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Sonic Hopper

Sonic Hopper as seen on the SEGA Republic website.

Sonic Hopper is a free-fall ride with a nine-meter (thirty-foot) drop. Unlike most free-fall rides, the track is cork-screwed so that riders spin as they move up and down. It is located at SEGA Republic at the Dubai Mall. 


Take a ride with one of the world's best-known video game characters, Sonic the Hedgehog , and feel the jaw-dropping sensation of a nine-meter (thirty-foot) drop—with a twist!


The ride is a ten-person ride, and shoots up only to free-fall back down. However, the ride spins as it moves, unlike other free-fall rides. At the top of the attraction is Sonic, standing proudly while holding up a SEGA Republic flag.


Sonic the Hedgehog in other media

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