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The Sonic News Network is a wiki project that strives to provide a comprehensive repository on information related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series published by Sega. The wiki format allows for anyone to create or edit the wiki, so we can all work collaboratively to make the Sonic News Network the ultimate source of Sonic the Hedgehog information. The Sonic News Network also presents users a unique social experience. With forums, blogs and a dedicated chat feature, there are endless opportunities to receive the best social experience we have to offer.


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Sonic News Network was founded on 11 September 2005 by Guess Who, who named it after a forum he had previously run. Guess Who made 16 edits in that month, primarily to the main page, then abandoned the wiki at the end of September after failing to get any additional users to the site. Almafeta joined the wiki shortly after this and successfully applied to adopt it, and was given sysop privileges by Angela Beesley, the co-founder of Wikia. Almafeta made over 70 edits in November 2005, expanding on existing pages and creating new ones, but again did not attract many new users and abandoned the wiki again. Over the next two years, users continued to arrive at the wiki, make a small number of edits, then depart.

In 2007, two users from the RuneScape Wiki, Navij11 and Sacre Fi, joined the wiki and quickly became its most active editors to date. They requested to adopt the largely abandoned wiki and were both granted admin privileges by Angela on 12 February 2007. Navij11 and Sacre Fi greatly expanded the wiki, initially by copying existing pages from Wikipedia and adapting them to suit SNN (e.g. by removing unnecessary links), as well as creating an infrastructure and framework within which users could operate (some of which are still used today).

Over time, Navij11 and Sacre Fi started to edit articles less and less to focus more on administration, and Sacre Fi stopped editing entirely in August 2007. Fortunately, by this time new users had started to arrive, such as FerralMoonrender, among whose many contributions was the decision to move fan articles into userspace. In November, FerralMoonrender nominated Navij11 as a bureaucrat, and Angela appointed Navij11 as a bureaucrat a week later on 17 November 2007. Navij11's first act was to appoint FerralMoonrender as a sysop. For over a year Navij11 and FerralMoonrender were the only admins, overseeing an incredible expansion in the size of the wiki and the number of users that visited it.

In early 2009, Navij11 appointed two new users, Fairfieldfencer and SLJCOAAATR 1, as admins to cope with the increasing workload while FerralMoonrender took a wiki-break. On 19 February 2009, Navij11 further appointed Fairfieldfencer as a bureaucrat, allowing Navij11 to retire from the wiki. After Navij11's departure, Fairfieldfencer and SLJCOAAATR 1 instituted a clamp down on fan-fiction articles and vandals, doing a great deal to clean up the wiki, and appointed several new rollbacks, as well as Molten Scandium and Mystic Monkey as admins. These new projects put the new admins at odds with FerralMoonrender, who decided to retire on 15 March 2009.

Eventually, on 11 July 2010, BlazeRocks55 created the Sonic Character Tournament. This idea was that the users and viewers of Sonic News Network would vote on a poll system that had the readers choose their favorite Sonic characters. With Sonictoast and Supermorff's help, the idea was quickly put into action. Within 34 weeks, the final match, between Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, was set. Sonic the Hedgehog only won by a mere ten votes. The tournament was a great success.

Upon seeing that blogs were being used as the prime method of communication on the wiki, FreeSmudger suggested on 2 September 2011 that a chat feature should be introduced to the wiki to help users communicate easily without disrupting wiki activity. Shortly thereafter, the chat feature was introduced on Sonic News Network. Bullet Francisco quickly introduced a chat ruleset to help maintain order. Several chat moderators, including FreeSmudger, were soon promoted to look over the chat. The chat feature has since become the primary method of communication between users on the wiki.

During the months leading up to the release of Sonic Lost World, it was suggested that a news wall be added to the main page in order to allow visitors to keep up with the latest Sonic news. The resulting discussion led to the creation of a Twitter account. The general success of this new feature led to the introduction of a YouTube channel.

4 years after the the wiki's first tournament which was a huge success, the Sonic Game Tournament was created with support from SilverPlays97 and Journalistic. The format works fairly the same compared to the Character Tournament, and would be the most successful out of all - gathering more than 1000 votes per round.

Sonic News Network is a growing community, and the wiki has begun to settle down into its present form. Sonic News Network continues to grow: we are constantly pushing to improve the site and its contents and we try to conceive ways to attract new users. If you know something we don't, add it, and help us make Sonic News Network the best Sonic resource there is!


Our policies, rules and guidelines are listed at Sonic News Network:Policy.

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