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Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition is a single disc containing both vocal and instrumental music tracks from Sonic Adventure 2 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Track list

  1. Event: Let’s Make It! [0:47]
  2. Escape From The City …for City Escape [2:19]
  3. The Mad Convoy Race …for City Escape [0:50]
  4. Boss: -GUN- Mobile [1:55]
  5. Remember Me? -M.F.M. …for Iron Gate [1:38]
  6. Throw It All Away …Theme of "Shadow The Hedgehog" [5:01]
  7. Vengeance Is Mine …for Radical Highway [1:59]
  8. Lovely Gate 3 …for Egg Quarters [1:41]
  9. I’m A Spy …for Security Hall [2:20]
  10. This Way Out …for Prison Lane [1:44]
  11. That’s The Way I Like It …for Metal Harbor [1:39]
  12. Won’t Stop, Just Go! …for Green Forest [2:28]
  13. Rhythm And Balance …for White Jungle [2:30]
  14. A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup …for Pumpkin Hill [1:50]
  15. Dive Into The Mellow …for Aquatic Mine [1:52]
  16. Mr. Unsmiley …for Sky Rail [1:04]
  17. It Doesn’t Matter …Theme of "Sonic the Hedgehog" [2:45]
  18. Keys The Ruin …for Pyramid Cave [1:52]
  19. Unstable World …for Crazy Gadget [1:58]
  20. Soarin’ Over The Space …for Cosmic Wall [1:29]
  21. Highway In The Sky …for Final Rush [1:39]
  22. The Supernatural …for Final Chase [2:25]
  23. Event: Sonic vs. Shadow [1:16]
  24. For True Story …for Sonic vs. Shadow [2:32]
  25. Cannon’s Core (Scramble For The Core… Deep Inside Of…) [3:04]
  26. Event: Black Noises (Conquest… Chaos Control… Reflection) [4:58]
  27. Supporting Me …for Biolizard [3:31]
  28. Live & Learn …Main Theme of "Sonic Adventure 2" [4:33]
  29. Event: The Last Scene [3:42]
  30. Chao Race Extended Mix (Chao’s Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix) [6:44]

Disc length 74:05

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