This article pertains to the beta elements of Sonic Forces.

Sonic Generations leftover animations

All the animations for Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations are present in the game files of Sonic Forces, including the unused dancing animations with their proper names. The animations were edited so that Sonic's mouth and eyelids do not move.[1]

Sonic Lost World leftover skybox


A skybox texture from Sonic Lost World can be seen on early promotional screenshot of Sunset Heights. Later a different, darker texture was used.

Final Judgement skybox

While used in the final game, the pink cloudy Final Judgement skybox cannot be seen normally.[2]

Unused dialogue


There is some unused narration meant for right after Sonic is defeated by Infinite at the beginning of the game.

Narrator: With Sonic defeated, Eggman's army quickly took over. Within months, all but a few isolated areas in the world were under their control. Despite the overwhelming odds, a rag-tag Resistance formed, banding together to continue the fight. And now, a new face appears to join the struggle.

Similarly, in the beginning of Episode Shadow, Shadow narrates the story to the player like the text words before the game began:

Shadow: It was one month before the Doctor took over the world. The first time I encountered... him.

Lost Valley

In Lost Valley there are some unused voice lines related to the sand falls:

Sonic: "Sand waterfalls are great! You can run on'em and everything! If only the view was a little better. Gotta get Green Hill back to normal quick."

Null Space

The player spawns in the middle of the first section of Null Space. By hacking, it is possible to start from the beginning, triggering some unused voice lines:

Sonic: "A prison that goes on forever, huh? At least getting sent here taught me something. Nothing beats realizing that you're not alone!"[3]

Egg Gate

Swapping the object placement data also causes the game to load wrong voice lines. When playing Green Hill with Enemy Territory object placement, voice lines for Egg Gate play, some of which could not be heard during the actual stage:[4]

Sonic: "Phew! I needed a good workout after all that rest."
Sonic: "I haven't lost my edge."

Enemy Territory

There are some unused lines from Rouge and Shadow after the second two lines from Omega and Rouge in this stage:

Rouge: I've lost Omega's signal! Shadow, get to his best known location and provide support.
Shadow: Already on it! Heh, I knew it. So much for recon!
Rouge: You're almost at the spot where we've lost contact with Omega.
Shadow: What is going on here...?

Virtual Reality

Here, the player plays as Shadow in Virtual Reality with level design resembling Guardian Rock's more. When the player goes through the loop and dodges the Death Crab's legs for fifth time, six unused lines can be heard from Shadow and a replica Rouge:[5]

Shadow: Rouge... What happened to Omega?
Replica Rouge: Oh, who knows? He haven't heard a beep from him since he was dispatched last week.
Shadow: I thought you said he was destroyed three months ago.
Replica Rouge: ...
Replica Rouge: In any case, that Omega sure is a clumsy bucket of bolts isn't he? Oooh, I can't wait to see the look on that smashed-up tin can's face!
Shadow: You. Are you really Rouge?
Replica Rouge: Of course I'm me. Just like how you're you.

These clips are only heard from Shadow:

  • "What the- What's going on, where am I?"
  • "This doesn't feel like an illusion, but..."
  • "Could it be a trap? Fine. I'll play along."

Unused Shadow move

Hacking a certain value of Shadow the Hedgehog's Boost code aside from changing the effect causes an unused sound effect to play, possibly for Chaos Control.[6]

Unused Moto Bug attack

Moto Bugs have an unused behavior called "JumpAttack". When enabled, the badniks can make slow leaps.[7]

Sonic 2017 VR demo

  • Sneak peek of VR demo
  • Splash screen image

A splash screen texture was found in the game files. On March 31 2017 VR mode was revealed behind the closed doors. Players could have used VR headgears to see in first person. Mrs Fogherty of Polygon reported:

  • "It was great until I started to go REALLY fast. I had never experienced such a rush of speed. I forced myself to get used to it but then I jumped and that’s when I had to reach for a bucket. I hope they fix this before release. They should NOT have the camera rotate along with Sonic when you jump. This is asking for trouble."
  • "I don’t even think I could play another VR game now. The experience has left me constantly nauseous ever since. The game is otherwise fun to play. Just don’t play with VR, whatever you do. I may try again with a wet rag but I’m not sure yet. I wasn’t the only one either!"

Early stage layouts

Earlier object placement files remained, many of them differ from the final layouts significantly.

Mortar Canyon

The early layout of Mortar Canyon is more difficult and features long lines of Dash Panels.[8]

Sunset Heights

Early Sunset Heights had many rows of Springs and does not, as least partially, match the final stage model and its collisions.[9]

Park Avenue

The beginning of Park Avenue does not match the model. The stage originally also had more Badniks.[10]

Egg Gate

Unlike the rest of the stages, early Egg Gate only has slightly different camera angles and dialogue.[10]

Mystic Jungle Tag-Team

This layout consisting of Egg Pawns and some Dash Panels does not match any stage from the final game. It has a 2D section with loops and sloped surfaces. It has been discovered to be a tag-team stage, through the data of stages.[11]

Object testing layouts

Three layouts that seemed to be used for testing objects, enemies, and effects.[12]

Unused objects and parameters

Unused objects have been discovered, either in early stage layouts or simply not used at all.

Swinging wire targets

A variant of Wire Targets that was unused in the final game. It has the same design as the red Wire Targets, but functions similarly to Horizontal Bars.
Swinging wire target
 Seen in one of the testing layouts.[12]

Spike bars

An unused obstacle associated with Casino Forest.[13]

Falling transportation platforms

The platforms that move when Sonic stands on them in Metropolitan Highway can be set to fall after reaching their destination, behaviour that is unseen in the final game.[14]

Unused warning signs

The "CautionVolume" objects that are used in the final game for button prompts can also display exclamation mark ("caution"), quickstep, or drifting symbols. They are nearly identical to the ones used in Sonic Colours, except here they all have a red and black colour scheme, and the quickstep and drifting symbols don't have the same animations they had in Colours.[15]


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