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This is the script of Team Chaotix's storyline in Sonic Heroes.


[It's a peaceful day at the Chaotix office. Vector is sitting at his desk listening to "Team Chaotix" on his headphones, bobbing his head to the music. Espio is resting quietly against a locker when he hears a buzzing noise.]

Espio: Hmm?

[Suddenly, Charmy barges into the office carrying a package.]

Charmy: It's here, yeah!
Vector: Whoaaa!! [Charmy crashes into Vector, knocking him off his chair, and the package is sent flying. Espio whips out a kunai and flings it. The kunai catches the package's string and leaves it hanging on the wall.] What's wrong with you?!
Charmy: It's here, it's here, we've got work!
Vector: WHAT? [The package opens and a walkie-talkie falls out. Vector frantically tries to grab it before it breaks.] Whoaaa!!

[Vector catches the walkie-talkie, and a mysterious client begins to speak from it. Team Chaotix's theme plays louder in the background.]

Client: I've heard good things about you and require your detective services. And I can pay handsomely!

[Dollar signs appear in Vector's and Charmy's eyes as they are elated by the thought of making a lot of money.]

Espio: I've got a bad feeling about this...
Vector: Espio, don't be silly. Besides, you know our policy! We never turn down work that pays!
Charmy: Yeah, you know our policy!
Vector: Come on, boys. Let's go!
Charmy: Yes, sir!

[Vector heads off, with Charmy following eagerly. Espio hesitates, and then goes off with them.]

Espio: Roger!

Before Seaside Hill

[Team Chaotix have arrived at Seaside Hill]

Charmy: Yeah! Beach time!
Vector: Now what are we gonna do?
Client: First I must test your abilities.
Vector: Bring it on.
Espio: Ready. 

Before fighting Team Dark

[Team Dark are standing on a high platform in Grand Metropolis. Rouge spots the Chaotix on the other side.]

Rouge: Man, who are those creeps over there?

[Espio hears Rouge and becomes wary.]

Vector: What's up, Espio?
Espio: And you are...?
Rouge: Just whaddya think you're doing here?
Vector: Who's this broad?
Espio: Our client's adversary, perhaps.
Charmy: You mean the bad guys?!
Rouge: You guys don't fool me. I know what you're after! Better stay outta my way!

After beating Egg Albatross

[The defeated Eggman is lying on the floor in Bullet Station. It appears to be a model with an Eggman head on a spring sticking out of its belly, set up as a decoy for the team.]

Vector: Good job, boys! Guess that Eggman was a fake after all.

[The client overhears Vector and accidentally breaks character, nearly revealing his true identity. Vector is confused by this.]

Client: Of course it was!
Vector: Huh?!

[Fearing that the Chaotix might be suspicious, the client quickly changes the subject.]

Client: Listen carefully... there's a jungle just to the north of here. Go there immediately!
Vector: Got it!

[The Chaotix begin to walk away.]

Charmy: You know what? Our client sure seems to know a lot about this Dr. Eggman guy.
Espio: Definitely an agent... a relative, perhaps.

[Vector looks back at the Eggman decoy.]

Vector: Strangely enough, I had the same weird feeling about our client's real identity. It could be you-know-who...

Before fighting Team Rose

[The Chaotix and Team Rose run into each other in Frog Forest.]

Vector: Excuse me, Miss. I was wondering if I could ask you something.
Amy: If it's about a date, it'll have to wait!
Vector: A DATE?! You think this is a joke, you little brat?
Espio: Now hand over that Chao, nice and easy...

[Cream, slightly unnerved, hugs Cheese protectively.]

Cream: I betcha you're the ones who took Chocola-Chao.
Vector: What?!
Big: It's not nice to tease my friends.

[Charmy anticipates an epic battle and becomes excited.]

Charmy: Yeah, time to rock 'n' roll!

After beating Egg Emperor

[The Chaotix are staring down at the defeated phony Eggman in his fortress. The decoy melts into a black fluid.]

Vector: Guess he was a fake after all...
Espio: What do you mean, "after all"?

[Vector dents the door of Eggman's capsule with his fists and rips it open.]

Vector: We're here to save you! Dr. Eggman, I presume?

[Eggman glares back at them. Espio and Charmy are astounded.]

Espio: What's going on?
Charmy: What's up?
Dr. Eggman: You knew it was me all along, didn't you?
Vector: It's all part of being a good detective.
Espio: Were we fooled that easily?
Charmy: You're ROTTEN!
Dr. Eggman: Hey, hold on you guys! It's no trick, and besides, I plan on paying you. You'll be rewarded handsomely for helping me! As soon as I conquer the world, I will pay you!

[The Chaotix pause in anger, knowing that Eggman won't keep this promise.]

Vector: Some nerve promising what you ain't got!
Espio: We've been had!
Dr. Eggman: J-j-just wait a minute, just listen to me!

[Charmy is irate and has had enough.]

Charmy: Take this you BAD MAN!

[Charmy beats up Eggman and stings him all over. Eggman cries out in pain.]

Dr. Eggman: Waaaaaah!! Aaaarrrghh!!

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