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Sluggish is a negative status effect and a battle mechanic that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood


In gameplay, when a target is inflicted with Sluggish, his/her Defense is reduced, making it more easy for the target to be hit by the enemy. Targets inflicted with Sluggish are signified by green, crescent-like rings emitting from slightly above their body.

Sluggish can be inflicted on both playable characters and enemies when they are hit by certain attacks, such as POW moves or regular attacks (in the playable characters' case). It can be cured by Psychic Water, Antidote or Cure All Spray.


  • An error in the game's journal says that Sluggish can be cured by Psychic Drops, which is an item that does not exist in the game.


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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