight spaces, he automatically starts sliding at slow speed. The Slide can also be used simultaneously with the Sonic Boost to increase its speed.


  • When Sonic and Elise are together in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic's sliding light turns golden instead of blue.
  • Super Sonic's slide is blue in Sonic Colors, but was changed to gold in Sonic Generations.




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