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This is the script for Amy Rose's story in Sonic Battle.

Game prologue

[Tails and Amy stand in a black background.]

Amy: Soniiic! I know you're here! You can't hide from me! My cards tell me that you're here!
Tails: Umm... Amy...?
Amy: Tails! Where's Sonic?
Tails: Umm... He isn't here...
Amy: What? What did you say?
Tails: He isn't here...
Amy: What? He's not here?
Tails: That's what he said...
Amy: So he is here! *runs off*
Tails: Uh-oh!
Amy: Soniiiiiic!

Up to Battle 1 & 2

Tails' House - After selecting the area

Sonic: E-Emerl! Let's go!
Emerl: Sonic, will you teach me another deadly attack technique today?

[Sonic and Emerl leave.]

Amy: Hmmph. He doesn't even notice me! We really have to start practicing raising our baby together! Where the heck is Sonic anyway? Oh, I know! He must've gotten cold feet! Oh, how cute! He's more sensitive than I thought he was. He must be over at the "Beach"! Here I come!
Tails: Wait, Amy!
Amy: What is it? Come on. Spill it, will ya?
Tails: Ah, it's just that... Eggman is hunting for... Emerl... And that...
Amy: Eggman? Oh, come on! I don't have all day! I'll get the rest of the details from Sonic! *leaves*

Emerald Beach - After selecting the area

Amy: Sonic!
Sonic: Y, Yo! Amy!
Emerl: Mom! Good to see you!
Amy: Oh, wow! It seems that our baby has learned quite a few more words! So, how you doing Emerl, my dear?
Emerl: Well, you know, I'm chilling, sweet heart.
Amy: Hey! *punches Sonic*
Sonic: Ouch!
Amy: Sonic! Did you teach him to talk like that, Sonic?
Sonic: "Emerl, my dear?" Why are you talking like that, Amy?
Amy: Do you have a problem with it?
Sonic: Ah, no... Not really... Heh. (Hey, Emerl, watch out for this girl!)
Emerl: Mom...
Amy: What is it darling?
Emerl: Your punch got not juice, fool! You couldn't even kill a fly with that!
Sonic: *runs off*
Amy: Soniiiiic! Now where he'd go?!

[Everything goes dark, as Amy starts to think to herself.]

Amy: Wait just a second... He left our precious Emerl here all alone... I wonder if he's trying to tell me something. Maybe he's challenging me to take care of Emerl and see if I can protect him from Eggman by myself...

[Emerl leaves.]

Amy: After all, I did fail as a mother by letting Rouge kidnap Emerl... But I won't let Sonic down again! I'll protect Emerl the way only a mother can! And that'll show Sonic that I can be a good mom! And if I do... Will you come get me, Sonic? I will make a perfect bride!

[The normal background returns, as Amy realizes that Emerl's gone.]

Amy: Oh, shoot! Emerl! Where are you, honey?

Emerald Beach - After reselecting the area

Amy: Oh, Emerl, there you are! All the way at the end of the beach! Just wait there, honey!

Emerald Beach 2 - After selecting the area

[Emerl is standing behind a Phi.]

Phi: Found him! Found him! Capture him! Capture him!
Emerl: Hmph! You overgrown rustbucket! I'll tear you into scraps in 3 seconds!
Amy: Hey!
Emerl: Ma! Mom! *Amy hits Emerl* Ggg...
Amy: Don't talk like that, Emerl!
Phi: Attack!
Amy: Hey! *punches Phi* You filthy trash! What do you think you're doing? Go back to where you came from if you don't want to be smashed, stomped on, and turned into ashes!

[The beach shakes.]

Emerl: Go, mom!
Amy: Emm... Did I just say that...? Ahem... Anyway, will you send a message to the doctor, please? Please let him know that we do not wish to play with his little robots.
Phi: Capture it! Capture it!
Amy: You just don't give up, do you? I guess I'll have to show them that I mean business!

Up to Battle 3 & 4

Emerald Beach 2 - After the (1st) fight with two Phi

Phi: Attack! Attack!
Amy: Haven't you have enough?

Emerald Beach 2 - After the (2nd) fight with two Phi

Amy: Don't ever let me see you here again!

[The Phi disappears.]

Emerl: Mom! Look!

[A Chaos Emerald shard floats down to Amy.]

Amy: Hmm? Did it drop something?
Emerl: Mom! It's an "Emerald shard".
Amy: There's another one!

[A second shard floats down to Amy.]

Game: Got "2" "Emerald shards."
Amy: Emerl, you gain new abilities when you take "Chaos Emeralds," right?
Emerl: Yep. Lately, I have been able to tell if there are Chaos Emeralds within my surroundings!
Amy: I wonder if you've got a sensor of some sort. Well, if I collect enough "Chaos Emeralds" to make you a full grown robot, maybe Sonic will finally accept me as his wife! OK, Emerl, darling! No, no. No more calling you "darling." You're now a grown boy! Let's have you use your sensor to search for Emeralds, shall we?
Emerl: Amy, teach me some attacks, will ya?
Amy: Will ya?
Emerl: *trembles* Oh, I mean, "please"...
Amy: Hmph, I guess it's all right. Let's head over to my house. I have a "favor" to ask of you over there anyway. My place is over at "Central City"! Follow me!

Amy's Room - After selecting the area

Amy: OK, here we are! We're home, Cream!
Cream: Welcome back!
Cheese: Chao Chao!
Cream: And you must be Emerl! Amy has told me all about you!
Emerl: How do you do? I'm Emerl!
Cream: I'm Cream! And this is my friend Cheese!
Cheese: Chao Chao!
Cream: Are you a robot, Emerl?
Emerl: Yep. I am Sonic's robot!
Cream: Sonic's robot?
Amy: Silly Sonic got this robot just to get us ready to start raising a family!
Cream: I don't think that's the case...
Amy: What do you mean that's not the case?
Cream: S-so, what brings you here, Emerl?
Emerl: Amy's going to teach me attack techniques!
Cream: Attack? Are you going to fight? I'm against fighting!
Amy: Aaa... Cream... It's not really fighting... He's here to work out with me, doing boxercise...
Cream: What? That again? *trembles* I, I just remembered that I had something to do! *runs*
Amy: Hey! Cream! Where are you going? She's been acting weird lately. Maybe she's just going through some changes. Well, Emerl! Are you ready for some boxercise? The one who gets "5 KOs" first wins!

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