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The chat is a feature of the Sonic News Network in which users can socialize with one another in real time.

The chat's purpose is to give members of the Sonic News Network community a place to discuss freely, and users may discuss topics not relating to Sonic the Hedgehog or the wiki. It serves as a social hub and allows users get to know each other better.

Primary rules

As with the rest of the site, the chat feature has its own rules and guidelines. All of the main site policies remain in effect on the chat, including:

In a social setting, these key guidelines are even more important.

Other rules

While you are on chat or on the forums, you must follow all of the rules on this page. These include:

  • If an administrator or moderator warns you to stop doing something, then adhere to what they say at immediate notice.
    • Do not disrespect or backtalk to an administrator or moderator as this may lead to further conflict and could potentially result in punishment (a kick or ban).
    • If you feel that an administrator or moderator is unfairly warning you, then contact a different administrator about the situation. Click here for more information.
  • No personal attacks. No accusations, insults, or threats.
    • As a rule of thumb, if you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say it at all.
  • Mentioning and discussing trolls in chat is not appropriate. Discussion of the troll or a banned/blocked user is forbidden. If you want to discuss ban lengths, then do so in private with an administrator. See here for more information.
  • Act appropriately on controversial topics (e.g., religion, politics).
    • If you do discuss controversial topics, do so in a polite and respectful manner. Do not berate someone for their opinions.
    • If you know you might state something that could cause controversy, then try to keep to yourself. This includes but is not limited to stating personal affiliations and beliefs.
      • When requested to drop the subject by an administrator or moderator, do so immediately.
  • Keep the chat appropriate. Deliberately avoid discussing sexual or profane topics.
    • Inappropriate topics include, but are not limited to: sex, drugs, excessive violence, and vulgar language.
    • If a link you are posting contains foul language or other similar material, please warn users before sharing it. However, the following topics will not be tolerated even with a warning:
      • Pornography of any graphic nudity.
      • Extreme violence and gore. Minor violence and bloodshed will be acceptable.
      • Criminal activity.
      • Links containing discrimination towards any party.
  • Speak in English. This is an English wiki, and thus English will be the only language used to communicate in the chatroom.
  • Do not use the public chat for role-playing. Roleplaying restricts the ambiance and conversation flow in the chat. If you would like to role-play, take it elsewhere or use the private message feature of the chat.
    • Role-playing is defined as the acting out or performance of a particular role or participating in a role-play game. Refrain from role-playing in a sense that starts an issue on the chat
    • Do not steal the identity of another user.
      • Similarly, do not speak for another user.
  • No spamming, which is defined as excessive posting of the same message multiple times, or posting numerous messages of gibberish with no legitimate meaning. This includes, but is not limited to, song lyrics, links, repetition of the same word or phrase, and sending a separate message for every word typed. Spamming floods the chat and prevents users from reading other messages. Spamming is considered a nuisance and will not be tolerated.
    • Do not use uppercase letters (often referred to as "caps") excessively. This indicates a rude gesture of language. As a rule of thumb, three lines is the limit, though this is up to moderator discretion.
    • Do not use emoticons excessively.
    • Do not overwhelm the chat with additional pause indicators over and over again ("...")
    • Do not post ASCII artwork. This is an example of what ASCII artwork looks like.
    • If a large piece of text is in a message, please add a disclaimer prior and afterward the message.
  • Refrain from giving away personal information or pester to ask other users into revealing personal details about themselves.
    • This includes information such as phone numbers, your home address or sensitive contact information, in the chat. An administrator or moderator may take necessary precautions if they decide you are putting yourself at risk.
    • However, it is acceptable to reveal certain aspects of yourself responsibly so long as you are aware of the risks.
  • Use of "strong profanity" is strictly prohibited on the Wiki and the chatroom. Mild profanity (damn, crap, piss, hell) will be tolerated as long as both (or all) parties consent to it. Using mild profanity with Users who would prefer specific, or all examples to not be used when speaking to them directly will be seen as a violation of this policy and be dealt with accordingly. If you feel the need to use vulgar language, please censor the word using symbols.
    • Here are examples of strong profanity -- use of these words for any reason, unless used in specific contexts, will first be met with a warning, then a potential ban if usage of these words persists despite any warnings given.
      • Abusive profanity, (directed at another person for the purposes of insult)
      • Sexual profanity,
      • Slurs based on specific identities, (racial, sexual, cultural, etc.)
      • Profanity referencing specific religions or religious figures.
  • Do not use the chat for advertising. Advertising is defines as the act or practice of calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc. Sharing links with the community is acceptable.
    • Linking to one's own creations (art, videos, etc.) is acceptable so long as it is not done excessively and not done to solicit something to anyone.
    • Do not advertise other wikis. Linking to other wikis for the purposes of sharing information is okay. Attempting to attract users to another wiki is not.
  • The chatroom is not an emotional dumping ground. If you're having emotional problems outside of the internet, do not use the chat to vent. If you do share real life troubles, keep in mind you may be asked to change topic if it becomes disruptive to the chat.
    • Occasionally discussing unfortunate events in one's life or asking for advice is allowed, so long as it does not disrupt the chat. Serious issues should be brought to a counselor (self-harm, major depression, abuse, etc.) and as such are not allowed.
  • Do not bring off-site conflicts onto chat.
    • To elaborate, please do not bring any off-site issue onto the chat or wiki grounds for enforcement by our administrators and moderators, even if the conflict exists between existing Sonic News Network or Wikia users. This could mean bring a conflict off-site for enforcement, or using off-site conflict for enforcement here.
  • Lastly, do not enforce these rules on chat. This is commonly referred to as "mini-modding". Administrators, discussions moderators, and chat moderators are appointed for a reason. They are able to identify when the rules are being broken and know how to respond. Enforcing the rules yourself can result in confusion and miscommunication for the moderators and administrators.
    • If you a feel a user who is breaking rules is going unnoticed, message a moderator or administrator. Do not take the matter into your own hands.
    • If there are no moderators or administrators on chat and a user is breaking the rules, contact one immediately, and provide evidence of the user committing the act.
    • However in more severe situations with no help available, take action under the rules.

Rules in regards to private messages

Private messages are messages between two or more users on chat which cannot be viewed publicly by other users present on chat. As such, some or all of the chat policies can be ignored whilst in private message provided all users involved are comfortable with it. If all parties are not comfortable with ignoring the chat policies, then the issue can be brought to an administrator or moderator's attention for enforcement.


The rules on this page are enforced both by the wiki's administrators, discussions moderators and chat moderators (often referred to as "chat mods" or simply "mods"). In the chat, administrators, discussions moderators, and chat moderators are distinguished in the sidebar with an emerald next to their names. Appointed at Sonic News Network:Requests for User Rights, moderators are experienced and trustworthy users who are assigned to moderate the chat. These users, along with administrators, have access to the kick and ban features to help moderate the chat. Moderators are signified by a Master Emerald image on the user list in chat. They can also unban a user from chat. To see a list of all moderators, see the administrator page.

Moderators have the ability to ban users on chat, making the user unable to use the chat for an appointed amount of time. Users who break the rules will be warned in the first instance and may be 'kicked' if they continue to break the rules after warnings. A kick will cause the user's window to close and refresh. Please note that moderators are free to warn and kick at their discretion. No two moderators are the same and thus they all have different moderating styles.

Disputing warnings and bans

If you wish to dispute a warning you have been given, do so calmly and politely in private message. Arguing, particularly in the public chat, is counterproductive and may lead to the ban you're trying to avoid. Similarly, If you've been banned from chat and you want to oppose the decision, you can still contact a moderator on their message wall. You should appeal the decision with the administrator or moderator who banned you.

Do not involve other users. Explain to the moderator who banned you what happened and why you feel the ban should be overturned. The moderator will consider your case and respond in due time.

If you feel that the moderator who warned/banned you is behaving unfairly, you may then bring in another administrator or discussions moderator to mediate the conversation. The administrator will then discuss the issue with the moderator who banned you and the two will come to a conclusion on whether or not to uphold your ban. If you still remain banned, do not contest the ban further.


Emoticons are images that are used on the chat to express emotions and various other purposes. Only administrators can add emoticons to the chat. The Sonic News Network has a system where anyone can request for an emoticon to be added to the chat. However, please note that administrators may add or remove emotions at their discretion and are free to decline your request. Before you request an emoticon, please be aware of the following restrictions:

1. Emoticons must be in a square format, 19x19 px or similar.

Images that move as an animation may be exempt from this rule.

2. Emoticons must comply with our art policies: For more information, see our policy page.

3. Emoticons may not have above five triggers dedicated to it: This reduces variety of emoticons.

4. Emoticons that are of poor image quality will not be added.

5. If the users on chat feel that an emoticon is being used in a fashion that breaks our policies, it will be removed.

A list of emoticons can be found at MediaWiki:Emoticons. You can request for a new emoticon on this forum.