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Sonic Level Tournament 2014 Logo by SonicDude 2013
The Ultimate Sonic Level Tournament 2014 is an event being held by the Sonic News Network. Starting 13 January 2014, a total of 256 stages compete for 34 weeks for the title of the most popular level in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Week Eleven is here! Check out the match-ups and vote here.

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The featured user of the month is

The next and latest Featured User is one that's been around for a deceptively long time. Now going by Eycestar but once known as one DarkFuture, when asked about his recent election as Featured User of the Month he said, "I'm honestly quite surprised to be featured! I haven't exactly been the most active user as of late, but I'm very delighted the community gave me this chance again, with some help from a certain guy of sacor. It's always a ton of fun to be the Featured User. Maybe I'll be able to share what I've been up to in this interview!" Ask and ye shall receive, so let's get right down to it shall we?

# 1. Q) Beyond her similarities to someone we all know, how do you feel about Sticks the Badger?

A) Sticks seems like the perfect addition to the "Boom" team. Every character has their own distinct personality and talents, and I'm sure Sticks will definitely keep things interesting in her own special way. I've never been particularly resentful of any character in the Sonic series. I am always willing to give each new character a chance. I keep hearing "the Sonic series has too many characters and Sega should stop adding new characters and just focus on the characters with little to no background". Quite frankly, I have to disagree. Thinking like that is very close-minded. The world itself is a diverse place filled with many diverse people. I believe the existence of other characters besides the main cast is to be expected in that sense. Besides, then everyone would get bored of seeing the same old characters over and over again. And they wonder why Sonic has been the only playable character in recent games. I say just give the game/TV series a chance instead of criticizing every little detail that is revealed before the release.

# 2. Q) With the most recent information released about Sonic Boom, what are your thoughts on the game?

A) I believe this game is the game Sonic fans have been waiting for. As I said above, everyone has been wondering why Sonic has been the only playable character in the most recent games. Well, now we'll be able to play as Tails, Knuckles and Amy again, somewhat similar to the "Sonic Adventure" and "Sonic Heroes" games. This shows that Sega is always taking their fans' "words" to heart, even if those words are a bit harsh. It's just sad that no matter what they do, the fans seem to always have something to complain about. But you can't please everyone.

# 3. Q) How do you feel about Sonic toys?

A) If I were a bit younger (not saying I'm too old or anything) I would have loved to have had those in my life. Growing up, I've always wanted some Sonic action figures, but could never find any in stores. But in 2004, I won some large Sonic and Shadow plushies in a contest while vacationing in Florida. 10 years later, I still keep them near by. I would never leave them in a dusty old basement. I also have a Sonic figure with Caliburn from the "Sonic and the Black Knight" line of toys I got around the time the game launched. Sonic's arm keeps popping out the socket for some reason, which makes it difficult to trust him with guarding my wallet, but he's been doing an outstanding job thus far. Perhaps I will reward him with plastic chili dogs.

# 4. Q) LEGO Sonic videogame; thoughts?

A) I would definitely get it, probably just because I always get any new Sonic game upon release. But I'm sure it would be interesting! I'm curious how the characters would appear in LEGO form and how certain locations like Green Hill Zone would look LEGO-fied.
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Egg Fighter
SU Egg Fighter

The Egg Fighter (エッグファイター Eggufaitā?) is an enemy that first appeared in Sonic Unleashed and later in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. They are a model of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman and served as the doctor's primary robot troopers during his operations to harness the power of Dark Gaia.


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Previously Featured: Perfect Dark Gaia, Spikes (obstacle), Tornado, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Piko Piko Hammer, Eggmanland (stage), Goal Plate, Gear Parts, Death Egg, SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Albion Attack, Sonic Generations, Shadow the Hedgehog


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...In Shenmue, the collectible figurine of Fang the Sniper shows he has three fingers on his left hand and four on his right.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal




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    UPDATE: Great news! Sonic CD is on PlayStation Now just in time for the Open Beta Launch on the PS4! Well... If you seen the video about the Open Beta Walkthough on PlayStation Now, you might have seen carefully that the Christian Whitehead version of Sonic CD (a PSN Game) could be available on PlayS…

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    The NJerseyan

    This is an SNN Specal Report and we also got some updates on the upcoming Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal and Rise of Lyric. This time, It WILL NOT BE RELEASED at the same day as Rise of Lyric and it will be released a week away. As we gotten the other characters got announced as well as a behind the sce…

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    As many know, today is the day of the San Diego Comic-Con. Before it began, however, Sega released a list of secondary characters who exist in the Sonic Boom universe (television and/or video games) to give us an idea of what this world is like. The characters' descriptions and accompanying artwork …

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