This article pertains to the beta elements of Sonic Forces.

Sonic Generations leftover animations

All the animations for Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations are present in the game files of Sonic Forces, including the unused dancing animations with their proper names. The animations were edited so that Sonic's mouth and eyelids do not move.[1]

Sonic Lost World leftover skybox


A skybox texture from Sonic Lost World can be seen on early promotional screenshot of Sunset Heights. Later a different, darker texture was used.

Final Judgement skybox

While used in the final game, the pink cloudy Final Judgement skybox cannot be seen normally.[2] It was probably a leftover of the "vast and deep underground cavern" at the end of the main shaft described in the early script. The script also compares it to the Central Dogma from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Unused dialogue


There is some unused narration meant for right after Sonic is defeated by Infinite at the beginning of the game.

Narrator: With Sonic defeated, Eggman's army quickly took over. Within months, all but a few isolated areas in the world were under their control. Despite the overwhelming odds, a rag-tag Resistance formed, banding together to continue the fight. And now, a new face appears to join the struggle.

Similarly, in the beginning of Episode Shadow, Shadow narrates the story to the player like the text words before the game began:

Shadow: It was one month before the Doctor took over the world. The first time I encountered... him.

Lost Valley

In Lost Valley there are some unused voice lines related to the sand falls:

Sonic: "Sand waterfalls are great! You can run on'em and everything! If only the view was a little better. Gotta get Green Hill back to normal quick."

Null Space

The player spawns in the middle of the first section of Null Space. By hacking, it is possible to start from the beginning, triggering some unused voice lines:

Sonic: "A prison that goes on forever, huh? At least getting sent here taught me something. Nothing beats realizing that you're not alone!"[3]

Egg Gate

Swapping the object placement data also causes the game to load wrong voice lines. When playing Green Hill with Enemy Territory object placement, voice lines for Egg Gate play, some of which could not be heard during the actual stage:[4]

Sonic: "Phew! I needed a good workout after all that rest."
Sonic: "I haven't lost my edge."

These voice clips are also used in the early animation of the Egg Gate.

Enemy Territory

There are some unused lines from Rouge and Shadow after the second two lines from Omega and Rouge in this stage:

Rouge: I've lost Omega's signal! Shadow, get to his best known location and provide support.
Shadow: Already on it! Heh, I knew it. So much for recon!
Rouge: You're almost at the spot where we've lost contact with Omega.
Shadow: What is going on here...?

Virtual Reality

Here, the player plays as Shadow in Virtual Reality with level design resembling Guardian Rock's more. When the player goes through the loop and dodges the Death Crab's legs for fifth time, six unused lines can be heard from Shadow and a replica Rouge:[5]

Shadow: Rouge... What happened to Omega?
Replica Rouge: Oh, who knows? He haven't heard a beep from him since he was dispatched last week.
Shadow: I thought you said he was destroyed three months ago.
Replica Rouge: ...
Replica Rouge: In any case, that Omega sure is a clumsy bucket of bolts isn't he? Oooh, I can't wait to see the look on that smashed-up tin can's face!
Shadow: You. Are you really Rouge?
Replica Rouge: Of course I'm me. Just like how you're you.

These clips are only heard from Shadow:

  • "What the- What's going on, where am I?"
  • "This doesn't feel like an illusion, but..."
  • "Could it be a trap? Fine. I'll play along."

Unused Shadow move

Hacking a certain value of Shadow the Hedgehog's Boost code aside from changing the effect causes an unused sound effect to play, possibly for Chaos Control.[6]

Unused Moto Bug attack

Moto Bugs have an unused behavior called "JumpAttack". When enabled, the badniks can make slow leaps.[7]

Sonic 2017 VR demo

  • Sneak peek of VR demo
  • Splash screen image

A splash screen texture was found in the game files. On March 31 2017 VR mode was revealed behind the closed doors. Players could have used VR headgears to see in first person. Mrs Fogherty of Polygon reported:

  • "It was great until I started to go REALLY fast. I had never experienced such a rush of speed. I forced myself to get used to it but then I jumped and that’s when I had to reach for a bucket. I hope they fix this before release. They should NOT have the camera rotate along with Sonic when you jump. This is asking for trouble."
  • "I don’t even think I could play another VR game now. The experience has left me constantly nauseous ever since. The game is otherwise fun to play. Just don’t play with VR, whatever you do. I may try again with a wet rag but I’m not sure yet. I wasn’t the only one either!"

Early stage layouts

Earlier object placement files remained, many of them differ from the final layouts significantly.

Mortar Canyon

The early layout of Mortar Canyon is more difficult and features long lines of Dash Panels.[8]

Sunset Heights

Early Sunset Heights had many rows of Springs and does not, as least partially, match the final stage model and its collisions.[9]

Park Avenue

The beginning of Park Avenue does not match the model. The stage originally also had more Badniks.[10]

Egg Gate

Unlike the rest of the stages, early Egg Gate only has slightly different camera angles and dialogue.[10]

Mystic Jungle Tag-Team

This layout consisting of Egg Pawns and some Dash Panels does not match any stage from the final game. It has a 2D section with loops and sloped surfaces. It has been discovered to be a tag-team stage, through the data of stages.[11]

Object testing layouts

Three layouts that seemed to be used for testing objects, enemies, and effects.[12]

Episode Shadow

Within the Nintendo Switch demo of the game, unused layouts have been found. Enemy Territory is fairly different (particularly in the 2D half), Virtual Reality is almost completely different, and in both the Galaga Bees are noticeably broken/unfinished.[13]

Unused objects and parameters

Unused objects have been discovered, either in early stage layouts or simply not used at all.

Swinging wire targets

A variant of Wire Targets that was unused in the final game. It has the same design as the red Wire Targets, but functions similarly to Horizontal Bars.
Swinging wire target
 Seen in one of the testing layouts.[12]

Spike bars

An unused obstacle associated with Casino Forest.[14]

Falling transportation platforms

The platforms that move when Sonic stands on them in Metropolitan Highway can be set to fall after reaching their destination, behaviour that is unseen in the final game.[15]

Unused warning signs

The "CautionVolume" objects that are used in the final game for button prompts can also display exclamation mark ("caution"), quickstep, or drifting symbols. They are nearly identical to the ones used in Sonic Colours, except here they all have a red and black colour scheme, and the quickstep and drifting symbols don't have the same animations they had in Colours.[16]

Beta script (19 January 2016)


[City Area]
[Dr. Eggman's laboratory. Orbot and Cubot are present as well.]
Eggman: Hoohohoho, I've finally completed my ultimate invention!
[Valtron and Infinite are partially shown. (Infinite's face is not shown, the focus is instead put on Valtron to leave an impression. Add Valtron sound effects.)]
Eggman: With this power, the whole world will be mine… My long-awaited dream of the Eggman Empire will be realized! Hoohohoh!


[Green Hill Flashback]
[City area, buildings collapse and turn into rubble, with flames rising everywhere. Sonic is running through the area. At that moment, he receives a call from Tails.]
Tails: Sonic! Hurry up!
Tails: Eggman's huge army is already near the city area.
Tails: Whoa! They're coming this way! Help us, Sonic!
[Just then, the call suddenly cuts off, and only static noise can be heard.]
[City area, buildings collapse and turn into rubble, with flames rising everywhere. An ominous army of egg mechs starts to invade the area. Egg mechs approach the people who are cornered against a wall. Just as Tails and the others close their eyes at the egg mechs' attack, Sonic kicks the mechs away.]
Sonic: Looks like I made it just in time for the party!
Tails: Sonic! You saved us!
[The crowd is excited by Sonic's arrival. Sonic gives a big thumbs-up.]
Sonic: Let's go, Eggman!
Eggman: Now is the time for your demise, Sonic! Have a good, long taste of my greatest masterpiece… the best invention in history!
[Sonic furiously accelerates toward his arch-nemesis, Eggman. However, Sonic is suddenly attacked on the way. Shadow was the one who knocked him down.]
Sonic: Shadow… Why are you…?
[One at a time, figures land before Sonic, who is experiencing a nightmareous humiliation. (They are clad entirely in Valtron aura) Zavok, Metal Sonic and other former Eggman underlings, as well as Shadow and even Chaos are lined up. (Shown one at a time, followed by a group view.) Sonic is speechless from the unbelievable scene. Finally, a mysterious silhouette (Infinite) slowly rises up, standing in his way. Infinite's figure can't be seen, due to clouds of dust. (Or only his feet are shown.) Sonic stands up and takes on Infinite. However, each time a mysterious mechanical sound (the Valtron sound effect) is heard, space is warped and sense of distance altered, causing all of Sonic's attacks to miss.]
Tails: Is he manipulating space… No, that's not it!? What is that power…!?
[From behind, above, and below, Sonic is hit from dead angles by constant, invisible attacks.]
Sonic: Who… Are you…
[Sonic's vision gradually darkens, and he receives a devastating finishing blow. Sonic hits the ground hard and tries to rise, but gets exhausted and collapses.]
Tails: SONIC! [(yell)]
[Fade out.]
Subtitles: With Sonic defeated, Dr. Eggman's army invaded in the twinkling of an eye and took over 99% of the world in only six months. However, all those who kept opposing have gathered together to form a resistance army despite the small scale… And now, a new youngster attempts to throw themselves into the battlefield…
[Resistance Hideout]
[The main members of the resistance are gathered.]
Vector: Phew. As far as our forces go, it's been rough as usual. We can't even secure backup soldiers.
Amy: If only Sonic were alive…
Silver: You must face this reality. Sonic and Tails are no longer with us. We have no choice but to fight alongside those that survived.
Espio: He's right. It's been half a year since we formed the resistance. It is finally becoming a fighting force capable of striking back.
Silver: The outcome will not be determined only by how much our fighting forces differ. We will eventually teach Eggman this lesson.
Charmy: Huh… Speaking of which, wasn't there supposed to be someone new here today~?
Silver: Yeah, as I recall from the news, it's a survivor from the city area…
Amy: Hold on a second, I believe the profile should have arrived by now.
[Transition to the character creation menu. During the character creation, the resistance members' conversation is heard in the background. Character creation ends. Knuckles appears in front of everyone.]
Silver: Took you long enough, Commander.
Knuckles: Sorry to keep you waiting. There have been reports on the war situation coming in from various places. It took a while to sort through them.
[From behind Knuckles, a figure, Buddy, appears timidly and quickly nods.]
Knuckles: This kid is our new recruit. Take good care of 'em, everyone.
Charmy: Whoa-whoa. Doesn't look that reliable to me… Will this be okay?
Espio: Vector, judging people by their appearance is foolish.
Amy: That's right. Even just having survived the fierce battle in the city area is amazing.
[Knuckles gives a gadget to Buddy.]
Knuckles: Here's your gadget. I'm counting on you.
[Buddy returns an awkward, uncomfortable smile, and stares uneasily at the gadget on hand.]
Knuckles: Okay, let's get going, everybody! We're gonna take back the world with our own hands!
[Space Port Map Display]


[Space Port]
Silver: Where's our next attack target, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Space Port.
Vector: Space Port? Why are we targeting a place like that again?
Knuckles: We're going to rescue Sonic!
Amy: Sonic!? Sonic's alive!?
Knuckles: There's no way he'd die, is there? Well, I was also doubtful of that until I heard the news.
Amy: I'm so glad… Sonic…
Silver: Sonic is alive…! If he joins us, our war situation will change a lot!
Knuckles: That's right. But we need assistance in order to rescue him…
Knuckles: That's why we'll go to Space Port and grab a shuttle!
[The "Find a Shuttle!" mission is displayed for Buddy.]
Espio: Espio here. We're currently engaging enemy forces at Space Port.
[Sound effects for the activation of Infinite's Valtron can be heard from the communicator.]
Espio: Be careful! We've got company… It's him! We'll try to hold out somehow. Get the shuttle in the meantime.
Vector: Rookie! You've been trembling for quite a while. Or is there an earthquake?
Charmy: Good luck~ You're doing it to rescue our dear Sonic~
[The Space Port Stage is completed when you arrive at the shuttle.]
[City Area Map Display]


[Insert Cut: City Area]
[Tails is fixing a powered down (eyes are not lit up) and beat-down Omega. There's no response, however.]
Tails: Still won't budge, huh… I thought I could fix you, but…
[Then, Chaos's shadow draws near unnoticed. Tails turns around and is taken aback.]
Tails: Just when I think I finally got closer to figuring out the secret of Eggman's power…
[Chaos's hand stretches and approaches Tails. At that moment, Classic Sonic appears with Valtron effects (only his feet are shown).]
Tails: Wah! I'm done for!
[When Sonic appears, he approaches Chaos with a dash and kicks him away with a spin attack. (Sonic is not shown, just the blue trail. Sonic (Classic) lands in front of a stunned Tails. Only his feet or back is shown. (Done to set up the next Modern to Classic transformation.)]
Tails: Sonic!
Tails: Thank you. You saved me.
[At the same time as Tails is saying this, Sonic's appearance starts to blur, and changes from modern to classic. (In case this is difficult to do, we will have a pan where it starts at the feet and as it moves up you see that it is classic Sonic.]
Tails: …Huh, what?
[Tails stares at Sonic.]
Tails: You are… You're the Sonic from another world!
[Classic nods.]
Tails: I knew it! But… why are you in this world again…
[Classic doesn't know either and he simply shrugs and shakes his head.]
Tails: Maybe the power that Eggman used has affected other worlds…
[As if he agrees, Classic slaps his fist to his palm and nods.]
Tails: But, if that's the case, it might have been lucky for this world!
Tails: I want you to help me, Sonic. To save the world where the other Sonic has disappeared…
[Fade out.]
[City Area]
[Classic runs through the city area seeking Eggman.]
[The "Find Eggman!" mission is displayed for Classic.]
Tails: Eggman is trying to conquer the world by using the power that brought you to this world.
Tails: Eggman's signal is up ahead, but…
Tails: It looks like the signal has been interrupted…
[Get to the goal to complete the stage.]
[Death Egg Map Display]


[Insert flashback cut: City Area]
[A conquered city area. Infinite wipes out the resistance members in an instant as they are shooting at him, opposing him to the end. (Infinite is still shown from an angle where he can't be seen clearly. Only his silhouette and traces of Valtron's light are shown.) Infinite's demonic silhouette is lit up by the surrounding flames in the collapsed city. A shaking Buddy picks up a gadget at his feet and tries to point it at Infinite. Infinite turns around and glares at Buddy.]
Infinite: Will you run, or die… Choose your favorite option.
[Daunted by Infinite's discerning glare, Buddy takes a step back.]
[Fade & Sound Effect as if returning to the present.]
[Prison Satellite]
[Rouge is calling on the communicator.]
Rouge: Knuckles, can you hear me?
Knuckles: Rouge, huh… How's Sonic doing?
Rouge: Not good at all. Sonic will soon be… executed.
Silver: What? Is that true?
Rouge: It seems that Eggman has been planning to make Sonic fall into despair upon showing him the completion of the Eggman Empire before executing him from the start.
Knuckles: Damn, he's been planning out the worst possible finale.
Rouge: But it looks like he found out about our strategy and is going to carry out his plan pronto.
Rouge: Regardless, we need to hurry up with our rescue mission.
Amy: But where is Sonic captured, anyway?
Rouge: The Death Egg! Eggman has brought back that space fortress once again.
Vector: Brought back the Death Egg…!? If we don't get a move on, it's gonna be bad.
Knuckles: Let's start our mission now. Time to go, everyone. We're gonna bring Sonic back in one piece!
[The "Rescue Sonic!" mission is displayed for Buddy]
[Start at the Prison Satellite. Buddy traverses Hallway -> Piping maintenance path -> Prison area (Alcatraz-like). The stage ends when the player reaches the prison area.]
Espio: Sonic must be nearby, let's hurry! [(Line plays during the stage.)]
[Death Egg]
[Boss Fight Map Display]

【Boss Fight 1: Sonic vs. Zavok】

[Prison Satellite]
Sonic: What's with these tremors…?
[The power of the device that binds Sonic's hands turns off. Zavok appears.]
Zavok: Sonic. It is a little early, but your time has come.
Sonic: Looks like something troubling is going on… Does it have anything to do with all the shaking?
Zavok: Shut up. That is none of your concern. Best prepare yourself and stay quiet.
Sonic: Prepare myself? Now that my handcuffs are off, I probably don't need to do that.
Zavok: How foolish… Even if your body is free, you're just going to be defeated by me here.
Sonic: I haven't fought a good fight in a while. Let's go, Zavok!
[The "Defeat Zavok!" mission is displayed for Sonic. Defeat Zavok to complete the stage."]
[Zavok falls, defeated. After that, Zavok disappears while flickering with Valtron's impressive sound effect. Surprised, Sonic looks around.]
Sonic: That sound… I've heard it somewhere before too…
[At that moment, the room shakes again with an impact.]
Sonic: Whoops, I shouldn't waste time around here. I have to find an escape route quick.
[Death Egg Map Display]


[Prison Satellite]
[With Zavok defeated, Sonic breaks out of prison. The "Get to the Shuttle Hangar!" mission is displayed for Sonic. The prison satellite has explosions going off in various areas. Sonic starts running, searching for the exit while avoiding chained explosions. Sonic goes out into space through a hatch in the hallway. A big Earth can be seen in the distance. Clusters of asteroid meteorites float around the satellite. The meteorites have been remodeled into Eggmanland, a fusion of a mechanical factory and amusement park. Sonic continues to run through the prison satellite as warning sounds blare. The explosions in the prison satellite become even more intense. Sonic is running. Then, up ahead, Buddy can be seen surrounded by enemies. Buddy's knees are shaking. Sonic attacks and kicks the enemies away in no time. He holds out a hand to the fallen Buddy.]
Sonic: Are you okay…?
[While nervous, Buddy grasps Sonic's hand and gets up.]
Sonic: Did you guys come to rescue me?
[Buddy nods several times. At that moment, a communication comes in from Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Are you alright, rookie?
Sonic: That voice, is it you, Knuckles!?
Amy: Sonic! I'm so glad…
Knuckles: You really are alive! Operation successful! Everyone get back here right away!
[Sonic and the resistance members return to the surface in the shuttle.]
[Green Hill Map Display]


[Buddy & Sonic]
[Green Hill]
[(Conversation at the hideout)]
Knuckles: Listen up, everyone. It appears that Eggman's got a factory in Green Hill.
Silver: Factory, huh… Shouldn't we shut it down before we take on Eggman's HQ, Metropolis?
Knuckles: Yeah. I hate to ask, since he just got back and all, but I want to leave this to Sonic.
Knuckles: Destroy Green Hill's factory with the rookie!
Vector: You sure about letting the rookie take care of this? It looked like the kid was shaking during the Space Port battle the other day, didn't it?
Charmy: I'm sure it was just cold there~ This time they're going to a factory, so it'll be fine~
Knuckles: Don't put much pressure on yourself. You'll be fine with Sonic. Make sure you take good notes, Rookie!
Sonic: Take it easy and relax! Let's treat this as a tour of Eggman's factory!
[The "Destroy the Enemy Production Factory!" mission is displayed for Buddy and Sonic.]
[An artificial pyramid is constructed in the desertified Green Hill. The pyramid is a machine factory, with the mechanisms operating at a quick pace. Sonic takes the lead and destroys enemies as he proceeds. Buddy follows behind. A group of upgraded mechs appears in the middle, blocking the way. Buddy hesitates and stops. Sonic notices and holds his hand out to Buddy.]
Sonic: Hey! This predicament is your time to shine!
Sonic: Move forward, even when you're scared! Let's combine our strengths and blast through!
Sonic: The longer we stand around, the more enemies they're gonna build! Come on, let's hurry!
[In response to Sonic's powerful words, Buddy unconsciously grabs Sonic's hand. With the duo's tag attack, they break through the enemy line one after another.
[This is the first scene where Double Boost is used in the game.]
Sonic: Great! That feels good!
[Casino Map Display]


[Sonic and the gang has arrived back at the hideout. A call comes in from Amy.]
Amy: There's an unidentified enemy in the Casino Area! It looks like it's fighting Silver, but… Hurry on regardless!
Silver:Hurry! He is… here.
[Valtron sound effect]
Sonic:That's his…
[The "Pursue the Mysterious Enemy!" mission is displayed for Sonic.]
[There are stone structures built in the jungle. Traps made of thorns and vines that have grown unnaturally large await. The jungle is on fire due to air-raids by the bombers of Eggman's army. The resistance members are fighting against the bombers with anti-aircraft fire. An enormous snake begins to attack.]
[Casino Boss Map Display]

【Boss Fight 2: Sonic vs. Infinite】

[Silver is fighting Infinite in front of the laboratory. (However, Infinite is not shown--only confronting voices can be heard.)]
Mysterious Enemy: My original goal was different, but no matter. I will finish you off as well while I'm at it.
[Silver and the mysterious enemy intersect each other several times at super speed. At that moment, a small pebble from the unknown enemy falls to the ground with a blue trail, but neither combatant notices as it was so momentary. Silver is shot down by Infinite's blow.]
Mysterious Enemy: This will end it!
[Sonic suddenly cuts in front of the camera, and blocks the attack.]
Sonic: Switch of players, Silver. Leave the rest to me!
[Sonic and the mysterious enemy finally confront each other. The camera finally shows Infinite's whole body, clearly displaying his figure (exaggerated sound effects).]
Mysterious Enemy: What a surprise. I thought we'd never meet again.
Sonic: I've missed you. Besides, I couldn't even ask for your name that time.
Mysterious Enemy: Then I'll tell you. Infinite. That's my name.
Sonic: Infinite… I'm gonna reveal the secret of your power!
Infinite: I'd like to see you try, Sonic!
[(Valtron shines on of Infinite's chest)]
[The "Defeat Infinite!" mission is displayed for Sonic.]
[Infinite fights Sonic. Sonic fights back the best he can. Infinite gets serious.]]
Infinite: Hmph. You seem to have improved since the last time. But you will still be defeated.
[Infinite uses Valtron. (The Valtron sound effect plays.) Sonic is startled as the surrounding space is suddenly distorted and even the gravity's orientation is reversed. Infinite strikes a high speed blow to Sonic while he is still surprised. Sonic falls while destroying buildings, and finally topples.]
Infinite: Hmph, you really weren't a match for me.
Infinite: You're not even worth the effort to finish off.
[Infinite then calmly flies away. Sonic stumbles to his feet.]
Sonic: Damn, I really need to learn the secret of his power…
[Green Hill Map Display]


[Green Hill]
[(Tails and Classic arrive in Green Hill after losing sight of Eggman.)]
Tails: The Sonic from this world was defeated by Eggman that time…
Tails: Sonic, you're now the only one… only one I can rely upon.
Tails: If we defeat Eggman, this war will be over…
Tails: And if we learn the secret of Eggman's power, I'm sure you'll be able to get back to your own world!
Tails: There's Eggman's reading up ahead, let's hurry!
[The "Find Eggman!" mission is displayed for Classic Sonic. Stage completed upon reaching the goal (specified by the game).]
[Green Hill Boss Map Display]

【Boss Fight 3: Classic vs. Eggman】

[Green Hill]
[Having found Eggman, Classic Sonic and Tails watch him from under cover. Infinite crushes what looked like a blue pebble in his hands. The pieces sparkle as they scatter away.]
Infinite: And with that, the disposal of the prototype Valtron is complete.
Eggman: Right, because it was a defective model that can only memorize the DNA of the one that activated it first.
Infinite: Only a being with a strong force of will akin to mine could even activate it.
Eggman: Well, now that the Casino's lab is locked down, we're fine.
Eggman: By the way, didn't you meet up with Sonic there when he escaped?
Infinite: Yes. However, he was completely powerless against me. There is no need for concern.
Tails: Prototype Valtron? And Sonic… is… alive?
[Infinite turns around in response to Tails' whispers, which he unintentionally muttered.]
Eggman: What is it, Infinite?
Infinite: No, it's nothing.
[Infinite turns to Eggman.]
Infinite: So, we follow the plan?
Eggman: That's right. When time comes, the resistance will be annihilated, and the whole world will be reborn as the Eggman Empire!
[As if to prove those words, Valtron shines on Infinite's chest.]
Infinite: None can challenge Valtron. All shall bow down.
[Infinite leaves. With Eggman now alone, Classic Sonic rushes in.]
Eggman: Grr, you! Why are you here?
[The "Defeat Eggman!" mission is displayed for Classic Sonic]
Eggman: No way… Have the side effects of Valtron interferred with your world?
Eggman: Valtron's power is more than I imagined. I'm scared by my own genius!
[After defeating Eggman, Classic and Tails give each other a GOOD JOB thumbs-up. Though the egg mech has been destroyed, Eggman is still unfazed.]
Eggman: Hoohoho, not bad!
Eggman: Though it makes me a bit sad to think that this is the last time I get to play with you.
Eggman: After all, your lives will be over in 3 days according to my plan!
Tails: 3 days…?
Tails: What plan are you talking about? Stop being stingy and tell us!
Eggman: That's a se-cret. You're better off waiting for the fun. I'll give you a present of despair in 3 days. And I'll attach a ribbon! Hoohohohoh.
[Eggman makes an immediate escape as Classic sees him off.]
[City Area Map Display]


[City Area]
[Amy calls on the communicator.]
Amy: Eggman's army has appeared in the city area! We have to hurry and rescue the people who haven't evacuated in time!
Knuckles: We very much want to help them, but Sonic and Silver still need time to recover!
Espio: Same goes for us, we're currently engaged with enemy forces at Seaside Hill. We can't send reinforcements!
Soldier: This is the 8th platoon! We're pinned down under heavy enemy fire!
Knuckles: Damn, I have no choice. Rookie, this is a bit tough, but I need you to head to the city area.
[The "Rescue the Citizens!" mission is displayed for Buddy.]
[Buddy fights against Eggman's army, which is attacking the city area, by himself. Buddy fights alone and somehow repels Eggman's army. As Buddy returns to the hideout, he is greeted with voices of praise.]
Knuckles: Not bad! An all-star performance there, rookie!
Sonic: Great! You gave it your all. I knew you could do it!
Vector: Aw man, you totally took our time to shine!
[Casino Map Display]

【STAGE 10】

[Tails is talking to Classic.]
Tails: I'm so glad… Sonic is alive.
Tails: Alright, we have to hurry up and find him. We have to let him know of Eggman's plan.
Tails: I'm pretty sure Eggman mentioned that Sonic was at the Casino…
[The "Find Sonic!" mission is displayed for Classic.]
[Classic enters the casino to look for Sonic. Stage cleared by reaching the goal.]
[Casino Map Display]

【STAGE 11】

[Rouge calls on the communicator]
Rouge: We've got an odd signal. It's close to the laboratory where Sonic and Silver fought Infinite.
Silver: Couldn't that be a robot?
Rouge: Two biological signals… Definitely not robots.
Knuckles: Go scout out the lab, rookie!
[The "Investigate Eggman's Lab!" mission is displayed for Buddy.]
[A stage of down-slope swift currents, the goal is the old 999 laboratory entrance.]
[Buddy arrives at the front of the lab in the casino. At that moment, a sudden blue light sparks before Buddy's eyes. Startled, when Buddy looks to where the light sparked from, a faintly glowing pebble falls on the ground. When Buddy approaches and picks up the pebble, it emits the same light as Valtron for just a moment, and then the glow disappears. Classic and Tails appear before a puzzled-looking Buddy.]
[The resistance members gather in the hideout. Sonic and Classic meet each other.]
Sonic: You are…
[Classic nods. Tails then makes an appearance.]
Tails: SONIC!
Sonic: Tails!
[A teary-eyed Tails jumps at Sonic.]
Tails: I'm so happy! I was really worried.
Tails: You worry too much as always. As you can see, I'm very much alive.
[Tails starts speaking as if he suddenly remembered something.]
Tails: That's right! We're in trouble! It looks like Eggman is planning to do something horrible in 3 days.
Sonic: Something horrible, you say?
[City Area Map Display]

【STAGE 12】

[City Area]
Tails: Eggman said it himself. If his plan is realized, we'll all be annihilated.
Knuckles: Well, he's truly taken control of the world so far. I don't think he's bluffing. What exactly is he planning…
Vector: Hey, I hate to butt in on an important conversation, but I need reinforcements now! It's Shadow! Shadow is running rampant!
Sonic: Shadow… I remember him being part of Eggman's army at that time…
Knuckles: Why would Shadow help the enemy… Does Eggman have something on him?
Silver: Or maybe he's being controlled by that mysterious power.
Sonic: Leave it to me! I'll get to the bottom of this!
[The "Find Shadow!" mission is displayed for Sonic.]
[In the city, mass-produced Death Egg Robos are running rampant like they own the place. The stage ends when the player finds Shadow.]
[Sonic finds Shadow.]
Sonic: Shadow! Why are you…
[Shadow charges toward Sonic at great speed. Sonic assumes a counterattack stance. Just as a stand-ready Sonic and Shadow are about to collide…]
Voice: Chaos control!
[Another Shadow appears and brings down the first Shadow. The fallen Shadow disappears along with the Valtron sound effect.]
Sonic: He's gone…
Shadow: He's a fake.
Sonic: A fake?
[(Dialogue style changes to map conversation, without changing location.)]
Shadow: That was a virtual reality entity created by Infinite. They have an elaborate mass, but they are not the real thing.
Sonic: Virtual reality? So all those guys that were part of Eggman's army were also…
Shadow: That's right. However, though they're produced by virtual reality, their abilities are in no way inferior to the real thing.
Shadow: According to Rouge, Infinite can create countless virtual reality entities.
Shadow: No matter how much we fight them, he can create new virtual reality entities. As it stands, we can't win this.
Sonic: I guess we have to find a way to stop that power…
[Metropolis Map Display]

【STAGE 13】

[Commander Knuckles is giving out instructions to each member.]
Knuckles: Listen up, everyone. We just got word that Eggman's forces at his HQ of Metropolis are extremely thin at the moment!
Espio: Perhaps it's due to the fact that they're preparing a secret plan… Still, this is our one chance in a lifetime.
Knuckles: Yeah. That's why we're going to combine our forces and raid Metropolis!
Knuckles: This is operation "Big Wave"!
Silver: The operation name is all well and good, but… What kind of operation is it, specifically?
Knuckles: We're not gonna resort to cheap tricks. We're all gonna destroy Metropolis by attacking with a surging wave!
Knuckles: Sonic is fighting Shadow, so he can't join… But, if we all work together, we should be able to manage through somehow with our fighting spirit!
Vector: That sounds like fun. You ain't half bad, Commander Knuckles. We'll teach that blockhead Eggman a lesson!
Tails: This is a battle where they're superior to us in strength, so I don't think a short-term decisive fight is a bad idea.
Tails: We have the other Sonic with us, so I'm sure it'll work!
Tails: Also, if we can destroy Valtron, the other Sonic should be able to go back to his own world!
Knuckles: Alright, we'll smash down Eggman's hideout at once and take back our world!
[The "Commence an All-Out Assault!" mission is displayed for Buddy.]
[Metropolis is full of futuristic skyscrapers. Highways float in the air, seemingly weaving their way between the buildings. They encounter Infinite along the way.]
Silver: We're going too!
Knuckles: You're no man if you don't stand tall!
[Other characters join the battle, and the resistance gains the advantage.]
Eggman: Grr. This is not what I expected! I never thought those resistance trash bags would get this far…!
Knuckles: It's working! Keep this Big Wave going and crush Eggman at once!
Vector: Leave this to me! You guys go on ahead!
Silver: I'll settle this.
Espio: Espio present! I shall assist!
Eggman: This isn't good! They're breaking through one after another! If this goes on…
Knuckles: Keep going! At this rate, we'll crush Eggman…
Eggman: Do you really think… that you can bring me down?
[In an instant, Eggman's expression turns calm and collected.]
Eggman: Now, Infinite. Show them the power of Valtron!
[The virtual reality system is activated. Infinite's Valtron glows.]
Knuckles: Everyone, don't panic! Calm down! I said calm down! I'M TELLING YOU TO KEEP CAAAAAAALM!"
[In this world-shaking state of affairs, the resistance members move about in confusion.]
Knuckles: Shoooot…! This is bad…! If we can't get it together, the Big Wave will turn out to be a failure…!
[The stage ends when the player reaches Infinite's location.
[Metropolis Boss Map Display]

【Boss Fight 4: Buddy vs. Infinite】

[Infinite looks down on the resistance members.]
Infinite: Hmph, no challenge at all…
[When Infinite turns around, Buddy is there preparing to use the gadget. As Infinite and Buddy's eyes meet, Buddy starts to shake.]
Infinite: Will you run away, or die… Choose your favorite option.
[Buddy hangs his head in shame and attempts to take a step back. However at that moment, Buddy remembers Sonic's words.]
Sonic: Hey! This predicament is your time to shine!
[Buddy starts closing his shaking hands into fists.]
Sonic: Move forward, even when you're scared!
[Buddy tightly clenches his fists. Buddy steps forward with a determined expression and faces Infinite.]
Infinite: You little pest don't know your place. Come at me.
[The "Defeat Infinite!" mission is displayed for Buddy.]
[Somehow, Buddy manages to keep up with Infinite's movements.]
Infinite: I remembered, you escaped from me at that time… To think that you'd purposely come to throw away the life you finally found.
[Infinite uses Valtron (with sound effect). Sonic is startled as the surrounding space is suddenly distorted and even the gravity's orientation is reversed.]
Infinite: This is the end!
[Just before Infinite's attack lands, the pebble Buddy has activates and glows with a momentary flash of light. For just a moment, the prototype Valtron responds, and neutralizes Infinite's Valtron effect. Buddy narrowly evades Infinite's attack.]
Infinite: What!?
[However, as it was just a momentary effect, Buddy's movement is back to normal again. Infinite launches another attack at Buddy. Buddy is knocked down and he crumples to the ground.]
Infinite: Did my eyes deceive me? For a moment, his movement was…
Infinite: Never mind, they have two days to live anyhow. I'll let them keep on with their useless resistance. It's all for the sake of my enjoyment, after all.
[Infinite flies away, leaving a defeated Buddy. Buddy stumbles to his feet. His hand is clenched around the mysterious pebble he found at the lab.]
[Space Port Map Display]

【STAGE 14】

[Space Port]
[Conversation in the hideout.]
Knuckles: Our Operation Big Wave that we worked so hard on has been completely turned inside out by that Valtron thing.
Silver: That fake Shadow was created with the Valtron's power too, right? Even if it's a virtual reality entity, its abilities are beyond imagination.
Shadow: Rouge, did the investigation of the matter you have been talking about lead to anything?
Rouge: Not yet. Don't rush me like that. I did locate Eggman's database in Space Port, though.
Rouge: If we can check that out, we might learn something new.
Sonic: This might be worth looking into. We have to find out the secret of virtual reality and Infinite's power…… Can I count on you, Tails?
Tails: Got it, I'll go to Space Port with the other Sonic!
[The "Find the Database!" mission is displayed for Classic.]
[Classic traverses through Chemical Plant.]
Tails: Phew, so this is the database room.
Tails: Hold on a sec, I'm going to take the data out of this computer now…
Tails: I found it! This is a Virtual Reality weapon… Valtron…
Tails: A fearful weapon that takes control of people's visual and spatial perception to misguide the brain into perceiving illusions as real…
Tails: Eggman rebuilt the prototypes many times and incorporated the final version into Infinite.
Tails: But if this data is correct, there has to be a weak spot…
Tails: We have to let the others know of this information right away.
[Fade out.]
[City Area Map Display]

【STAGE 15】

Knuckles: Yawn… There's nothing to do until Tails's investigation is over…
Amy: We're in trouble! Metal Sonic has apparently appeared in the city area!
Shadow: Could it be… a fake?
Sonic: I don't think they'd bother making a fake Metal. Either way, we've got to stop him.
Sonic: Let's go, partner!
[The "Defeat Metal Sonic!" mission is displayed for Buddy and Sonic.]
[Sonic and Buddy are met with a Death Egg Robo's suprise attack. They use wires to climb to the head. (Similar to Attack on Titan.)]
[They go from above ground to an underground tunnel and cross a bridge. In the midst of the intense fight, Sonic extends a hand to Buddy as he runs.]
Sonic: Let's go! If we combine our power, we'll be a dozen times stronger!
[A chase battle with Metal Sonic using double boost commences. Then, Buddy and Sonic defeat Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic disappears with Valtron's unique sound effect. Buddy is breathing heavily. Sonic stands beside Buddy and gives a thumbs-up.]
Sonic: Hey! Our moves were beyond imagination! We were in perfect sync, too!
[As Sonic extends his fist, Buddy smiles, and extends a fist as well. Having annihilated the enemy, Buddy and Sonic exchange a fist bump.]
[Green Hill Map Display]

【STAGE 16】

[Green Hill]
[Tails is making his report at the hideout.]
Tails: I got it, Sonic! I figured out a way to block Eggman's Valtron!
Sonic: Really? How exactly?
Tails: According to the data, Valtron relies on the Death Egg to supply it with huge amounts of energy.
Tails: Therefore, in order to weaken Valtron's power, we need to stop that energy supply.
Knuckles: Stop the energy supply, you say… The Death Egg's weaponry is pretty tight, you know!
Tails: Don't worry! Listen to my plan!
Tails: First, we use a decoy to attract Eggman's attention.
Tails: Meanwhile, we use Space Port's computer to shut down the Death Egg's weaponry.
Tails: Then, all you have to do is destroy the Death Egg! With Valtron's energy gone, it won't be able to manifest power on its own!
Knuckles: I see, that might work. So first we need a distraction… Okay, leave it to me!
Amy: No way, Knuckles, your temper gets the better of you and that's not very useful as a decoy. Besides, you're our commander!
Silver: How about the rookie? The kid may be able to throw Eggman off guard and divert without him noticing.
Knuckles: That's a good idea! We leave this to you, rookie! We only have one more day before Eggman's plan is executed! Let's start the operation right away!
[The "Keep Eggman Grounded!" mission is displayed for Buddy.]
[Buddy slips through enemies and approaches the Death Egg where Eggman resides.]
Eggman: You're that kid from the resistance… So, having found out you have one day to live, you came to pointlessly oppose me.
Eggman: Fine, then. I'll play with you for a while.
[The stage is cleared by surviving a fight against the Death Egg Robo for a certain amount of time.]
[Space Port Map Display]

【STAGE 17】

[Space Port]
[Sonic is heading toward Space Port, when he gets instructions from Tails.]
Sonic: I'll be at Space Port soon. How are the diversionary tactics going?
Knuckles: The strategy was a success. The rookie successfully got Eggman's attention.
Tails: Next up, we'll use Space Port's computer and shut down the Death Egg's weaponry.
Sonic: I've been waiting for my turn!
[The "Capture the Space Port!" mission is displayed for Sonic.]
[The stage is cleared when Sonic reaches the computer room.]
[Death Egg Map Display]

【STAGE 18】

[Prison Satellite]
[Classic gets instructions from Rouge, after infiltrating the prison satellite.]
Rouge: The Death Egg's weaponry has been disabled! You can sneak in now!
Tails: Great! Destroy the Death Egg and stop the energy supply!
Vector: Easier said than done. Taking down that huge thing is no picnic.
Tails: No problem. I know the other Sonic can pull it off!
[The "Destroy the Death Egg!" mission is displayed for Classic Sonic.]
[When Classic Sonic has made a certain amount of progress, a call from Knuckles will come in.]
Knuckles: Good going! If you destroy the core up ahead, the Death Egg will crush into pieces!
[The stage is cleared when Classic Sonic gets deep into the Death Egg.]
[Insert Cut]
[Death Egg causes a huge explosion in the sky. Resistance members at the hideout yell acclamations as they strike triumphant poses.]
Amy: The mission's a success! Valtron's power will be weaker now!
[At Green Hill, Eggman clicks his tongue in the Egg Mobile's cockpit.]
Eggman: Blast those resistance pests and their cunning opposition.
Orbot: They totally pulled the carpet from under our feet, Boss.
Cubot: The explosion's right over our heads, though.
Eggman: Five more hours 'til my plan is executed. Infinite. Let's retreat for now and reorganize our preparations.
[Infinite and the Death Egg Robo leave the area.]
[Metropolis Map Display]

【STAGE 19】

[Knuckles relays orders to all the surviving resistance members.]
Rouge: Mission accomplished. Valtron's signal is decreasing.
Shadow: This should effectively block the doctor's greatest weapon.
Vector: The Sonics have opened up a means of escape for us. If we waste this chance, we'll pay a great deal for it.
Silver: We've been waiting for this moment. We're gonna settle the score.
Knuckles: Yeah. They're not scared of Valtron anymore. Now it's time for all of us to collect our guts and beat down Eggman!
Rouge: Don't let your guard down, though. If you rush it, we won't be able to win this fight.
Sonic: Rouge is right. There's still Eggman and Infinite, so we can't get careless.
Amy: Guys… Please come back safely.
Knuckles: All right, the fighting spirit is flowing in! Our goal is the Central Tower where Eggman is!
[The "Commence an All-Out Attack!" mission is displayed for Sonic.]
[The resistance's air fleet (taken from Eggman's army) invades Metropolis. Sonic dives from the mother ship and invades Metropolis from the sky. However, he is showered with anti-aircraft fire from the ground. Once he lands, he uses the floating highways that seemingly weave their way through the buildings to progress.]
[Metropolis Map Display]

【STAGE 20】

[Sonic spots Eggman and Infinite along the way.]
Eggman: You're finally here, Sonic.
[Orbot and Cubot are with Eggman as well. Valtron makes an activation sound effect. Then, a jet black space suddenly appears.]
Sonic: What is that?
Eggman: Geheheh… That's the null space…!
Sonic: Null space?
Eggman: It is a totally closed-off world of nothing created by Valtron!
Tails: But we destroyed Valtron's power source…
Eggman: How naive. I made a backup power source under Metropolis just in case something like this would happen.
Eggman: Good-bye, my arch-nemesis, Sonic. You can wander around the null space for all eternity!
[Sonic is sucked into the null space, and disappears from view. However, just before he disappears, Buddy grabs Sonic's hand.]
Sonic: Stop, you'll be sucked in with me!
[Buddy desperately tries to hold on, but is exhausted in the end and gets pulled in with Sonic.]
[The "Escape the Null Space!" mission is displayed for Sonic and Buddy. Buddy floats in a space of overwhelming emptiness.]
Sonic: Sorry, partner. You had to leap into here to help me.
Sonic: Let's go! As long as we have our determination, this place isn't empty at all.
[Just as Buddy grabs Sonic's hand, the Valtron sound effect can be heard momentarily, and a light starts running throughout Buddy and Sonic's entire bodies. (We'd like to do this, but only if possible.) Double Boost activates, and Buddy and Sonic, rush through the pitch black space as rays of light. They return to their own world from a tear in the space opened in front of them. Back in their own world, a battle between their friends' and Eggman's fleets unfolds in the sky. The stage is completed when they reach Eggman.]
[Eggman is shocked to see Buddy and Sonic. Orbot, Cubot, and Infinite are just behind Eggman.]
Eggman: What!? I don't believe this! You weren't supposed to be able to escape from Valtron's null space… it should not have been possible!
Sonic: It might have been impossible if I was alone, but I had a reassuring partner there with me.
Eggman: Damn you… This doesn't change my plan, though. Dr. Eggman will have the last laugh!
[Eggman retreats.]
[Eggman Empire Fortress Map Display]

【STAGE 21】

[Eggman Empire Fortress]
[Knuckles appeals to all the resistance members via radio.]
Knuckles: We've got less than an hour before the plan that Eggman was talking about is executed…
Shadow: We don't have much time. If we're going to break into the Doctor's fortress, best do it now.
Silver: Yeah, this is the final battle. It's time to regain our peaceful world at last.
Tails: But… when this fight ends, we'll have to part with the other Sonic, won't we.
Amy: I see… If Valtron is gone, I guess he'll return to his own world.
Classic Sonic: …… (he doesn't talk)
Tails: Thank you for helping us out with various things. I won't forget fighting alongside you.
Espio: Save the sentiments for later, everyone. Focus your heart and soul. Concentrate only on this battle for now.
Knuckles: He's right. Let's go, guys! We're gonna win! Strike 'em at full power!
[Insert cut]
[The resistance members rush into the Eggman Empire fortress and clash with Eggman's army. Sonic, Tails, Classic Sonic, Buddy, Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, and other resistance members clash with Chaos, Fake Shadow, Zavok, and others head-on. Knuckles sends enemies flying using his power, and Shadow sows confusion with Chaos Control. Silver uses his psychic abilities to stop enemies, then Vector, Espio, Charmy and the others strike them. Rouge and Amy are fighting as well, providing backup support. Resistance members push forward, sending Eggman's army flying. Then, Sonic and the others finally charge towards Infinite. (Knuckles and Shadow follow behind)]
Sonic: Hey, Infinite. I came to repay a debt!
Infinite: Fools… I'll round you all up.
[The Valtron sound effect rings out, and the shockwave sends everyone flying.]
Infinite: Are you ready to die? This will end it!
[As soon as Infinite prepares the attack, a laser hits him. Macross missiles then follow, hitting Infinite one after another. When the smoke clears, Omega can be seen striking a pose, with his right arm formed into an enormous gun muzzle and left arm (preferably a superfluous drill) aimed at Infinite.]
Infinite: Gah…! Who are you!?
[As Infinite turns around, he sees Omega before him.]
Omega: Target confirmed… Switching to elimination mode!
Rouge: Omega! You came for us!?
[After acting surprised, Tails smiles at the new development. Infinite is trembling in rage at the fact he got ambushed by an unexpected enemy.]
Infinite: You pesky worms… you keep crawling back one after another…
Infinite: This is as far as you go, you resistance pests. I'll turn you all into ashes!
[A beam of light shoots upwards into the sky from Infinite's chest, and then a sun appears. The resistance members look up at the artificial sun in astonishment.]
Knuckles: Whoa-whoa, you must be kidding… That's just a hallucination, right…?
Tails: No, it's not. We're under Valtron's control, so it's real for us.
Espio: This is truly earth-shattering! What can we do against that thing…!?
[Eggman gazes at the scene with glee.]
Eggman: I'll drop the sun upon you, and then it will be THE END! Your destinies are concluded!
[Buddy is looking up at the artificial sun. At that moment, the pebble Buddy picked up in front of Eggman's lab flickers with a blue light similar to Valtron's. A surprised Tails looks at Buddy.]
Tails: It's resonating…? No way, could it be!? A prototype Valtron!
[When Buddy hands the pebble to Tails, its signal disappears.]
Tails: It really is. The prototype only reacts to the person who activated it first.
Tails: Your strong wish to protect everyone must have activated it.
Tails: Perhaps you'll be able to erase the sun by using that…
[Buddy tightly grips the pebble and looks determined at the sun.]
[The "Destroy the Artificial Sun!" mission is displayed for Buddy.]
[Buddy climbs to the top of the Central Tower to stop the falling artificial sun.]
Tails: If it was created by Valtron, you should be able to stop it with the same Valtron.
Tails: You have to get to the sun as close as possible and nullify it with the prototype!
Shadow: You… What are you trying to do?
Knuckles: Are you for real!? Whoa, wait! Rookie! Don't do that!
Tails: He'll be fine, I'm sure of it…
Eggman: Hoohoho! It's all useless. What can you do against that sun? You're sure to die in vain!
[The stage ends when Buddy reaches the top of the tower.]
Infinite: This will end with your total defeat, and the plan shall be fully executed!
Eggman: Hoohohoho! Three, two, one, zero!
[(The following scene unfolds at the same time as Eggman's voice is heard) Buddy enters the sun with the prototype in his hand. The resistance companions watch breathlessly.]
Tails: Please… please work…!
[At that moment, space-time warps with a flash, and the sun disappears.]
Knuckles: Th-The sun has… disappeared…!?
Eggman: Gah! Wh-What was that!?
[(Eggman is shocked, and Orbot and Cubot are panicked) Buddy strikes a trumphant pose.]
Shadow: …Hmph.[(Shadow closes his eyes, and his mouth shows a slight grin.)]
[The resistance members stand befuddled, not understanding what happened, and in the next moment, shouts of joy suddenly erupt. Eggman is shocked when he sees sparkling pieces scatter from Buddy, who is atop the Central Tower.]
Eggman: No way… that prototype should have been disposed of, why does he have it…
Tails: Looks like a single oversight took your luck away from you. There are things that exist by the will of the person who uses them, even if they're defective.
Knuckles: ALL RIGHT! Let's go, everyone! Let's start our surging wave counterattack!
[Eggman Empire Fortress Map Display]

【STAGE 22】

[Eggman Empire Fortress]
[Sonic gets inside the Eggman Empire fortress.]
Tails: Now's the time, Sonic! It used up quite a lot of energy. Valtron's power should weaken for a while!
Tails: Now is our only chance to defeat Infinite!
Silver: Go, Sonic. Leave this to us.
Knuckles: Make sure to beat that bonehead Infinite to a pulp!
[The stage is cleared when Sonic reaches Infinite.]
[Eggman Empire Fortress Boss Map Display]

【Boss Fight 5: Sonic vs. Infinite】

[Eggman Empire Fortress]
[Sonic confronts Infinite.]
Infinite: Don't get cocky. Even if Valtron's power is weakened somewhat, you pose no threat to me.
Infinite: I'll make you learn how outclassed you are!
Sonic: I'm gonna make you learn too, then. Your limits, that is!
[The "Defeat Infinite" mission is displayed for Sonic.]
[However, in the midst of the fighting, Infinite's Valtron recovers, and his chest starts glowing. (for the sake of exaggeration, we will show a powerful shockwave like effect)]
Infinite: This is the end, Sonic. Valtron's energy is now restored.
Infinite: You shall perish along with your powerless friends!
[Buddy swings in on his wire action and prepares his gadget. (Show that they're really in a pinch)]
Sonic: I've made it this far because my friends were there for me. Victory is ours!
[The boss fight resumes. Buddy and Sonic fight Infinite as a tag team. Then, they finally defeat Infinite.]
Infinite: This can't be… There's no way I could be defeated…
Sonic: No matter how flawless your virtual realities are, they are no match for an actual heartfelt bond.
[At that moment, a beam of light shoots from Central Tower, and encompasses Infinite.]
Infinite: Stop! I can still fight…!
[Infinite is pulled towards the Central Tower along with the light.]
Eggman: To think Infinite could lose… Impressive, Sonic. That's exactly why defeating you will be so worthwhile.
Eggman: Don't think this is over. The plan just entered the extra innings!
[Eggman Empire Fortress Map Display]

【STAGE 23】

[Eggman Empire Fortress]
[Right after gameplay begins, Classic gets a call from Tails.]
Tails: Valtron's signal is moving underground. Eggman must be planning something!
Tails: Find an entrance to Central Tower that you can break into!
[The "Find a Break-In Entrance to the Central Tower!" mission is displayed for Classic Sonic.]
[The stage ends when the Central Tower entrance (goal) is found.]
[Eggman Empire Fortress Map Display]

【STAGE 24】

[Eggman Empire Fortress]
[The "Destroy the Nuclear Power Reactor!" mission is displayed for Buddy and Sonic.]
[Right after gameplay begins, they get a call from Tails.]
Tails: It looks like Valtron is heading for the nuclear power reactor. Hurry up, you two!
[(After traveling a certain distance on the map, they get a call from Amy)]
Amy: The nuclear power reactor is in the deepest part of the fortress. But the defence system is too strong and can't be penetrated by normal means.
Sonic: If we were normal, maybe. With our combined strength, we can do this!
[Buddy and Sonic rush into the fortress. They run down the main shaft, heading for the deepest part. Around the main shaft, experimental culture pools with cloned bodies of Infinite floating in them can be seen. At the end of the main shaft, there is a vast and deep underground cavern. (Similar to Evangelion's central dogma.) The stage ends when Buddy and Sonic destroy the nuclear power reactor (old core) while avoiding the enemies' fierce attacks. They escape from the crumbling fortress using Double Boost.]
[Eggman Empire Fortress Map Display]

【Boss Fight 6: 3 vs Colossal Death Egg Robo】

[Eggman Empire Fortress]
Sonic: We did it, partner. We won.
[Sonic and Buddy are about to fist bump in victory. At that moment, the ground suddenly starts shake along with a thunderous roar.]
Sonic: What the!?
[The roaring sounds continue as Eggman riding a colossal Death Egg Robo appears.]
Eggman: Gotcha! The nuclear power reactor of the fortress was a decoy. A true winner keeps his trump card hidden until the end.
[At that moment, screaming voices can be heard from the communicator one after another.]
Vector: What the heck is going on, Sonic? The enemies aren't decreasing, but rather increasing!
Amy: Their numbers are unbelievable…
Rouge: Confirmed sightings indicate Shadow, Metal Sonic, Zavok, Chaos, and even Mephiles and Infinite. Altogether, they exceed 10,000 troops!" [(Voice only, so actual visuals will not be shown)]
[Sonic glares at Eggman.]
Sonic: What did you do, Eggman!?
Eggman: Hoohohoho! I inserted Valtron into this Death Egg Robo.
Tails: No way… Then that means the energy supply's weak points are gone, and Valtron has become faultless…
Eggman: A good deduction, Tails. This Death Egg Robo has become… No, I have become an ultimate and complete form that surpasses Infinite!
Eggman: You will be crushed by this perfect Death Egg Robo, and my plan will be complete as I calculated it!
[Buddy, Sonic and Classic stand before the colossal Death Egg Robo.]
Sonic: You're hasty as always, Eggman. Our fight isn't over yet. We're gonna stop you!
[The three charge toward Eggman simultaneously.]
[The "Defeat Eggman!" mission is displayed.]
[Buddy, Sonic and Classic fight the colossal Death Egg Robo. Buddy fights first, then changes with Classic Sonic. After Classic's turn, it's Sonic's fight.]
Vector: You're incredible, rookie! It's amazing how much you've grown.
Amy: Good luck, the three of you!
Knuckles: Go, Sonic! Send Eggman flying!
[The cheering of the main characters and the resistance members unite, surging like a big wave.]
Resistance members (Vector & Friends): Go, rookie! We're counting on you guys! Get' em, rookie!
Other general resistance members: Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic!
[Finally, the three get together and floor the colossal Death Egg Robo with consecutive QTE-like attacks.]
[When the colossal Death Egg Robo is destroyed, sparkling pieces of Valtron fall down like stardust. At the same time, the horde of countless enemies also disappears. Knuckles raises his fist to the sky with a victorious shout.]
Knuckles: ALL RIGHT! We won! We took back our world!
[In response to those words, the resistance members' victory cheers erupt throughout the destroyed Metropolis. The delighted Chaotix pat each other on the shoulder. Shadow folds his arms as if nothing happened. Rouge looks at him and shrugs her shoulders. Silver is ecstatic. Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, and the Chaotix members look on as Classic is seen off by Tails, Buddy and Sonic.]
Tails: I guess this is goodbye. Thank you for helping us… other Sonic.
[Classic's body slowly starts to disappear,
[Classic and Tails exchange a handshake. And then, Classic disappears with the light.]


[City Area]
[In the hideout, everyone is talking about Buddy, with Knuckles and Silver's conversation as a start. Only Sonic is not there, but outside.]
Knuckles: Man, this long battle is now over. The resistance will now disband!
Silver: But there's still a load of things we need to do. We're gonna be real busy from now on.
Knuckles: Hm… What's wrong? What? You're going on a journey? You want to look around the world on your own feet…? I see… Got it, I'm not gonna stop you, take care!
Vector: Hey, thanks for all the hard work! When I first saw you, you were flubbing around a bunch and I was wondering what was going to become of you… But I had no idea you would get this far! I got a better opinion of you!
[Charmy and Espio are behind Vector. Espio emotes in agreement, arms crossed. Charmy does jestures like a thumbs up and a triumphant pose in tune with Vector's dialogue]
Rouge: You were quite impressive. You have my praise. ♪ Totally unlike a certain someone who was sleeping the whole time…
[Omega gives a threatening reaction. Rouge seems to be enjoying it, slightly impatient.]
Shadow: …Hmph.
[A modest laugh that shows he's trying to hold back a wry smile.]
Tails: The battle is over, but we still have to bring this broken world back to what it was. It will be hard, but I'm sure we can do it if we work together. Not an illusion, but a true, real world that we understand!
[Fade to black]
[(The scene opens to the city at dusk. Sonic sees Buddy off in the distance.)]
Sonic: Hey. You're going too, I see. …I was thinking of going out soon as well.
Sonic: …Keep moving forward no matter what happens, okay? As long as we do it, we'll always be together.
Sonic: See you later… partner!
[After the most amazing fist bump, Sonic runs away. Buddy sees him off. Then Buddy starts running as well and the game ends.][17]


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