Throughout the years several Sonic the Hedgehog-themed home decor items were sold, however the business of these items has been lagging down and there are merely no updated ones. The following is a list of Sonic Home Decor items.

List of Sonic-themed home decor items

Name Image Decription
Sonic Adventure Inflatable chair
The Sonic Adventure Inflatable chair is a Sonic Adventure-themed chair filled with air for comfort. The chair is mainly for those who weigh 100 lbs or less.
Knuckles 48 inch Bop Bag
Knuckles 48 bop bag box by orangeunicorn1984-d3kuk5w
The Knuckles Bop Bag is from the same company who created the Sonic Adventure Inflatable chair. It is made for exercising and is directed towards children.
Sonic Small Reactor Game Chair
UGCMiniReactorChair (1)
The Mini Reactor Game Chair was first seen in an ad on the back of the manual for Sonic Unleashed. It has four high-impact vibrating motors and 3D-stereo sound, is compatible with all consoles, as well as music and movies. A picture of Sonic appears on the seat back and wraps around the chair for a three-dimensional effect. It is available in red and blue; however, it is rather small, and recommended for ages 8 and below.
Sonic Velvet Cushions
This is a relatively large velvet cushion with a soft surface. It is an official Sega product and comprises in a Shadow style as well, which is orange.
Sonic Throw-Pillows
It is a large pillow with a fuzzy surface and a character's face embroidered on it. It comprises in Shadow and Sonic ones as well.
Sonic TV Night Light
It is an official night light based off Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and is shaped as a TV. The light comes from the screen.
Sonic AM/FM Alarm Clock/Radio
This is an analog alarm clock/radio and was available at Sears in the late 1990s.
Sonic Gameworks Glasses and Mugs
These are Gameworks prizes which can only be gotten by trading them for tickets. A shooter glass (tall) was available for 300 tickets and a shot glass (short) was available for 250 tickets. These items are official as they were sponsored by Sega. These aren't normal glasses as they are used for serving alcoholic beverages, which is mentioned on the packaging.
Sonic Plate & Bowl set
Plate&bowl (1)
This is a Sonic plate and bowl set that is made of plastic and appears to have a more Game Gear theme, with part of the cover art.
Sonic Advanced themed Magnets
These are Sonic Advance-themed Magnets that are used for notes and refrigerators.
Sonic Graffiti Throw Cushion
This is a Sonic throw cushion that has the graffiti-styled checker and geometric theme that other modern 2008/2009 Japanese merchandise has also used.
Sonic Curtain Tier
This is a fun, modified Sonic plush doll. It has a cord between the hands that pulls over a plastic button and clings the curtains together.
Sonic Bathroom mat
This is a simple bathroom mat with a Sonic theme.
Eggman Mini Bell
This is a hanging bell which is Dr. Eggman-themed, having his early design portrayed in the Genesis games.
Sonic Toaster
This is a limited edition toaster with a print of Sonic's head on its side. It burns the same icon onto the toasts.