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Sonic Eraser is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series that was available to owners of the Sega Meganet, a modem add on for the Sega Mega Drive released exclusively in Japan.

Since the Meganet modem never achieved worldwide availability, Sonic Eraser became a "lost" Sonic game, until February 2004, when the Sonic CulT website got a hold of the ROM through Sega's Japan-only download service.

The game is a fairly simple puzzle game. In the versus mode, when a player gets a combination of three consecutive lineups of pieces, that player's Sonic attacks the other player's Sonic. The other player momentarily loses control of his pieces.

The game is available on Sega's B-Club download service.


The game offers 4 unique modes of gameplay.

  • Round Mode: This is sort of a puzzle mode consisting of 10 stages (0–9). Each stage has a bunch of whirlybob ring shapes interspersed with other normal shapes. Just like the other shapes, the whirlybobs disappear when paired. The objective is to clear them all from the play field by eliminating the shapes between them. The time limit is 3 minutes for each round, and keep in mind that pausing the game doesn't stop the clock, so player is recommended to remember to go before start. If the player have blown the round (i.e. if player stuck with only 1 whirlybob left), press A and C simultaneously to end the round.
  • Normal Mode: This is the standard low-pressure game. Play for points as long as player like. The better the player perform, the higher the level will rise. As the player climb the ladder, the speed at which clusters fall increases.
  • Doubt Mode: The rules are normal except that white squares will never fall. Instead, a single shape from almost every cluster will turn into a white square when it hits the ground.
  • Block Mode: This mode defies all Newtonian physics by having clusters stand on-end. Stack up as high as player dare for massive chain reactions. It only takes a single pair to send the whole tower tumbling.


  • Producer : Taka Oh
  • Program : Op #1
  • Design : Rouvly
  • Music : Bosanova Oyz
  • Special Thanks : BigIsland, Osamu, Noisy Pad, Chiesama, Iiyo




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