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This is the script of the cutscenes from Amy's storyline in Sonic Adventure.

Cutscene One

[Amy is walking down a sidewalk in Station Square with a bag of groceries in her hands.]

Amy: [Stops up] Gee, I'm bored. Every day's the same old thing... Same place, different day... I miss the good old days. Hangin' out with my hero, Sonic... [She thinks back to a point when Sonic was carrying her and running away from Metal Sonic.] Chasing bad guys... And blowing them away- ha hah! [Back to reality] But now he's gone. And there's nothing left to do, but shop 'til I drop. There was always something fun to do with Sonic around. I really miss him. [A shadow casts over Amy] Hey, what's going on here? Is there an eclipse today, or what? Nobody forecast a storm or anything.

[Amy turns around and drops her groceries. She looks to be horrified.]

Cutscene Two

[The Egg Carrier flies over Station Square.]

Amy: Eggman? Can it be? What's that? [Soon a Flicky flies onto Amy's face] Ahhh watch it, watch it. Ow! You should watch where your going, buddy! [Looks at him] Hey. Are you alright? You look kinda hurt. [Then ZERO appears and tries to attack Amy but misses.] Huh... Uh oh. [Then ZERO turns around ready to attack Amy again] Yikes! You almost ran me over you creep! Oh no! Let's get out of here! [Then they hid in a shop while ZERO kept looking.] That was one of Eggman's robots. Huh? He must've captured you, and somehow you got away, right? Don't worry. I'll protect you [They come out of the shop] I'll do my best to keep us both from harm, I'll stand by you all the way.

Cutscene Three

[Amy suddenly sees Sonic the Hedgehog]

Amy: Oh Sonic. Huh.. My hero. Sonic! [Sonic turns around]
Sonic the Hedgehog: Uhh... Amy
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