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Sonic Jump Fever is a mobile game developed by Hardlight Studio. It was released in 2014 by Sega for iOS and Android devices. It serves as a follow-up to the 2012 release of Sonic Jump. The game has been downloaded over ten million times on Google Play.[4]


The gameplay is similar to that of other Sonic Jump titles. The objective of the game is to navigate a vertical course as far as possible until the time limit runs out. The player tilts his/her device to move the character left and right, and can tap the screen to perform a Double Jump. Hitting Badniks from below destroys them and scores the player points. The new feature of this game is the addition of a meter in the bottom right corner of the screen. Scoring points fills the meter and triggers a move called "Fever", which sends the player shooting upwards along a trail of Rings and orbs to collect. Actions that increases the Fever gauge include collecting orbs (yellow, blue and red) and destroying Badniks.

The time limit can be extended by passing through a Time Extend, but when it does run out, the player is automatically transported to a hot air balloon at the end of the level. The player is given one last chance to score points by flicking as many animal friends as possible into the balloon's basket.

Another new feature with Sonic Jump Fever is the Combo system. Combos can be earned by performing any action that increases the Fever gauge, and also includes the actions reaching past the Time Extend, destroying enemies and monitors and flicking animal friends into the balloon's basket. If an action is not performed within a short amount of time, the combo is lost.

Sonic Jump Fever is an energy based game. Each time the player plays through a round, one bar of energy is used up. The player can play up to 5 times in a row before having to wait for their energy to refill. It takes 25 minutes to fill one bar of energy which allows the player to jump again.


Playable characters

Character Unlocking Requirement Description Power-Ups Quotes
Sonic4 render

Sonic the Hedgehog

Default character
  • Speed and agility allow Sonic to progress up the level faster than any other character!
  • His love of speed makes Sonic the fastest.
Sonic Jump Fever - Shield Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Stun Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Spring Shoes Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Detonate Powerup
  • "Piece of cake."
  • "Perfect!"
  • "Okay!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "Finished!"

Miles "Tails" Prower

  • Collect 5 Tails Character Tokens
  • Spend 15 Red Star Rings*
  • Twin tail gliding gives Tails a controlled descent and the opportunity to collect additional Gold Rings!
  • Twin tail gliding gives Tails a controlled descent.
Sonic Jump Fever - Shield Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Ring Time Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Magnet Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Detonate Powerup
  • "Pretty good."
  • "You can count on me."
  • "Look! I did it!"
  • "All right."
  • "Yeah."
  • "Yay!"
ASR Knuckles

Knuckles the Echidna

  • Collect 250 Knuckles Character Tokens
  • Spend 750 Red Star Rings*
  • A powerful double jump allows Knuckles to ascend rapidly and smash through rebound platforms and rock falls!
  • Knuckles powers his way quickly to the top.
Sonic Jump Fever - Stun Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Spring Shoes Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Magnet Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Detonate Powerup
  • "Ha ha!"
  • "Heh heh heh. How's that?"
  • "That was perfect!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Nice."

Amy Rose

  • Collect 100 Amy Character Tokens
  • Spend 200 Red Star Rings*
  • Build up large combos by smashing Badniks with Amy's devastating Piko Piko Hammer!
  • Smash enemies with Amy's Piko Piko Hammer.
Sonic Jump Fever - Shield Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Stun Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Spring Shoes Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Detonate Powerup
  • "That was easy!"
  • "He he ha ha."
  • "Oh yes!"
  • "I did it!"
  • "Yay!"

Blaze the Cat

  • Collect 200 Blaze Character Tokens
  • Spend 600 Red Star Rings*
  • Twin fireballs and high agility allows Blaze to build large combos!
  • Destroy Badniks with Blaze's fireballs!
Sonic Jump Fever - Shield Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Stun Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Magnet Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Flame Jump Powerup
  • "My skills are superior."
  • "That's right!"
  • "Yes."
  • "Hmph. I did it."
  • "Heh heh."
ASR Shadow

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Collect 300 Shadow Character Tokens
  • Spend 900 Red Star Rings*
  • Halloween Event: Collect 400 pumpkins in Fever Mode (ended)
  • Shadow is armed with the deadly Chaos Spear.
Sonic Jump Fever - Shield Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Stun Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Spring Shoes Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Magnet Powerup
  • "Hmph. Naturally."
  • "Not bad."
  • "Yes."
  • "I'm the ultimate."
  • "Perfect."
  • "Hmph."

Silver the Hedgehog

  • Collect 250 Silver Character Tokens
  • Spend 750 Red Star Rings*
  • Christmas Event: Collect 400 presents in Fever Mode (ended)
  • Generates a psychic energy field which attracts bonus items.
Sonic Jump Fever - Shield Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Ring Time Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Stun Powerup
Sonic Jump Fever - Detonate Powerup
  • "Not bad all in all."
  • "That was easy!"
  • "Got it!"
  • "All right!" (said 3 different ways)

*The Red Star Ring prizes get lower depending on how many Character Tokens have been collected.

Upcoming characters

The following characters have been found in Sonic Jump Fever's files, hinting at their future appearance as playable characters:


Current Zones

Sonic Jump Fever uses the same Zones featured in the 2012 remake of Sonic Jump (except for Mountain Zone). They change every day in the following order.

Upcoming Zones

Assets for these Zones have been found in the game's files, indicating they will become available in later updates:


Sonic Jump Fever is entirely based around achieving the highest score possible and surpassing friends' high scores. Therefore, the game contains a system of Boosters, collectable Chao and Power-Ups in order to help the player earn greater scores.


By performing different tasks, each Booster extends the score in a positive way. While Gold Totem, Super Hoop and Animal Doubler can be bought with Gold Rings, Power-Up Doubler, Quick Fever, Ring Streak and Super Time Extend can only be purchased with Red Star Rings. All kinds of Boosters, however, are obtainable in the Daily Spin and the Daily Reward. Up to three boosters may be equipped before a jump and each booster's effect lasts until the end of the jump.

Icon Booster Effect
Sonic Jump Fever - Gold Totem Booster Gold Totem Hit for a large points bonus!
Sonic Jump Fever - Super Hoop Booster Super Hoop Jump through to gain a massive height boost!
Sonic Jump Fever - Animal Doubler Booster Animal Doubler Doubles the number of animals rescued. Maximise your score by flicking them into the balloon!
Sonic Jump Fever - Power-Up Doubler Booster Power-Up Doubler Equips two Power-Ups when a TV is hit!
Sonic Jump Fever - Quick Fever Booster Quick Fever Triggers a Fever more quickly!
Sonic Jump Fever - Ring Streak Booster Ring Streak Awards bonus Gold Rings when a group of Gold Rings are collected!
Sonic Jump Fever - Super Time Extent Booster Super Time Extend Gain extra time on reaching a Time Extend!


Chao increase the player's score and performance. Each Normal, Rare and Super Rare Chao has its own unique ability. Chao can be found at the Chao Forest by shaking bushes. It costs 1800 Rings to perform a search, but Chao Searches are also sometimes available through the Daily Spin or the Daily Reward. Once found, they will stay with the player for a limited amount of time; however, if the player plays with the Chao, loyalty is awarded to the player. If loyalty is filled before the time is up, the Chao will be befriended and stay forever. Otherwise, the Chao will return to the forest, but can be befriended by spending a specific number of Red Star Rings, depending on the amount of loyalty that is already collected.

The color of the egg determines what type of Chao will hatch. Normal Chao hatch from white eggs, Rare Chao hatch from green eggs and Super Rare Chao hatch from blue eggs.

Icon Type 1 Type 2 Description Number of Loyalty Hearts
Sjfn1.1 Neutral Normal Collects a few Gold Rings! 2
Sjfn1.2 Neutral Rare Collects a handful of Gold Rings! 3
Sjfn1.3 Neutral S-Rare Collects a lot of Gold Rings 3
Sjfd1.1 Dark Normal Destroys a few Badniks! 2
Sjfd1.2 Dark Rare Destroys multiple Badniks! 3
Sjfd1.3 Dark S-Rare Destroys loads of Badniks! 3
Sjfh1.1 Hero Normal Reveals a few hidden Gold Rings! 1
Sjfh1.2 Hero Rare Reveals hidden Red Star Rings and Gold Rings! 2
Sjfh1.3 Hero S-Rare Reveals hidden Red Star Rings and a lot of Gold Rings! 3
Sjfd2.1 Dark Normal Protects against nearby Badniks! 1
Sjfd2.2 Dark Rare Protects against multiple Badniks! 2
Sjfd2.3 Dark S-Rare Protects against all Badniks! 3
Sjfh2.1 Hero Normal Saves characters from falling off-screen! 1
Sjfh2.2 Hero Rare Quickly saves characters from falling off-screen! 2
Sjfh2.3 Hero S-Rare Instantly saves characters from falling off-screen! 3
Sjfn2.1 Neutral Normal Finds a few hidden platforms! 1
Sjfn2.2 Neutral Rare Finds hidden platforms and items! 2
Sjfn2.3 Neutral S-Rare Finds lots of hidden platforms and items! 3


There are various Power-Ups in Sonic Jump Fever, all of which can be obtained by breaking item boxes in one of the game's stages. Each character has a set of four Power-Ups available to the respective character. Using Gold Rings, a character's Power-Up can be upgraded up to six times, strenghtening the Power-Up's effect and prolonging its duration. However, each upgrade gets more expensive, starting with a price of 400 Gold Rings for the first upgrade, and reaching 30000 Gold Rings for the sixth and final upgrade. Each upgrade contributes to the Fever level. The higher the Fever level, the longer Fever lasts and the greater its rewards are. Fever can currently be upgraded up to level 14.

Icon Power-Up Effect Users
Sonic Jump Fever - Shield Powerup Shield Protection from Badniks and spikes.
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Amy
  • Blaze
  • Shadow
  • Silver
Sonic Jump Fever - Ring Time Powerup Ring Time Transforms Badniks into Gold Rings!
  • Tails
  • Silver
Sonic Jump Fever - Stun Powerup Stun Halts enemies and makes them vulnerable to attack from below and above!
  • Sonic
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Blaze
  • Shadow
  • Silver
Sonic Jump Fever - Spring Shoes Powerup Spring Shoes Increases jump height!
  • Sonic
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Shadow
Sonic Jump Fever - Magnet Powerup Magnet Attracts Gold Rings!
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Blaze
  • Shadow
Sonic Jump Fever - Detonate Powerup Detonate Destroys Badniks and increases combo for extra points!
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Silver
Sonic Jump Fever - Flame Jump Powerup Flame Jump Chain together multiple double jumps!
  • Blaze


  • This is the first Sonic app game to be energy based.
  • Tails was the default character while Sonic was an early unlockable in the original release of the game, but their position was swapped when the game was updated to v1.1.0.
  • Collecting a Character Token during a jump actually counts as two Character Tokens.
  • Cheese was seen in the official announcement trailer as one of the Chao, but is not available in the current version of the game.
  • Sonic and Amy are the only two characters sharing the same set of Power-Ups.
  • Many of the quotes are from games in the Mario & Sonic series.
  • Dr. Eggman's photo was seen on the sign, but he's not in the game.



Sonic Jump Fever Trailer00:16

Sonic Jump Fever Trailer

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Sonic Jump Fever Launch Trailer


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