Along with Sonic's many video games, television shows, comics, and websites, there are even food items that feature the spiky blue hedgehog. The following are food products that have been marketed with characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

List of food products featuring Sonic

Name Image Description
Sonic Sweet Chocolate Crunch SonicSweetChocolateCrunch These are crunchy chocolate balls with regular chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry flavor. They're individually wrapped for freshness and come in this SA1 style box.
Sonic Sweet Chocolate Cake SonicChocoCake A sweet Chocolate plain cake wrapped in foil paper and protected with a box.
Sonic Fried Dolls SnaxBox *Not to be confused with the name* This product is actually sponge cake baked into an intricate of Sonic Characters. In other words, A sonic shaped fruit cake.
HP's Sonic Beans and Sausages BeansCans Baked Beans and Sausages kept in thick tomato sauce and closed in a can. This is a HP product and it shows Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the cover.
Sonic Chocolate treat BrusselsChTreat This is a large chocolate bar that contains milk chocolate and peanut butter. They are individually wrapped in a colorful sonic wrapper.
Sonic Chocolate bar BrusselsChBar This is a chocolate bar that comes in bite and king size. The chocolate contains milk chocolate with crunchy peanuts, smooth peanut butter and velvety caramel. Additionally on the wrapper, Sonic Advance 2 tips are written on it .
Sonic Blue Candy Sticks CandySticks These are blue crystal candy sticks wrapped in a Sonic 3 exclusive box.
Sonic Crisps Crisps3Flavr These crisp snacks are somewhat of a 3D Puffed Sonic Heads made out of Potato and Corn. They come in 3 flavors, Salted, Cheese and Salsa Tomato. They are for 89P..
Sonic X-treme Ice Cream Bar Xtreme Ice CreamSonic the Ice Cream bar An extremely rare ice cream pop that was made by the Blue Bunny® ice cream company and was based on the unreleased Sonic game, Sonic X-treme. It is flavored blue raspberry and cherry, has gumball eyes, and, strangely, Sonic's nose is colored blue. The ice cream is also notorious for usually having the eyes incorrectly placed.[1] The ice cream was later re-released under Sonic's new design in Sonic Adventure with green eyes and is usually sold on older ice cream trucks.
Sonic the Hedgehog Ice Cream Bar 20thIceCreamSonic Ice Cream head An ice cream bar also made by Blue Bunny that is the recent incarnation of the old Sonic X-treme pop mentioned above. It has the same flavors and design as the original, as well as the same occasional mistake with the gumball eyes. It also allows consumers to enter the Blue Bunny Pick Ur Prize Promotion (ended November 28, 2010) in order to win prizes like gift cards, toys, and video games. Also In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Sonic, they replaced the 'Pick UR Prize' icon with a '20th Anniversary Sonic' icon.[2]
Sonic the Hedgehog Milk Ice with Shock Rocks
Sonic ice cream
An ice cream bar made by Toppa. It is multi-colored, filled with jolly rod and coated with electrical shock rocks (popping candy).
Burtons Sonic the Hedgehog Toffee Flavoured Bitesize Biscuits Sonic Biscuits Bag of bitesize biscuits that were available in the UK made by Burton's Foods. Toffee flavoured and come in 2 shapes of Sonic and Tail's heads. The packaging had the "hedgehog with attitude" slogan.
Daddies Tomato Ketchup; Sonic the Hedgehog Sketshupuk Daddies being a brand of Ketchup made in UK and Ireland, once had the deal to have a plastic wrapper around their bottles, to resemble Sonic.
Chaos Emeralds SourEmeraldCandy This is Sonic themed sour hard candy. The candies are shaped like chaos emeralds, and have sparkling sour dust coating as the candies are kept in a Metal Tin shaped as Sonic. It is available at for about 2.99. Also available at some US Hot Topic(s).
Sonic Speed Energy Drink SonicSpeedDrink This is the Sonic Speed Energy Drink. It's the first true Sonic themed drink produced in the USA. While Japan had at least one, and Europe got themed Fantas, this drink is really a Sonic item. The small circumference of the can makes it difficult to view the entire design at once. The can is metal, with a special plastic overlay for the design. Each can is 8.4 ounces, & it is produced by Boston America Corp. The flavor is not mentioned and at the side of the can it states : "Not for Children".
Sonic Lifesavers Gummies Savers1AL These are Lifesavers Gummies with a Sonic themed Gummy. The Gummies are stated as "Hot Rings" influencing the rings on Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The reason they are called "Hot" is that they are cinnamon flavor making them spicy, similar to the flavor of Wringley's Big Red.
Sonic Bubble Gum Containers Candylot These Sonic Bubble Gums were available in 2 different containers, as you can see. They were sold separately, or you could buy a 2-pack later on. These were by Topps, and available at places like Video shops. The container is filled with pink hard gum pellets.
Sonic Blue Rad Lifesavers Candy BlueRadLifesavers1993 Its a roll of lifesaver's hard candy with a specific Sonic the Hedgehog 3 flavor, Blue Rad.
Badnik Pasta HPBadnikPasta Its another HP canned pasta with the same flavor but with Badnik shapes. It is only sold in Germany.
Sonic Joypolis Originals CoffeeBean3 Here are 3 boxes, each with a different flavor/themed coffee bean. They appear to be called "Joypolis Original" with then a sub title like "Special Blend". The word Omake Tsukui seems to appear on each one too. A die cut corner of the box reveals what the beans look like inside.
SegaSonic the Hedgehog Gourmet lollipops LollipopsSegaSonic Lollipops with a Sega Sonic sticker on them. There appears to be 4 candies per package, 2 red and 2 purple. The pack itself is quite fancy, suggesting gourmet, complete with pink ribbon, and even a jingle bell to tie the bottom around the stick.
Sonic Cookies tin BrownCookieTin A tin of chocolate cookies referred to the scheme on the box.
Sonic shaped tin Shaped tin A tin of marshmellows with a strawberry flavoured center. A product of the The Great Character Candy company.
Sonic Joypolis Candies (2012) 20thCandyJoypolis This is a package of candy from Joypolis Japan, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. It has the 20th art, logo, & a starry background. There would be 6 candies inside the package.
Franco-America Sonic the Hedgehog Pasta 3SonicPastas A canned pasta product with meatballs to go with. There were three cans, each to go with Sonic
Sonic Fruit Roll-Ups CrazyColorsRollUps In 1994, Sonic came in a promotion of his own Fruit Roll-Up snacks by Betty Crocker. The rolls came in 2 colors (flavors), one being Hot Colors (Berry) and the other being Crazy Colors (Lime).
Sonic Game Gear Bubble Gums SKGGGum This is a container of purple, aqua, green and pink bubble gums that feature Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.

Unlicensed Items

Name Image Decription
Karnosh Chips Karnosh These are unofficial shell potato/corn chips sold in Saudi Arabia. They are called Karnosh chips referring to an Arabic name and this item isn't actually a Sonic item as it is a bootleg and they used a random copyrighted image in making the product. A very similar snack called "Pak Foods Masala Slanty" is a pipe shaped corn chip with a random image of Tails unlicensed on the packaging, It is sold in Pakistan. (*Masala means Spicy*)
Sonic Fruit Jams SonicJams3 A boxed three-pack of Sonic Jam themed pots of Jam (Jelly). They consist of three flavours- Strawberry (Knuckles), Orange (Tails) and Grape (Sonic). However this is not an official product and simply manufactured by a food productive as a tie-in for the game, as a pun on its title. Though being unofficial, this item was pointed out by Sonic Team themselves as they took photos of it on their website quite a while ago.


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