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This is the script for Cream the Rabbit's story in Sonic Battle.

Game prologue

[Amy, Emerl and Cream stand in a black background.]

Amy: *pant pant* Well, that's enough practice for today... You're getting stronger, Emerl!
Emerl: You betcha!
Cream: ... ... ...
Amy: How much did I lose today?
Emerl: Let's see... ... ... ... You burned 1000 calories today, so if you keep going at this rate, then you will lose 2 pounds after three days! And make sure you drink at least a gallon of water each day, and keep the total maximum of calories you take a maximum of 700 calories per day.
Amy: [Happily] All right! I'm almost at my target weight! You are making my life so easy as you get smarter, Emerl! I'm going to get the "Super Diet Machine" that I saw on that commercial! I'll be back soon! See you later, Cream. See you Emerl!
Cream: Okay!
Cheese: Cha-o!
Emerl: See you! [Amy runs off. Sonic and Tails appear in the black background]
Sonic: ... ... ...
Tails: Amy's getting stronger, isn't she?
Sonic: Yeah... No kidding.
Cream: Sonic! Tails!
Emerl: Sonic! You're back!
Sonic: Hey, Emerl! Hey, Cream! I heard on the news that there was a "Chaos Emerald" around here somewhere. We're gonna go look for the "Chaos Emerald".
Tails: And we don't know what Eggman's going to try next, so we'll leave Emerl here a little longer, just in case.
Cream: Okay!
Cheese: Chao!
Emerl: No! Boring! Emerl wants to go too!
Someone off-screen: Well, maybe next time!
Cream: [To Emerl] You know, Amy's really getting into this diet thing, isn't she?
Emerl: Is getting thin good?
Cream: Amy really likes Sonic, so she wants to lose weight so Sonic will like her back!
Emerl: I don't understand...
Cream: Sometimes you'll do anything for someone you love!
Emerl: Hmm...
Cream: [Giggles] You'll understand in time!

[Eggman suddenly appears.]

Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! [An exclamation mark appears above Cream]
Cream: Eggman!?
Eggman: I've finally found you, Gizoid! Sonic fell for that fake news story I made up, and now you're all mine! [Saying "Take this!"] Phi #11! Capture them!
Phi #11: [Off-screen] Capture! Capture!
Cream: [Moaning] No!!
Emerl: Cream! Watch out! Hey, hey! I'll take you on! [The screen flashes]
Eggman: [Laughing] On the second thought, I changed my mind! Take this! I took some "Hedgehog Begone" and converted it into "Gizoid Begone"! [Emerl gets electrocuted]
Emerl: I... can't... move! [He disappears]
Cream: Emerl!
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! How do you like that?
Cream: [Moaning] Ah! What are you doing!?
Eggman: Hurry up and capture them, and take them to "Gimee Shelter"!
Cream: Stop it! Don't! Ahh! [She disappears]
Eggman: Ho ho ho ho ho! You! "Chaos Gamma"! Keep a close eye on them! Whatever you do, don't let them escape!
Chaos Gamma: [Appearing] Yes, sir...
Eggman: [Off-screen] You too, Phi #12, #13 and #14!
Phi #12: Yes, sir...
Phi #13: Yes, sir...
Phi #14: Yes, sir...