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The Sonic News Network is affiliated with several wikis on Wikia. It is a member of the Wikia Video Games network.

Sonic Fanon Wiki

Sonic Fanon Wiki is the place to go if you have any sort of fan-works! Instead of posting them in main-space here (where they don't belong), place them at the Sonic Fanon Wiki for all of the hard-working fanon writers to see and praise. The Sonic Fanon Wiki started in June 2008, and currently consists of over 12,000 articles!

Sonic the Comic Wiki

STC wiki logo

Sonic the Comic Wiki is for all things related to Sonic the Comic, the British comic published by Fleetway Editions. The Sonic the Comic Wiki started in April 2009, following the closure of a previous STC wiki hosted by Pokécharms. It currently consists of over 3,000 articles!

Archie Encyclopaedia


Mobius Encyclopaedia is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Mobius Encyclopaedia started in October 2007, and currently consists of over 1,700 articles!

For more information, please see Mobius Encyclopaedia:About.

Sega Wiki


Sega Wiki is an encyclopedic project to create an accurate and detailed database for Sega gaming systems, characters, notable employees, and corporate history. It also has a section for writing guides and reviews for Sega-related games. Sega Wiki was started on August 2006, and currently consists of over 510 articles!

For more information, please see Sega Wiki:About.

German Sonic Wiki


The German Sonic Wiki currently has over 1,400 pages. It was created in April 2008 by ShadowTheHedgehog and in February 2012 was adopted by Michsonicfan, Cyanide3 and Federschweif.

Dutch Sonic Wiki


The Dutch Sonic Wiki was created in January 2010 and currently has over 400 pages.

Spanish Sonic Wiki

The Spanish Sonic Wiki currently has over 300 pages.

Polish Sonic Wiki

The Polish Sonic Wiki was created in April 2007 and currently contains 89 pages.

French Sonic Wiki


The French Sonic Wiki was created in November 2011 and currently contains 34 pages. If you know French, lend a hand!

Portuguese Sonic Wiki

The Portuguese Sonic Wiki was created in February 2008 and currently contains 15 pages.

Turkish Sonic Wiki

The Turkish Sonic Wiki was created in October 2008 and currently contains 11 pages.

Encyclopedia Gamia


Encyclopedia Gamia (formerly Wikia Gaming) is the largest collection of game wiki communities on the planet! View the full wiki list.


ChrisCrossMedia is a YouTube channel that does many giveaways, skits, walkthroughs, and other videos. During November 2011, ChrisCrossMedia did a Sonic-themed month, where they affiliated with the Sonic News Network.

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