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Star Post

Star Posts (再スタート・マーカー Sai Sutāto Mākā?, lit. "Sai Start Marker") also referred to as Point Markers (ポイントマーカー Pointo Mākā?), Lampposts, and Check Points, are distinguished markers and common objects in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Star Posts serve as the series' progress markers. They are found exclusively in the Zones. When passing a Star Post, the players' progress up to that point in the Zone will be saved, so when the player loses a life, the playable character will start over from the last Star Post they passed.

Star Posts are similar in design to, but smaller than, street lights in real life, as the design of Star Posts has been simple and tends to be the same throughout the series: a yellow/blue post and a stretch rod with a bulb on the top. The way the rod spins has varied, but usually, in 2D games, it rotates 360 degrees twice and after that goes to the same vertical position while the bulb part changes its color or flickers.


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Comic Issues

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 8

The story begins during the night, with Sonic the Hedgehog infiltrating one of Dr. Eggman's pyramid bases. Unbeknownst to Sonic however, a figure is watching him from the shadows. Inside the base, Sonic easily dodges the base's traps and Boosts through the incoming Spinas. Read more...

IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 9
One of the greatest threats Sonic has ever faced descends upon Angel Island, home of the mystical Master Emerald, seeking to take the Emerald's power and control the world. Can Sonic and his friends stop the attack on the island-or is it already too late? Read more...

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StH 259 Gaia Talk
When explaining the Gaia Manuscripts in Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #259, Professor Dillon Pickle says the death and rebirth of Sonic's World happen every ten thousands of years. The illustrations of the Gaia Manuscripts show Angel Island visible above the broken world. However, Angel Island rose 4,000 years ago and would not have been present during the previous rebirth of the world. Read more...

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