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Sonic's Edusoft was an unreleased educational game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and developed for the Sega Master System.


The game was developed by Tiertex Studios in 1991 at the request of video game publisher US Gold. Development started shortly after the original Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) game was released on the Sega Mega Drive.[1]


World Map

This is the Hub which player could use to select the Options screen (represented with a question mark), Levels or minigames. There are minuscule choice of interactive areas, such as cliffs that required player to jumping over, and also two helicopters and a hot air balloon.

Main Levels

There are over 15 levels in the game. All of them involve problem solving and for every problem solved, player's character will move forward eventually reaching the end of the screen and clearing the stage. player's opponent varies depending on the speed setting set at the options screen. For example, if player choose Snail player will race a Moto Bug, but when hare is selected player will race a much faster Rabbit, and the time limit is decreased.

Most of the levels in this games involves a word puzzle where player have to spell out a word using the available letters. These levels are sometimes interrupted by a match the letters section, where the player must find a certain amount of matching letters among the available letters shown on the screen.

Other levels requires solving mathematical equations: addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.


There are 3 minigames included aswell. All of them have a time limit and score counter.

Minigame Description Screenshot

This minigame involves player rolling across the ground to pop a balloon as it passes by. The minigame is a bit broken, sometimes balloons will pop for inexplicable reasons.

Trampoline This game involves player jumping on a moving trampoline to reach the other side of the screen. Player did not control Sonic; rather, player control the trampoline and try to keep Sonic from hitting the ground.
Green Hill Mini-game In this game player race sideways and must jump to avoid debris littered on the ground.

Two different buttons were used in this game, one button used for full screen jump, and the other is used for a much shorter jump.

Also, there are balloons in the air which player can pop into by jumping, thus adding 100 score to player's point.



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