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Sonic Boom
Sonic Boom Tv logo
The logo for Sonic Boom.
  • Animation
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
Produced by
  • Evan Baily
    (Executive producer)[1]
  • Bill Freiberger (Co-Excecutive producer)[1]
  • Donna Friedman Meir (Executive producer)[1]
  • Jane McGregor (Executive producer)[1]
  • Sandrine Nguyen (Executive producer)[1]
  • Boris Hertzog (Executive producer)[1]
Production company(s)
Written by

Mike Banker



  • Cartoon Network


  • Canal J
  • Gulli
Number of episodes


Running time

11 minutes

Original run

October 2014

Sonic Boom is an upcoming CG-animated television series scheduled for release in October 2014.[2] It is a cartoon comedy series that is aimed at children centering on Sonic, with his friends, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks, their never ending search for adventure and their battles with their nemesis Doctor Eggman. Other characters, both new and old, will also join the ensemble.[3]


Sonic Boom is set to first debut in the fall of 2014 on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on Canal J and Gulli in France, followed by a global rollout. The number initial order of episodes is 52, with 11 minutes of running time is co-produced by Sega of America Inc. and OuiDO! Productions.

Takashi Iizuka is overseeing the series to ensure that it's true to the Sonic characters and universe.[3] Also, many of the current voice actors for the Sonic series will be voicing the animated series.[4] According to the Sonic Boom database on the IMDB website, showrunners such as Evan Baily and Bill Freiberger will be executive producers and will help the Sonic Boom television series. Mike Banker will also assist with writing the television series.[5][6] Episodes are now under production.[5]


The cast for Sonic Boom was confirmed by Sega on 25 February 2014. Jack Fletcher works as the voice director.


The TV series is an ensemble comedy revolving around Sonic and his friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks that pokes fun at action-adventure storytelling, but still manages to deliver plenty of adrenaline. It is set in a wide-open world, where most of the characters live in and around a Village. This vast landscape is filled with jungles, mountains, undersea civilizations, cloud cities and all kinds of other environments.



Sonic Boom TV Trailer02:50

Sonic Boom TV Trailer

Sonic Boom - Get to Know Sticks Trailer02:00

Sonic Boom - Get to Know Sticks Trailer

Sonic Boom - TV Series Trailer E3 201401:29

Sonic Boom - TV Series Trailer E3 2014

Sonic Boom Behind the Scenes of the TV Animation04:06

Sonic Boom Behind the Scenes of the TV Animation


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