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Featured Articles are articles that have been recognized as the best on Sonic News Network. After an experienced user chooses an article, the Featured Article should be tagged using Template:FA, which places an icon in the top right of the page.


Articles are selected for Featured Article status by Admins and Moderators, but a known and experienced user can also choose an article to be featured. Should a chosen article emit a conflict between users, then they should nominate the article on Sonic News Network:Featured Article nominations page to see whether other users see it eligible, and then place Template:Nominated featured article on the nominated article. The Featured Article should follow the following rules:

  1. It must have been written primarily by Sonic News Network users, and not copied directly from other sites, such as Wikipedia or Mobius Encyclopaedia.
  2. It must be factually correct, with no false information, and it must have sufficient references to verify its accuracy.
  3. It must be at least a few paragraphs in length.
  4. If an article has already been a Featured Article, it cannot be chosen again.

Current Featured Article

  • Talisman
  • Since: 14:44, July, 6 2017 (UTC)

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The Talisman is an object that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. It is a mystical statuette that keeps King Boom Boo and his minions imprisoned in their own dimension. Originally resting at an ancient castle, the Talisman was discovered by the crew shooting a movie starring Lindsey Thorndyke. While filming, a cameraman moved the Talisman from its pedestal, awakening the Booms and setting them loose. When the Talisman was found by Sonic, he gave it to Chris as the Booms took him away, hoping they could use it to imprison the ghosts.


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