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Sticks the Badger
Sticks artwork

Sticks the Badger is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. She is a wacky anthropomorphic jungle badger and a force of nature in every way. She has been living alone and flourishing in the wilderness since childhood and is as such new to friends in general. Regardless, she eventually formed a strong bond with Team Sonic and joined them as their wild card in their ongoing battles against Dr. Eggman.


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Featured User
The featured user of the month is
Myself 123

As Summer runs past the half way point, we have another Featured User interview for another long-time veteran of the wiki. And by long, I mean long, longer than this interviewer right here. Myself123 has diligently served and maintained Sonic News Network as an administrator and later bureaucrat of this grand and ever-changing wiki. When asked how he felt about being Featured User once again, he said "Great! Thanks to all who voted for me, that was nice of you." With that grateful quote, let's move on to the interview of this wiki's most senior members.

# 1. Q) How do you feel about Sonic Boom getting a sequel?

-It's ok.

# 2. Q) What do you think of the recent comments made by SEGAs CEO?

A) It restores my faith in the Sonic series a little, Sega have made a lot of bad choices recently, but the fact that they're willing to admit that gives me some hope for Sonic's future.

# 3. Q) Are you looking forward to whatever SEGA is planning for Sonic's 25th Anniversary?

A) I'm certainly hoping they don't screw it up. Considering what the CEO said recently, I hope it'll be the game that'll pull Sonic out of his second dark age, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was Rise of Lyric 2 exclusive to the Wii U.

# 4. Q) What do you think of Sonic Runners?

A) It's a fun little game, it's nothing amazing, but not terrible either. Honestly, I was just glad to be playing a Sonic game again.

# 5. Q) You've been on the wiki for an incredibly long time; how has it changed in the past 7 years? Is there anything you miss from the "old days"?

A) It's changed a hell of a lot, mostly for the better, but I can't help but feel nostalgic for the former days; the shoutbox (chat 0.1, if you will) the pre-Oasis skin (macro-something, I forget), some old users that are long since gone. Still, it's nice to look forward to the future and how the wiki will improve.

# 6. Q) Having been on the wiki for nearly a decade, do you see yourself on here for the next 3 years? What do you intend to do in that time?

A) I guess I'll just do whatever I can, I have been a little apathetic lately with my duties though, so hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of things.

# 7. Q) What innovations or gameplay changes do you think SEGA should consider for Sonic games?

A) I think Sega really hit the nail on the head with the gameplay Sonic had from Unleashed - Generations, I really think that should return. Additionally, I think playing as someone other than Sonic would be nice, maybe with their own gameplay styles ala Adventure; Tails could have more platform-based gameplay, and Knuckles could have a cross between his Adventure stages and the Werehog stages from Unleashed.

# 8. Q) What do you think of the Sonic fandom as a whole?

A) I hear bad things, baaaaaaaaaad bad things, seem some bad things too... But in all seriousness, I think with every vocal individual out there, there's several silent rationals. Despite everything, I'm still a Sonic fan and not afraid to admit it.

# 9. Q) If there was a TV series for the main-series Sonic games, what would you want to see from it?

A) I guess I would like to see certain characters who you don't normally see together interact more. I really liked Sonic Battle because you got to see characters interact with each other, so more of that would be swell.

# 10. Q) Games, comics, TV; who's your favorite character from each of these mediums?

A) For Games, currently Metal Sonic, I really like his design and how he's this silent "dragon" to Eggman with a huge score to settle with Sonic. He's the original faker (if you ignore Mecha Sonic). For comics, I liked STC's Super Sonic, very interesting take on the transformation, he was certainly intimidating. Tv.... Manic? He was a valley dude, so that's cool I guess?

And that concludes this interview!

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Founded: September 2005
Articles: 10,154 articles

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