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The Sonic News Network is a wiki project that strives to provide a comprehensive repository on information related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series published by Sega. The wiki format allows for anyone to create or edit the wiki, so we can all work collaboratively to make the Sonic News Network the ultimate source of Sonic the Hedgehog information. The Sonic News Network also presents users a unique social experience. With forums, blogs and a dedicated chat feature, there are endless opportunities to receive the best social experience we have to offer.


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The humble beginnings of Sonic News Network began on 11 September 2005, when a user named Guess Who created the Sonic News Network wiki, named after a forum he previously ran. While Guess Who's tenure on the wiki was short-lived, another user, Almafeta, adopted the wiki and was granted sysop privileges by Angela Beesley, the co-founder of Wikia. By November 2005, Almafeta created and expanded upon existing articles left by Guess Who, but his contributions were not enough to rally in a huge audience, as instead only a handful of users would arrive on the wiki and make a small number of contributions before departing.

This cycle would continue on for two years, until in 2007 when two users from the RuneScape Wiki, Navij11 and Sacre Fi, arrived and adopted the wiki, now nearly completely abandoned at this point in time. Angel Beesley granted both of them sysop privileges on 12 February 2007, and the work of the two users began. Their contributions initially involved copying material from Wikipedia onto Sonic News Network before implementing their own styles and establishing the infrastructure and framework from within which users could operate.

Eventually, Sacre Fi would drift away from contributing the wiki, with his last contribution being in August 2007. However, new users had begun to spring up, and among those was FerralMoonrender, a user that made the decision of moving fan articles into userspace and away from the mainspace articles, that way there would be no interference between the two differing materials. Eventually, FerralMoonrender nominated Navij11 as a bureaucrat, to which the nomination succeeded on 17 November 2007. FerralMoonrender immediately became a sysop user shortly after the nomination and the two would remain the only administrators on the wiki for over a year. It was during this time that a huge expansion of the wiki occurred, with a new generation of users arriving and editing, along with the contributions provided by Navij11 and FerralMoonrender. By 2009, Navij11 appointed Fairfieldfencer and SLJCOAAATR 1 as admins, while FerralMoonrender was on an editing hiatus. By 19 February 2009, two days and two years after Navij11 and Sacre Fi adopted Sonic News Network, Fairfieldfencer was promoted to bureaucrat rights, which allowed Navij11 to retire from the wiki.

With Navij11's departure, Fairfieldfencer and SLJCOAAATR 1 instituted a clamp down on fan-fiction articles and vandal users. This, in turn, purged the wiki mainspace from fan-fiction and separated fan-fiction articles from canon articles. By doing so, they inquired the help of new rollbacks and administrators, including Molten Scandium and Mystic Monkey. Eventually, by 15 March 2009, FerralMoonrender would retire the wiki after being at odds with the new changes arising for Sonic News Network.

By 11 July 2010, BlazeRocks55 created the Sonic Character Tournament, a tournament that would help raise up Sonic News Network to prominence. Thanks to the help of Sonictoast and Supermorff, the tournament got off and ended successfully, resulting in a final character match between Shadow the Hedgehog and the victor, Sonic the Hedgehog. Four years later, another tournament, the Sonic Level Tournament, was created by Shadowunleashed13 to replicate the original tournament in 2010. While the tournament fell halfway through, it was able to reach over a thousand votes on its highest voted poll. In 2015, the Sonic Game Tournament was launched. Thanks to the help of Journalistic, the tournament began and concluded successfully, with Sonic Generations awarded the winning game. The tournament was able to gather more than 1000 votes per round.

With the ever increasing community during the hype of Sonic Generations, a new generation of users arrived to contribute, and the Sonic News Network reached a massive peak in its community by this point. Because of this, there was a large, almost impossible to keep count of, amount of blogs in 2011. Thus, it was suggested by FreeSmudger that a chatroom feature should be added, to which it was agreed and implemented by Bullet Fransisco on 2 September 2011. The chat moderator user rights were also implemented to moderate the chatroom and help keep the chat from becoming a discord.

While not a lot of important, infrastructure-changing events occurred between 2011 to 2014, the community had grew to a tremendous number, and because of this, more users were promoted into rollbacks, chat moderators, and even sysops and bureaucrats. Multiple users communicated with each other with the chat feature, vandalism was nearly impossible thanks to the ever-growing community.

Eventually, the wiki would reach 10,000 articles shortly before the ten year anniversary of the wiki. However, by late-2015, the community that once thrived from the chatroom slowly began to drift away, with users moving on to other chatrooms or moving away from the wiki in general. With the lack of Sonic news as well, the wiki suffered from low activity and where few users such as Ultrasonic9000 (currently a sysop) would continue to edit the wiki.

And now we arrive at 2017: while the wiki is now just a shell of a larger community-based wiki, it still is thriving with hundreds of articles being created within months and the continuing work of the content moderators and administrators. New users also come from time to time and some of them end up getting a role in the wiki. As the "Sonic" series continues its road, Sonic News Network continues to grow: we are constantly pushing to improve the site and its contents and we try to conceive ways to attract new users. If you know something we don't, add it, and help us make Sonic News Network the best Sonic resource there is!


Our policies, rules and guidelines are listed at Sonic News Network:Policy.

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