Sonic Lost World is a digital port of the Wii U video game Sonic Lost World. It was released publicly worldwide on the PC via the Steam store on 2 November 2015.


The foundation for Sonic Lost World was laid shortly after Sonic Colors was finished, with the project beginning after finishing Sonic Generations. Development started on PC, with early experiments involving "twisted tube-type level[s]" inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk. However, development ultimately shifted from the PC to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS because of the success of previous Sonic titles on Nintendo platforms.[1][2]

Sonic Lost World on the PC was announced on 6 October 2015 by SEGA Europe Ltd and SEGA of America as a game coming to the Steam store on 2 November 2015, with the Nightmare DLC included. The game is a part of a strategy from the company where they will publish "high quality" PC ports of past Sega games in the following years. Users who pre-ordered the game would also a receive a free copy of the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.[3][4]


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New features

Noticeable changes to the original Sonic Lost World to fit with the PC's capabilities include:

  • Full controller support, including the ability to play it with gamepads.
  • Steam Achievements, cloud saves and a leaderboard functionality.
  • Interchangeable keyboard prompts depending on whether the player plays with controller or mouse and keyboard.
  • High-definition display with widescreen support.
  • Locked 60 FPS, though the result varies depending on the hardware.
  • The PC port lacks the multiplayer mode and Circus mini-game.


  • After completing all the missions, Omochao will give a simple congratulations message to the player instead of an award in the Wii U version.

Steam achievements

Image Name
SLW37437e9c767285ce51f1559fc22363ab8131c066 Lock on!
SLW45fa262136c5f79fd28c69adc9192e67093d27c5 Ring saver!
SLW11b795a8da8f2cf9c83c7e767235d23cdea6eedb Go for a spin
SLW317b453686ae3b374fc5bde5c5bbbaeeee697b4f 3 ups
SLWBdb7144c7c4b72186ec789ab08936268b5465dce Secret rings
SLW921b04b974bcd93b8d9c73be49186a0a4cdfb1b0 The ground is lava
SLW3d5c200d15535271422508e2092ee60ec3f96c73 The boot
D35dcac4b0cf7d6e05caccb43a920bce3b87bf51 50 enemies
SLW272027eabaa9b88b28351026a0aa376f0bce1bb7 Up, up and away!
SLW35bfdcd9842b5c57b7b7b21d729114ab362c4b1c Homing in
SLW5ae80e916c718379c8f8bbf46dfcde61b8e98413 10 cyan rings
SLW0892b8c2221d51a34e37ac124b4cf7d0280e5bbd Wall jumper
SLWA496bf69d913b43e0100af3911e01727dc2e7456 Find the bonus room!
SLW9dfb28d74f2993939cd6124a56ee80d24378d3b3 Climbing practice
SLW3116578bd9b9946f4956d9a8661b76ca7d49b20a Small bonus
SLW831582d9c2424516374b94c50c8c77604ec19900 Rip up the place
D5af35de00824c6dacc70a2f5c7d1a22cfe6b115 Acrobat extraordinaire
SLW25d273fcc9967fadad44c14d27677debe1606406 100 Indigo rings
Dcc4bfee4ce1aea9a8eb7c7cdb405eef67f6ac9f Ring collecting
Ecbca891b30aa421aa1ef3a317e693fa36dbd689 Tiny Black Bomb
SLWBcb642679ff11e08c1549ac5d7b43d44f1d023d3 An Ounce ob bounce
SLW181a1af7b89c4290d34c97f2b94657ef1c05b603 Drill jumper
Beceb6890bf732b12f64f3a1c7e5454328ea1081 Dashing through
SLW76378b827e32c802b94887f418345ef431127237 10 orange rings
SLWA9f22690b14d418f879b982e9d947be129c907a3 Drilled
SLW81edef058a2a11d4062411be215b7eaf31751b54 A will to drill
C3afb84f44ba32f71288e7bb672e2ab306840bb2 Deep rockets
SLWFc0e8fa85e42acecccdb85181624d89b5121ac8b The 50 zone
SLW8de0ff6675e77cb979f0e6c4a260c70d40d80f0d 100 Magenta rings
SLW412eb3e9907f0ff10b673e084617054c08db37eb 75 enemies
SLW84e9844ca9b2cf25e014898e2139e2c125e92230 Clean Zazz
SLW9b6b47f34189e6f3b9f7ddbfd650db85d727f967 50 Crimson rings
SLW92913dbc0cd57cc9f7c8c9fe4e222ccfee35da2a Black Bomb
SLW82875a86a35c404c9dfdaced7a7091fb9ea46a09 The 75 zones
SLW695526fb546785596f9a2d857966ba72fd9f14fa Zone life
SLW138cb0526d8a9a6269ce04339782effe85696d8f Rings to spare
SLW942968e795f3ff5bb0564027e4ce97f1a4b9968c Medium bonus
SLW60f848c96a5b1aef9a027c0cc4a3f411b344dbfc 6-ups
SLW5a4df5e1fc725658daf791c45e3f10bdafbf575c Wall runner
E80096783f47a29f8a5111d433788322958445e1 Spin dashing
SLW88ca9ef26ed235f896369af23f8622e2d7887372 Locked and loaded
SLWAa6e376b89f1a4febed7ef66dd56866a36702345 5 wall jump
SLW423d21fb361c8608d894f2f453b94cf5808533d9 Ring gather
SLW6b6ba1aa17f616070fd33a2507561d7786644c6d 100 enemies
SLW95f1e1762e46146458ea6437cadc83a27f8459e8 The 150 zone
SLW71fbd4146c979469f6cdcc77d25ed2a4f02d02bd Indigo 20
SLW3b2ed526083c8e3388d81d99f6c9b48f04c128b8 Clean Zomom
F4a75e6aa90b55c2e8557c919c18ab6aa70909b7 Peacemaker
F2f07c979c9d1e4a764a617b578822cba495bb00 Up, over and gone
SLW9dce484713ddb621c56cdbd219a75d16d1e6b850 Ring hoarder
F7109475fbe40d1dccf68ea7f943c60170a85ffb Clean Zik
SLW5387789ddccf888ec5b59189ac9532da4a0e020c The 100 zone
SLW64f5f8fdf11ef9e6970fc9aa624110b27e6d7077 3 zone life
SLW75d0742d4a3adc471ff4a821cff93843f9ab113c 50 yellow rings
SLWFcdb0876d51209487bb52a5dabaad95488406fce Ringmaster
SLW1c26dd9d67c933c70e52f4e04b94891c4ea7116e Tear up the place
SLW3c84e1e9d4cf6d3c9146b5d1bef6fb22ca63892f Clean zone
SLW8c2cce6ce8e593832c8e0acf00d0186d088355bc Bounced about
SLW05b7ac2040d2b2d65e62c1ddaee6a2f63e437e55 Clean Zeena
SLW5f737f0121e009afcbbaf82232f9e5d32c7eb032 You're quite dashing
SLW3235503984c0aed916631b5990c9c59febdadfdc The 200 zone
SLW4b4f3f4a41356b4f394fd6f5cf2dcd7c3653c25a Scrambled
C3a479ae10c153e84b64a9444d1d892674d73d3d The bouncer
SLW652c85dfe6e4d6ea23224b4a312798adc03f149d The locksmith
SLW439346c0f9753bc00be68ce453c824a877aeeb60 He's a Zor loser
SLW94d653d44de3c8e93eae9243198baf26976bab79 50 Black Bombs
SLWFe409065bedf1500acd08795738a15c221764243 Sonic skills
SLW4a9f1506ebc09546f561a1fc84639055a7d7f844 9-ups
SLW43267a2b7ef948e3cbc2fee5f5a0d07ca03b55f8 Nothing can escape
SLW24ff1fb656bcd5914c3288bc1eb1a791371d5940 Ringleader
SLWAf5533dc2742666abd9656143ee20781c7c789c8 200 enemies
SLW657cfc3edc684fe90d6036afef576c5cc7de6bca 3 clean zones
SLW508ca76259bf7edc5e0982d1b0e4a3bae3aa4ba3 Drill Jumper Extraordinaire
SLW3f84d65ecb1d6a3afcafda55b9705cd0efd3bdce It's wall about speed
SLW55e5932da22b42636ddc1bd2e58306aad3295671 Large bonus
SLW3d98c20ef25835129fce83bb4c4ecd49aedae8ed Laser guided
F738d8f7bf6e6213ea8ffbd7a78269ca6b9de610 The 250 zone
SLW899324e37d11ad25f7a41b3f2d8fd28f05bc1345 Big Black Bomb
SLW8647bacb001d5537d197c3e2bd7fc33d21bf7b04 Zavok havoc
SLW9b5210572cdc0f5995f7ef9eaa896c8e20b0b824 5 clean zones
SLW51250a8521de5ae01d77304e359a13264c295f34 5 zone life
SLW929ff68aaf0b27a99163585db199b4977cf3a9b8 An ocean of rings
SLW87e4fb75d172a5d872a3769aa2fdc61b48d6c343 Kicker
SLW835920498fc09e03d61c5efdeda84e7016ab4008 The 300 zone
C929ef7962c6813e99c4f02df54e008e18419af4 The 250 enemies
SLW259229115787e62f730f9eba7e60e6f817ef7010 The 350 zone
SLWF97bb34e7c337ab202a0e75d525d4739846b9858 Blast off
Eb91e8d463a885cee68ffe4e76423f462feb786f A wall jumper
SLW8cbb380966e614d3295c3d88945c22ca3ef09e84 Rolling around at the speed of sound
SLWB327c8a0f679bc09db6be412d46a72c9e7125913 Spin and win time
SLW29cd09ed7402ba29c64d1bc21bbfbfd3c1a646e7 The 300 enemies
Da32d5bbcce12a6193586352f99fdbb820459279 50 cyan ring
SLW35c68e02b0f774f7ba09f6a93ec5adb44d26c593 Ring collector
SLW952c807ebe85514a62a57f14a782fc675d1e35dc Destroy the place
SLW86daff43d389c1352bfeef212cd5dfa30e0f824d Crimson flight
SLWB3d08d82545fc1a78cb4fff1559d15ebf4edee04 50 orange rings
SLW06da5b680164feb76f3d901864eba248df8e580b Shiny rings
SLW439e43033a502836199386e8bc1b86859ae88d6e 4500 rings
D9620bfe5dd14adb5bbbabc4cdadb18c48f3ba41 Drill jump master
SLW330082993e494af08a4e3ef739c88e351e854304 200 magenta rings

System requirements


OS Processor Memory Graphics DirectX® Hard Drive Sound
Windows47--7-8-10-game-test Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 2GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8800 (512MB) / ATI Radeon HD 2900 (512MB) Version 9.0c 8 GB available space DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card


OS Processor Memory Graphics DirectX® Hard Drive Sound
Windows-7-logo Intel Core i5 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.0 GHz 3 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (1GB) / ATI Radeon HD 5850 (1GB) Version 9.0c 8 GB available space DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card



  • On 5 November 2015, Sega posted a patch on the Steam's General discussion to help those with a minimum of capabilities to play the game.[5] The patch consists of some command lines to be put inside the game's launch settings. The command lines are as follows:
    • The line "--F30", will change the expected throttle to 30FPS.
    • The line "--F", will completely disable framerate locking and allow the machine to run as best as it can.
  • A public Test Branch Patch was launched on 11 November 2015 which included:
    • VPN no longer required to run the game in certain territories.
    • New pop-up debug message appearing when game crashes on launch.
    • Mission button remapped to D-PAD UP.
  • On 30 November 2015, a Japanese localization option was added to the game.
  • On 6 January 2016, Sega released another patch that included:
    • Steam Controller template has been added to the game.
    • New players will start with 9 lives instead of 4.
    • Existing save games will be updated automatically when current lives are exhausted.


The port has got mixed reviews from Metacritic gaining 57 out of 100 based on five reviews. Gamingenthusiast gave it 6.5/10, praising the unique 2D levels design and characters' dialogues, though criticizing the controls and the disjointed 3D.[6] IGN of Spain lends it his 7 out of 10, saying that the port is very clean, well adapted and fan, but blasted the lack of an online mode and the slow down on some computers with lower capabilities. Other reviewers are very negative with the bad controls the game offers, like PCGamer, who gave it 32/100.[7] games(TM), noticed the brilliance in design of levels and overall, but criticized the "a weak boss encounter or an awkward stop-start stage".[8]


Sonic Lost World PC Launch Trailer01:36

Sonic Lost World PC Launch Trailer


  • This is the first Sonic game to have more than 100 Achievements in total. Most other Sonic games had an average of 47 achievements to 50 achievements in total.
    • This is also the first Sonic game where the player cannot achieve any random achievement in an instant, but are instead unlocked in order. Players must achieve the first task they are given before the next achievement can occur.
  • Despite having the Multiplayer mode absent in the PC version of the game, some of the mode elements are actually still in the game files, including a model of the Goal Ring.
  • Every achievement icon with Sonic and the Wisps uses artwork from previous games.
Sonic Lost World SSAO Option Scrapped

The "SSAO" option is shown on the bottom left of the screen.

  • The "screen space ambient occlusion" option was originally planned to be added in the video preferences to allow the choice of enabling and disabling it, but that option scrapped from the settings.
    • It is the only option in the game that does not have text stroke effects and has a bubble that is in a hexagonal shape.




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