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This is a script of the cutscenes in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

Is this the End?

[At Sky Citadel, Sonic finds himself surrounded by several Destruction Troops that fire at him. Sonic is knocked back by the impact and is buried under the rubble.]

Tails, Amy and Knuckles: Noooo!!!!

[Yesterday. Team Sonic is chasing Dr. Eggman who is flying on his Egg Mobile at the forest outside of Lyric's Tomb.]

Dr. Eggman: What's the matter, Sonic? Can't keep up?!
Sonic: You were saying?

[Dr. Eggman finds Sonic running right beside him.]

Dr. Eggman: I didn't mean that literally. It was a taunt! It's Villainy 101!

[Dr. Eggman then pounds a button on his Egg Mobile and takes off along the track at high speeds, almost falling off. He presses a button and fires missiles ahead of him, causing a pillar to crumble and obstruct the road.

Sonic: Amy! Knuckles! Go left!
Knuckles: Gimme a sec. [Knuckles tries to figure out his left and right.] I'm on it!

[Knuckles and Amy take the left path while Sonic and Tails stay on the right.]

Metal Ambush

[At the forest outside of Lyric's Tomb, Sonic and Tails catch up and are right behind Eggman's trail.]

Dr. Eggman: All right, this is getting old. Let's jump ahead to the part where I ambush you.

[Sonic looks behind and sees Metal Sonic racing towards them and hovers beside Dr. Eggman.]

Knuckles: Great. Metal Sonic has to show up right when Eggman is springing a surprise attack on us.

[Knuckles and Amy jump up to the main path with Sonic and Tails.]

Eggman's New Creations

[At the forest outside of Lyric's Tomb, Knuckles and Amy split off from the main path where Sonic and Tails are running on who were still behind Eggman's trail.]

Dr. Eggman: Well, what're ya waiting for? After them! [The Egg Mobile's interface signals the doctor.] Oh, Sonic! You know what's better than an ambush?
Tails: An ambush with ice-cream?
Dr. Eggman: That sounds delicious, but no. The post-ambush ambush! [Eggman fires missiles which destroy the path in front of him. Sonic comes to a stop just in the nick of time but Tails bumps into Sonic, knocking them both over the edge. Sonic and Tails discover several Destruction Troops who are poised to attack them.] So, I dug up these ancient robots, and it took me forever to figure out how to control them. And then I couldn't have all that effort to waste unless I'd sic them on you. Try to appreciate all the work I put into destroying you. Toodles!

[Dr. Eggman flies away. The Destruction Troops walk closer while Sonic and Tails prepare themselves to fight them.]

Path to the Forest

[At the forest outside of Lyric's Tomb, Sonic charges towards a Destruction Troop and kicks at it, launching it towards a rocky wall. The impact of the collision breaks the Destruction Troop, leaving it non-functional.]

Sonic: A forest... this is more like it...
Tails: Quite peaceful.

[Sonic and Tails begin walking into the forest.]

What is this Place?

[Sonic and Tails meet up with Amy and Knuckles just outside Lyric's Tomb.]

Sonic: You made it!
Tails: What happened to Metal?
Knuckles: Let's just say he won't be bothering us again. Unless he comes back.
Amy: What is this place?

[Team Sonic glances at a large door leading to Lyric's Tomb. They move closer to it and Sonic glances at a lock on the door that seemingly fits his hand and proceeds to touch it but Amy stops him.]

Amy: Don't touch that! I've got a bad feeling about this place.
Knuckles: Guys! Check this out.

[Team Sonic looks at the portrait of the door depicting murals of Sonic and Tails carved on it.]

Amy: How is that possible? These ancient carvings look just like Sonic and Tails. [Knuckles turns around and discovers more Destruction Troops heading towards them.] What are the heck are those things?
Sonic: We fought some of them before.
Knuckles: Without us? But you know how much I like punching things.
Sonic: Be my guest.

[Knuckles proceeds to fight them while Amy follows him.]

Amy: Right behind you!

[Sonic and Tails glance at each other.]

Life or Death

[Outside of Lyric's Tomb]

Tails: That was awesome!

[Tails high-fives and bump fists with Knuckles. Sonic smiles at them from afar but suddenly, several Destruction Troops dropped into the scene and surrounded the heroes. Tails, Knuckles and Amy prepare to fight. Sonic tries to place his hand on the object on the door but Amy stops him again.]

Amy: Sonic! No! We can take these guys.

[Metal Sonic arrives flies into the scene and stomps on the ground. The impact knocks Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Metal Sonic then gives the signal for the Destruction Troops to move in for the attack as they stepped closer. Seeing no other option of escape, Sonic touches the object causing the door to open.]

Sonic: Guys! This way!

[The door begins to close while Metal Sonic and the Destruction Troop still try to get to Sonic. Sonic prepares to fight the but the door manages to close just before Metal Sonic could enter. Sonic turns away from the scene while outside, Metal Sonic attempts to open the door but without success. Dr. Eggman arrives afterwards.]

Dr. Eggman: Just as I thought.

[From a distance, Shadow is glancing at Dr. Eggman for a few moments before turning to leave.]

Lyric Rising

[Inside Lyric's Tomb, Team Sonic enters a room surrounded by inactive Destruction Troops.]

Sonic: You see, guys. I told you I'd find the exit. No problem.

[The team then took notice of a statue of a giant snake in robot armor with a light shining at it. Tails slowly turns around and the door behind them slams shut.]

Tails: I don't think those doors were meant to keep us out... they were to keep that in.
Amy: Let's get out of here. Oh wait, I forgot. We can't.

[Amy angrily glares at Sonic.]

Knuckles: Not cool, Sonic. You locked us in.
Sonic: Locked us in?! I was saving you!
Knuckles: We didn't need saving.
Tails and Amy: Yeah!

[Sonic turns to look at the giant snake who is seemingly coming to life.]

Sonic: Umm... guys, can we put a pin in this for a second?

[The giant snake is now awakened and then glances at Sonic.]

Lyric: You! [Sonic wonders if the snake was referring to him.] You and I have unfinished business.
Sonic: I have no idea what're you talking about, but I'm pretty sure that's a bad thing. [Lyric growls at Sonic with intimidation.] Now I'm convinced it's a bad thing. [Sonic revs up a Spin Dash and charges at him. Lyric uses the round object he is holding to repel the attack, revealling four Enerbeams inside. While Sonic is knocked back from the impact and Tails and Amy catches him, Lyric surrounds Team Sonic with the Enerbeams that tie them around trapping them.]
Lyric: A thousand years later, and you're still predictable.
Tails: What's he talking about?
Sonic: He dodged my spin attack. Nobody's ever done that before.
Lyric: [Pressing the blue device on his armour] Rise, my warriors. We have a world to destroy! [The Destruction Troops reawaken. Lyric projects an energy blast destroying a wall of the tomb.] Now. Let's see what a thousand years in prison will do to you!

[Lyric leaves with some of the Destruction Troops while the others stood guard at Team Sonic.]

Amy: Uh... what just happened?
Tails: Well, let's see. We discovered an ancient tomb, moved those mirror things around, and got steamrolled by a thousand-year-old reptile. Did I leave anything out?
Knuckles: Yeah, you forgot the part where it was all Sonic's fault!
Sonic: I was saving you!
Tails: Speaking of saving us, I almost have this thing figured out.

[Tails tinkers with the Enerbeams and they all dissipated, freeing the heroes. The Destruction Troops walked closer to the heroes.]

Tails' New Invention

[Inside Lyric's Tomb, Sonic kicks at a Destruction Troop.]

Sonic: We gotta stop that slithery psycho.
Knuckles: First, we gotta get out of here.

[Tails walks up to each of his friends and gives them each a shackle to attach on their wrists.]

Amy: Umm, Tails, friendship bracelets? Now?!
Tails: Not exactly. I recalibrated the shackles into sort of energy beams.
Sonic: Great work, buddy! Maybe we could use these things to find a way out.

Who is this Lyric Anyway?

[At Cliff's Excavation Site, Team Sonic are seen walking towards Cliff while Q-N-C is conversing with some miners before heading over to them.]

Amy: Cliff! Thank goodness we found you.
Cliff: I didn't know what I was missin'.
Amy: What do you know about an ancient tomb with a giant snake in it?
Cliff: Can't say I know much. But I do know about an ancient prison with a giant snake in it.
Amy: Well, how 'bout you tell us about that one?
Cliff: The snake's name is Lyric, and he was locked away to prevent him from destroying all life in the world. [Cliff grabs an ancient book and shows it to Team Sonic.] He's the last surviving member of a long-lost civilization called the Ancients. They harvested all the energy they needed from powerful crystals. Despite their advanced technology, the Ancients lived in perfect harmony with nature. Except for Lyric, who schemed to steal the Crystals and use them to power an army of machines. When the Ancients found out, they imprisoned him. He's an evil, ruthless, dangerous, pitiless, remorseless monster. [Sonic's friends turn to look at Sonic.] Thank goodness he's locked up for all eternity.
Sonic: Yeaaaahhhh. Funny story... We might have accidentally unleashed him on the world.

[Cliff and Q-N-C drop their mouths open in shock.]

Cliff: Not cool, Sonic. But you might be still able to stop him. Lyric needs those Crystals to reboot his army. His first move will be to go after them. You gotta get 'em first.
Amy: How do we find them?
Cliff: If that prison is still functioning, there must be a Crystal nearby.. That's a good place to start. If you have any other questions, my buddy Q-N-C here can answer them.
Q-N-C: What if I have questions?

Save the Miners

Sonic: Come on, guys, this way! [Sonic and Tails go right while Amy and Knuckles notice Foremand Fred waving at them and go up to him.]
Foreman Fred: The mine collapsed! The miners are trapped! Can you help me save them! Please save them!
Knuckles: Okay there fella, calm down. We are heroes, so obviously we can, and will help. We're... a pretty big deal.
Foreman Fred: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Trap Door

[Sonic and Tails find a door but then they fell through a trap door.]

Amy: Are you guys OK?
Sonic: Looks like we've fallen through a trap door!
Tails: We're trapped down here. We'll keep moving forward, and hopefully meet up with you ahead.

Looking for Sonic

MAIA's Past Present

Somebody Needs a Hug

MAIA Gets Big

See You in a Thousand Years


Evil Forces Unite

Eggman Wins?!

Lyric's Little Pets

Fork in the Road

Bringing the Thunder

Saving Sonic

Tunnel Waves

Hole in the Mountain

Not an Easy One at All

Glitch in Lyric's Plan

Our Next Stop

Taking Responsibility

A Falling Out

Beaten to the Punch

Elevator to a New Adventure

Always on the Go

Classic Egghead

A Gate to the Clouds

So It's Not the End After All

A Narrow Escape

The Big Showdown

Lyric's Downfall

Well, Look Who's Back

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

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